The Warmaster Arkarixus and his sibling are the latest in a long line of military successors - each generation stronger and more potent than the last. The power of a god resides within his mind and body, conditioned to serve both loyally and unflinchingly in the face of battle and prove himself a commander worth following. ... He is our last hope in a universe set against us; the greatest soldier in the galaxy.

- Unknown

Arkarixus Vhiktus is the last living member of the Kormacvar, an ancient race of precursors of the Borealis Galaxy, who currently serves as the maximum military authority of the Polar Crystal Alliance. A figure dating five billion years who was born in a galaxy of death and chaos, he cryogenically froze himself in an attempt to save his people which was sabotaged by his own surrogate brother, and he was eventually discovered and awakened by the modern inhabitants of the galaxy, who he has since gotten a liking for.

Among the most powerful individuals in Borealis, Arkarixus has pledged his desire to protect the galaxy for the rest of his life, guiding it to a better future. His countless years of warfare have made him an experienced and wise figure, as well as a terrifying opponent to encounter in the battlefield. Stern but ultimately good-hearted, Arkarixus is the first line of defense of the Borealis, and usually the last his enemies ever encounter.


Early HistoryEdit

Arkarixus, like all Warmasters, was a vat child created specifically by the then-dying Kormacvar Empire to combat the Grox Empire; by the time of his birth, the Kormacvar were already on their last legs after almost 500,000 years of war. He and his genetic brother, Regnatus, were created by using the genetic material of the legendary Warmaster Kholduitanus, the most powerful of their kind in history, in hopes that they would inherit his power. Fighting the Grox invasion for around seven hundred years after reaching adulthood, Arkarixus initiated the exodus of the Kormacvar from the Grox's eyes, hoping to wait the war out and eventually return to lead the galaxy once more.

Arkarixus, along with hundreds of thousands of Kormacvar, planned to stay in cryogenic stasis until the Grox threat had moved on, so they could rebuild their mighty empire once more. The Warmaster's mind was placed alongside a guardian artificial intelligence which would wake up his comrades when the galaxy was safe, but due to Zargoth's intervention, Arkarixus' AI was sent to the vicinity of Cold Loron space, making it impossible for him to wake his people up from stasis.

Second Borealis Galactic WarEdit

The Warmaster

Arkarixus is freed from stasis

A year before the Second Borealis Galactic War began, Da Rogue Boyz found the Cold Loron and subsequently Arkarixus' AI, which they would add to Da Propa Big Rogue Krooza. Arkarixus remained dormant during the following years until he was awakened by the Mechanic, where he ordered the forces of Order to find his body and awake his people in exchange of helping them against the Seagon Empire and their superweapon, the Armageddon-class Star Destroyer. Doing so, the forces of Order found Arkarixus' body at Hyperborea and transferred his mind back to it; he soon found out he was alone, his Kormacvar comrades all dying due to what he presumed was damage caused by the Grox. He vowed to avenge them and joined the Order side, planning to one day make the Borealis Grox pay.


Tantummodo MortemEdit

Arkarixus was one of the first individuals to join the infiltration team during the Third Xhodocto War, with the objective of weakening the Dominion of the Xhodocto from inside out. Arkarixus remained level-headed through the team's efforts of destroying the three Xhodocto Megaconstructs, acting as an authority inside the team alongside Kithworto. He aided in developing the explosives which were used to destroy Ightosia and Ardonia, and during the team's travels, he met and befriended the Shka'Tun Tharaqím. Going through many planes of Chaos and facing all kinds of demonic threats, Arkarixus' team eventually succeeded in their mission, and the Kormacvar returned to Borealis, retaking his position as Warmaster of the Polar Crystal Alliance.



Arkarixus is a tall, imposing Kormacvar whose skin is scarred due of his many battles against the Grox. He is equipped with a special outfit which serves as a very powerful armor as well as a regal costume, typical of Warmasters during the existence of the Kormacvar Empire. Being a Warmaster, Arkarixus is far taller than other Kormacvar used to be, towering over five members in height.


Arkarixus was at first described as arrogant, unfriendly and extremely aggressive; he saw himself superior to the "younger" races, who he constantly called "primitives". He is a notable warmonger, his thirst for revenge against the Grox making him hot-headed and unpredictable. However, as time passed, he has shifted into a more tolerant, friendly personality, though he remains just as condensing as ever, mostly to to his enemies.


Widely considered Borealis' single most powerful living individual, Arkarixus is a force to be reckoned. Created to combat the Dronox Commanders of the Grox Empire, Kormacvar Warmasters were made to be one-man armies, and Arkarixus is no different; his incredible equipment, massive strength, extreme endurance and mastery over elemental energy makes him nigh invulnerable, and he has been seen standing toe-to-toe against some of the Gigaquadrant's most terrible forces.



Green faceYou are dear to me. It is not something easily achievable.


Blue faceWe are brothers-in-arms.

  • Vekaron - Your feats will never be forgotten.
  • Kithworto - We are not actually that different.
  • Tharaqím - We share much in common.
  • Sarec - It is good to be in good terms.
  • Baptarion Light - Scientists in my time were only a different form of warrior. You are somewhat along those lines.
  • Hachiman - I hear the child has ascended in body. But not in mind.
  • Agent Tau - At least one of them knows what they are doing.
  • Apollo - Rare to find a politician with a spine. Rarer for them to survive putting it to use.
  • Agent Mu - Make good use of the gift given to you.
  • Dakster - Our partnership flourishes, but I will never not find your kind extremely unnerving.


Yellow faceMake your case.

  • Agent Nu - You are not fit to be a soldier. I care not for your strength.
  • Lemmo - Your greed annoys me severely.
  • Kalcedia Myran - Begone, harlot.
  • Uriel Ultanos - A royal who is not afraid to act as a soldier. Admirable quality.
  • Agent Psi - Control yourself.


Orange faceStop.

  • Kezoreg - War is not a game. Stop treating it like one.
  • Da Rogue Leedas - Do go out of line again, so that I may have an excuse to exterminate you.


Red faceMay the gods have mercy of you, for I will not.


He's not actually that bad once you get used to him.

- Vekaron

I gotta admit, he's one hell of a leader.

- Xerkea


- Fre'kloar

You being not part of the plan.

- King Mirras III

A living miracle, proof that not even death can restrict the most powerful of beings to their crypts.

- Tyraz

Hmph. I need the reality check?!

- Agent Nu

His every existence confirms the might and reputations of the Precursors. Magnificent!

- Uriel Ultanos

I am speechless. Just... speechless.

- Lamenar Reminocles

I can relate. I'm the last of my kind too.

- Lion





  • Unknown to all, Arkarixus is the lord of the Seagon Cryptocracy, having conquered the Seagon people shortly after the death of Emperor Rothneld Vhezari. Not even the Polar Crystal Council is aware of this connection.
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