Some of my colleagues say that I'm "no fun" or "a hardass", but that's only because I don't subscribe to the same policy of wanton destruction and utter disrespect of other societies that they do.

- Admiral Draccard

Admiral Ariana Draccard (often referred to as Admiral Draccard, Draccard, or Dracc) is the celebrated, well-known Admiral of the 5th Regiment of the Assault Armada. A talented, relatively young commander, Draccard is considered to be one of the most prominent Dragoozie commanders since Mjr. Gen. Ricardo Aguaca of the Caigiancia War, widely recognized for her skills with military intelligence and counter-strategy. Draccard is a favorite of Progressives in particular because of her well-known pro-peace attitudes.

Draccard was born in 1672 SY to an inner-city middle-class family on Aguacate. Enjoying the comforts of the middle class but also experiencing life among the poorer interior neighborhoods of Aguacate's largest metropolis, Draccard developed a sense of empathy for the less fortunate around her, the source of her compassionate and big-sisterly personality. Despite this empathetic personality, Draccard was still eager to follow in the footsteps of her parents and join the military, entering the Pilot's Academy at Tropicana after finishing secondary school and graduating from the Academy with flying colors.

Draccard's first posting in the military was in the 5th Regiment under Admiral Khoffman, where she chafed under Khoffman's brutal tactics but still quickly rose in rank, her cooperative personality lending itself well to her. During the First Bunsen War, Draccard often encountered and sympathized with Bunsen Grox POWs in the Core Rim, and she is credited with gathering the intelligence on the Republic Restoration Front led by Mikos Saladot that would alter the course of the war. Her excellent organizational skills, camaraderie with other soldiers of the 5th Regiment, and knack for being able to plan counter-strategies would eventually coalesce in her being promoted to Admiral of the 5th Regiment in 1828 SY, after Khoffman was put in charge of the 2nd Regiment. As Admiral, Draccard would receive national attention for her actions in overseeing the Kraw Command Zone's conversion to a civilian sector as well as participating in TIAF efforts in Andromeda during the Andromeda War.


Early LifeEdit

Ariana Draccard was born 13 Janeau 1672 SY to Pedrino and Amelia Draccard, two military engineers who served and met during the Caigiancia War. While most of the Draccard family was native to the agricultural world of Segovia, Draccard's parents had chosen to raise their daughter in the heart of urban Aguacate, a major Dragoozie commercial and population center. As such, Draccard grew up in a middle-class house in the generally lower-class inner-city neighborhoods of Aguacate's second largest city, Porta Marei. Draccard often spent time with kids from the poorer neighborhoods, eventually becoming a sort of big sister to many of the local children. At school and on the streets, Draccard garnered a reputation of being one of the toughest fighters in the neighborhood, though she rarely used her reputation for anything besides breaking up fights between neighborhood kids.

At school, Draccard was consistently in the top tier of her class, being frequently praised for her critical thinking skills, though criticized for often slacking off during class. While her parents and teachers encouraged her to follow her parents' footsteps and become an engineer, Draccard decided to follow her parents in a different way and aspired to join the military as a combat officer. After graduating from secondary school in 1741 SY, Draccard applied and was accepted to the Pilot's Academy at Tropicana, one of the TIAF's premier military academies.

In her first year at the academy, Draccard became friends with Adrian Basshu, a first-year like herself, and Alexa Tzena, a third-year. Having been the "big sister" for most of her life, it was a new experience for Draccard to be the junior, in this case to Tzena. Draccard's performance at the Academy was described as "outstanding", with Draccard receiving praise for her close combat prowess, marksmanship, and leadership skills. However, the Pilot's Academy was not entirely an easy ride for Draccard, as she and Tzena had a falling-out in Draccard's third year as Draccard became disillusioned with Tzena's abrasive and aggressive personality. Draccard graduated from the Academy in 1761 SY as one of the top officer prospects in her class, quickly finding a position in the 5th Regiment's 2nd Battalion.

First Bunsen War and Early Military CareerEdit

Intergalactic Age and Twilight AgeEdit







Close Friends and FamilyEdit

Green faceI'll always be looking out for you.

  • Adrian Basshu - You hang out with Tzena too much.
  • Pairi Sola - I hope we won't have to face each other on the battlefield again.


Blue faceIt's always nice seeing you again.

  • John Samenor - Nice to know that some members of the old guard aren't psychotic blood knights.
  • Natalie Grey - Don't think that you're all that better than me just 'cause you're older.


Yellow faceHello. How are you?

  • James Lorrelas - I don't know, he swings way too much between reasonable guy and bloodthirsty warrior.


Orange faceI'll resist the urge to vomit.


Red faceUgh. How disgusting.

Quotes from othersEdit



  • Allegedly, Draccard affectionately calls her signature gravity hammer "the Breakfast Maker", though she doesn't like people learning about this because of how "dorky" she thinks the nickname is.



  • Draccard was originally created to be a more congenial, empathetic rival to Admiral Tzena, though since her inception she has grown into a more complex character than "friendly admiral who doesn't like Tzena."
  • Draccard's signature hammer was originally inspired by Ramona Flowers' hammer.
  • Draccard is the youngest TIAF character, as well as the youngest Bunsen Galaxy character in general.


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