I'm an officer in his majesty's navy; He orders, I go.

Captain Arnas Volkamen is a relatively unremarkable officer in the Imperial Talon Navy, her only real claim to any fame is a disputed lineage to Selua Akranvir - the commodore who liberated her birth world in ID.23662. She has recently risent to prominence after first contact with the Wental States and spearheading the Draconid Imperium's first forays into the Borealis Galaxy

Appeareance and personality[]

A slim figure for her species, she is slightly shorter than the norm and is frequently seen in uniform. When not in uniform she prefers wearing dresses. She tends to find larger dresses unappealing and cumbersome and prefers beiges, blues and greens.

She is known for being short tempered and tends to crack under pressure, her voice is soft and croaking which at times becomes a very confident tone (often when under pressure). Typical of her species she turns her nose up somewhat at other races but when shown respect she has been known to warm up. Around her own kind she is constantly trying to pass herself off as a charming woman and is often nervous around her superiors. This nervousness comes out as constant stalling, being lost for words and often all she can say is "yes sir" (this is one of the few phrases she can say without sounding like she has chronic stage fright).

When under pressure she has been known to completely shift in personality from a mild-mannered, somewhat nervous woman into an authority that has suprised many members of the military council


Early Life[]

Her childhood home

Arnas grew up on one of them many homesteads that dotted her birthplace's countryside. She grew up tending the fields of her parents' farm along with five brothers and three sisters. Whenever a family member came back from the cities they would often tell her about the galaxy beyond, eternally fascinated she wondered if she could join a space fleet. The tales of her supposed ancestor Selua Akranvir also exited her, it wasn't until her 40th birthday she experienced military life.

She was sent to tha Panfarlias academy at the planetary capital, studying under Marshal Orras Alcarne she was assaigned to the engineering divisions due to her farming background and a lack of quality in the marines. After two years she graduated as a technician and assaigned to serve in the 74th fleet. During her time in the 74th fleet she was posted on two ships: TNSS Valist, TNSS Alparia. She spent most of her time in the engineeing bays and kept to herself, often avoiding going to the mess halls and having crewman Arisa Vax (another low-ranking technician and Arnas' bunkmate) bring her dinners when she was off duty. She became fond of Arisa as they served on the same shifts. The two of them developed a strong freindship and helped each other to develop themselves: Arisa gave her lessens in confidence while in return she was taught more about machines. After her decade-long service was up she agreed to stay on and was assaigned to the TNSS Palpharus, which she would serve on for twenty years in the fledgeling Balas-1 sector. When the mecha-wasp war broke out in ID.247,198 her fleet was not to join in despite how much she wanted to. Arisa advised against smuggling her on a vesel bound for the Ohlon-2 sector. The Military council at the time felt that they should not neglect the colonisation of new sectors despite the wasps being one wormhole jump from the core worlds. Life was hard for the original colonists outside of the gateway systems and she would often help out when off-duty. Over time she worked her way up to the officer ranks, eventually becoming a commander at the age of 118. As a commander she served on the TNSS Colonis of the 195th fleet during its patrols of the Ohlon-3 sector. She and Arisa parted ways but still remained in contact to this day.

As a Captain[]

The lord-admiral (left) presents a 'parting gift'

Arnas was determined thoughout her life to become as great an officer as her supposed ancestor. As a commander she constantly proved herself a competent, if somewhat nervous, advisor to the captains. Her skills at military planning were mediocre at best however. Her mettle was tested when at the age of 124 her ship came under attack by a splinter group of the Sons of Urzgov. Her captain was rendered unconscious when a bulkhead panel fell on him. Arnas rushed him personally to the medbay before assuming command of the cruiser, despite suffering heavy damage less than 20 crewmembers were injured in the attack and she proved herself a brilliant commanding officer when under pressure. After hearing of her bravery Lord-Admiral Vontarion awarded her captain status in recognition recognistion and she was given command of the newly-restored TNSS Colonis - which she served on prior to promotion - and assigned her to the 121st fleet.

Was this Arnas' final hour?

One month ago her fleet joined an expedition into a wormhole in the Tholfame-5 sector. Two weeks after dispatch the fleet was ambushed by the Sons who crippled half the fleet, Admiral Athkonus - Arnas' superior and the fleet's commander - ordered for all remainig ships to make the jump. Contact was lost after the singularity drive on the flagship was crippled beyond repair and allowed three of the Sons' frigats through. Although the fleet survived it was heavily damaged and only a dozen ships remained, including the Colonis. The flagship was destroyed immediately after exiting the black hole and the fleet was stranded in unknown space. Desparate and beyond contact of high command, Arnas assumed command and sent out an emergency distress signal telling of their situation.

Days after emerging her transmission was answered by a nearby Wental starship. Desparate for help she accepted the singularity drive in exchange for requesting a diplomat to be transported to their homeworld. After returning she informed high command of her discovery and days later the first pioneer ships were launched to secure the the newly-named Mathist-1 sector. She had little contact with the Wental on her journey and would spend several weeks on a new assaignment (protecting the new colonies) concerned for the diplomat's well-being. After arriving in the new sector she agreed with starport personnel to look after the loaned singularity drive until the diplomat was ready to return from Wental space.

Onwards and Upwards[]

Since then she has been on many crucial exploration missions for the Imperium. She was in charge of the fleet assaigned to explore the newly-discovered Kraw Galaxy (Where she met noteable figures including then-commander Keis and Emperor Horkarew) and was part of the armada dispatched to save Crepusculum from the Brood of War. Currently has been tasked with securing Imperial interests in the Borealis Galaxy having been placed in command of the expeditionary force.


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