Argent (real name lost to history) is one of the elusive Chronomancers that comes from the Ministarium of Epochs. An ancient being tasked with maintaining the course of time as Isiris intends it to be, Argent is a being of many trades, though often deals in violent action.

History Edit

There is little indication as to how long Argent has lived for, though from his own words, having participated in the civil war in the Athsulisstai Kingdom nearly 3,300 years ago, Argent is at least three millennia old, perhaps nearing four thousand. In his life before the Ministarium, Argent was once a human of an indeterminate culture that lived in the western reaches of Koldenwelt. Born with a latent skill in chronomancy, Argent inadvertently lived beyond the lifespan of a man - having outlived his loved ones by centuries. It was only by the time he was nearing eight hundred years of age, living most of these centuries as a wandering mercenary, that he was approached by the Ministarium of Epochs - an order dedicated to cultivating chronomancy for the improvement of Koldenwelt - so that he could join the order and become one of their hands in guiding their goals. His participation in the civil war of the Athsulisstai Kingdom in 3268 BNA was pivotal in reforming the kingdom into what is now known as the Kelodhrosi Commonwealth.

Over the next three and a half thousand years, Argent had been operating in Koldenwelt as covertly as any other individual in the Ministarium of Epochs, guiding events into a more peaceful outcome, though more than often through the course of war and bloodshed. Though often desiring a peaceful resolution, Argent's chronomancy and his foresight indicates that little comes from such, and has proven to be accurate in Koldenweltian history. He himself has had minimal documentation in history, many believing a chronomancer to be something of a myth.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Standing nearly six and a half feet tall, Argent is a comparatively tall deiwos-like chronomancer. Due to his exceptionally long lifespan, much of his body has been magically preserved, turning his skin into a rose gold colour and his eyes into a steely emerald hue, removing much of his humanity due to his immortality. His height would suggest that he was once a Dalmiric human, though the modified pigmentation in his skin would cause much reconsideration as to what culture he is of. Dressed in the armour of the Ministarium's making, Argent is clad in intricate golden armour with blue rims and with a chest-piece not dissimilar from a trenchcoat. The most prominent feature of his clothing is the medallion that bears the insignia of the Ministarium, distinguishing his role as an agent of the order.

Personality Edit

The manner in which Argent himself speaks, of which is very similar to the Athsulisstai themselves would also suggest that he is from a human culture that originated in the Sunset Isles, though there is little evidence to support that claim nor is there little evidence to suggest a strong ancient human influence there. It may hint that the Ministarium of Epochs is located on a remote island in the Sunset Isles due to Argent's accent. Argent himself is a highly stoic individual, primarily out of centuries of grief due to his immortality. Coming to accept his immortality and finding comfort in the presence of other immortal chronomancers, Argent's loyalty to the Ministarium and his belief in both Isiris and Samayapalaka runs in his veins to an almost altruistic degree.

Abilities Edit

As a millennia-old chronomancer, Argent has had these (approximate) four thousand years to refine his skill to a degree that makes him one of the most effective and respected chronomancers of the Ministarium of Epochs. Using his powers, Argent is capable of traversing distances within such small degrees of time that it appears like teleportation to the naked eye, as well as using this power to micromanage events in order to take other courses. Due to the extremely dangerous nature of chronomancy, Argent prefers to limit his powers so that moving through the course of time does not bring about catastrophic events from his misuse of magic. In accelerating the course of time around him, Argent is capable of carrying incredible momentum in his attacks, which delivers the illusion of him being many times stronger than that of a normal human. Despite his powers, Argent is not that much more resilient than a human, and only his armour and magical power staves off impacts which could kill a normal human.

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Allies Edit

Blue face "Isiris has shifted our destinies so that we may meet."

  • N/A

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "Whether you exist in parallel with a destiny that will alter this world, we are yet to see."

  • N/A

Enemies Edit

Red face "Isiris demands the exile of your soul."

  • N/A

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Quotes Edit

I have heard little of the nature of those who use the course of time as their magic. But those who were once believed to have existed to use this power no longer walk this earth...or so it may seem.

- Longinus

Absurdity. There's no such things as a time mage. Because we killed them all! If that's not the case, then we have work left unfinished!

- Tibias Merrow

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