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Arian, the second most outstanding Captain (After his father) in the Gablinus-Avis history is a experienced pilot, engineer and scientist. He has contributed to many battles and skirmishes between the Gablinus-Avis and many other empires, he also singlehandedly discovered their relatives the Krazo Boid. Also if he ever happen to die, he will be immediately replaced with one of his hundreds of clones there is and His memories will be transferred to the New Body.

  • He is also one of the most favored Captains around Orion.
  • He prefers to charge into Battle with his Level 3 Bladed Knuckles and take out several enemies at once.
  • He has taken a liking to the Wooper Crab Species.
  • Arian Mostly flies alone, but he has a Large Crew that gladly Joins him when he needs.
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Arian's Personal Spaceship, the LSS Explorer.

Early LifeEdit

Arian is the child of the great pilot Mackelan the one who flew the first Gablinus-Avis spaceship, Arian loved space so he decided to become a space pilot himself.

At the age of 23 (a few years after finishing university) he helped to design the first Interstellar Ship the Space BURD class, which his father used to meet the Quinals, the first Spacefaring Species the Gablinus-Avis met.

Several years later he became Recruit Arian, and decided to work with his Father. Their first mission together was To exterminate the Ape Colony Rugried. They Brought a Quinals and a Fernikki Battleship with them,

The ApesEdit

Landing on the T1 Colony was easy, as the Apes had no interplanetary turrets. But they met a whole group of Ape Battleships. The battle was though, and the Space BURD got damaged. But the Gablinus successfully conquered the Colony and the Apes surrendered.

Ecouraged by this Victory, the Gablinus-Avis Empire started to mass produce New Battleships. Over the coming months more Ape Colonies where conquered and the Gablinus Empire grew, now an Admiral, Arian lead the Gablinus towards greatness.

Later yearsEdit

Arian, now 35 years old, Traveled along the Orion Spur searching for the Grox, knowing that they must be near the Core of the Galaxy.

After several Weeks he cam close to the Grox Territory, but first he needed To rest, He found a small Spaceport called Vat Tego near the Grox and landed there. It was a busy spaceport, almost filled to the brim with Working species. He meet the HeadBot, a tall Robot explaining to him what had happened In the Gablinus-Avis Empire during his journey.

The End of MackelanEdit

During Arians Expedition to find the Grox, his father Mackelan remained on Lore, now retired from the Gablinus-Avis Navy, teaching new Recruits how to work on Spaceships. His life was now peaceful.

But then came the Oglaud Plague.

The Oglaud Plague was a biological weapon Developed by the last remnant of the Ape empire, according to the Ape's it was "Spodes cleansing water". The Plague Struck Lore, the capital planet of the Gablinus. Millions died until a cure was found, Mackelan was one of them.


Although Arian mostly travels alone, he has friends from other Empires that sometime accompany him, heres a complete list of them.

CRE Scorch-0a78d8fe ful

Engineer Scorch


Scorch is a Hoosie, a typically harsh, and Strong creature. Unlike his primitive Ancestors hes not a Predator, but mostly seen Fixing Machinery or other Technology, he also Carries around random weaponry he has carved up from scratch.

CRE Genien-0a78d8fd ful

Admiral Genien


Admiral Genien is a Doltasaur, hes a born Diplomat, charming many species. He also helped Arian to sign peace with the Grox. He usually carries around Bladed Knuckles, his favorite Weapon, he also Uses Stealth Technology installed in his helm.

CRE Runor-0a78d8fc ful

Captain Runor


Runor, a Brozoo, is a pure Fighter, He loves to blast enemies with his customized Rockets, and crush them under his feet. He has two Rocket launcers, a small Anti-Grav system to lift him from the Ground when needed and a shock shielded Armor.

CRE Flemade-0a78d901 ful

Ambassador Flemade


Flemade is the Leader of the Swiffer Empire and doesnt accompany Arian as much as the Others, but when he does you can count on him in Fights, hes a great Swordsman and can use several types of Weaponry.

Quotes from other'sEdit

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I Hope he can come to our party if he wants to.

- Diplomat Lezia of the Asgord Empire

Wow, behind all of the Gablian parties and cheerfulness lies a great commander. Maybe we'll cross paths someday.

- Emperor Varkeos of the Kraw Empire

At least this captain knows how to party after an important mission.

- DCP admiral.

A great Captain, the most known captain of the Gablinus-Avis Empire he is there most famous of all and even the Rambo Nation Captains have hear of Arian the Great! I hope to one day meet in him person, as he is also an bird like captain.

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

Hey Arian, nice armor, I kind of wish I had that kind of armor.

- Captain Benjamin XII of the BNSC


  • Captain Arian is a Gablinus-Avis, the Gablinus-Avis are the leaders of the ASO. The ASO are a group consisting mainly of Bard, Shaman, Ecologist and Trader empires, the Gablinus-Avis themselves are Bard/Scientists.
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