I'm responsible for more bodies than an Orbispira cemetery. Let the Republic come.

- Lord Archaxys

Archaxys is a female Phaedra that serves as a Lord of the Phaedric Order. Much like Maethoruin and Venatorius, her superiors within the Order, Archaxys was once a member of the original Phaedric Empire, born amidst the final collapse of its power. Locked into stasis on the Phaedric homeworld for over twenty millennia, she finally arose once more during the Cyrannian Cold War, during an Imperial reclamation effort. Powerful in the powers of Darkness, Archaxys spent five years enduring the gruelling trials of the Order on the harsh graveyard world of Nandóband.

Emerging as one of the most potent lords of the Phaedric Order during the Second Great Cyrannus War, Archaxys worked closely with Lord Maethoruin in particular, and was one of the few of her order to survive the devastating Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE. She fought in battles throughout the remainder of the conflict, and in its aftermath, begrudingly agreed to support Henera Medé's New Empire.

With crimson skin and piercing yellow eyes, Archaxys is a fearsome sight to behold, armed with twin energy blades which she wields to devastating effect. Overcome with hatred for the New Republic, Archaxys believes that it represents a mere reincarnation of the First Republic, which brought low her people's mighty empire in the distant past. She holds the Aldárae Order in similar contempt, and will not rest until both lie at the feet of the Empire.


Early History[]

Archaxys can trace her ancestry back to the very foundation of the Phaedric Empire, her kin responsible for uniting the crimson clans of Phaedron into a single force. By the time of her birth, however, the empire was on the brink of collapse—centuries of constant warfare with the First Republic had reduced the empire from one of thousands of systems in the Outer Rim, to a small network of backwater worlds protecting the throneworld of Phaedron. As a small child, Archaxys witnessed the Republic's cruisers descend in the skies above Phaedron, and her family placing her in a stasis chamber, promising her that that would see her again. As the process of stasis began, the young girl could see Republic troops invade the facility and gun down her parents—the last thing she saw before her millennia-long sleep.

Awakening in 09 NE, the young girl was discovered by an Imperial expedition to uncover ancient Phaedric ruins on Phaedron. Recovering from the process, she came into contact with Lord Maethoruin, who sensed within her a strong connection to the Darkness. For years, Archaxys endured harsh training in the ways of a Phaedric Lord by Maethoruin, who abandoned the teenager on the harsh world of Nandóband for months at a time, telling her that a Phaedra must be prepared to overcome any obstacle, even if alone. In 14 NE, Maethoruin returned to find that the power and hatred of the young woman had increased dramatically, and inducted her into the Order as a full fledged lord, awarding her with Phaedric robes and armour.

Second Great War[]

You seek dominion, abomination, and yet all you will find is your destruction!

- Lord Archaxys, to Mar-Júun

Almost a year into the Second Great Cyrannus War, Archaxys was redeployed to the Borealis Galaxy, to fight in the ongoing campaign against the New Cyrannian Republic, the Polar Crystal Alliance and the Indoctrinate Collective. Her presence in a battle often ended in an overwhelming Imperial victory, with Archaxys slaying thousands of allied troops. However, when the Corruptus invaded the Imperial territories in Borealis, she was redeployed to deal with a far greater threat.

Archaxys strikes against the Republic.

Returning to Heleanorbis, the capital of the Empire within Borealis, Archaxys came face to face with the dreaded Corruptus agent Mar-Júun, who taunted and threatened her with the power of the Black Fog. She did not confront him in combat, however, and returned to Antemurale to inform the other Phaedric Lords about Mar-Júun's warnings and possible plans in the future. She grew annoyed by Meketanor's behaviour toward her, and referred to him as a 'newt', before listening to the words of lord Venatorius, who tasked Meketanor with discovering Mar-Júun's intentions.

Several months later, after the death of Mar-Júun and Meketanor, Archaxys, who continued to grow in power and influence, began to train the Zio'Aeni Harak'Tuose, whom she sensed great power within. Seeking to mould the powerful warrior into her Phaedric apprentice, Archaxys inducted him into the Imperial Inquisition, and continued to oversee his training in the dark arts simultaneous to his missions for the Inquisiton.

Archaxys and her fellow Phaedric Lords face off against Vanikaimar.

During the Great Battle of Orbispira, Archaxys joined her fellow Lords of the Phaedric Order to the dilapidated ruins of the old Senate Building, where Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá and Vanikaimar activated an ancient First Republic beacon, rallying the galaxy to rebel against the Emperor's rule. During the resulting battle, Aoirtae and Kara escaped, and though Vanikaimar was killed by the Phaedra, the skilled Nagith managed to defeat Echoriax and Cythonia before falling.

With little time to recover, Archaxys and the surviving Phaedra gave chase, and engaged the two Aldárae on the streets of Orbispira, whereupon Venatorius subdued them and brought them to the Emperor's Sanctum. Archaxys and Maethoruin subsequently travelled to the heart of the battle, where they joined the Wrath in the Great Clash along the Imperial Boulevard. It was there that Archaxys felt the defeat of Tyrómairon at the hands of Apolithanatár, and with the Republic advancing on all fronts, convinced Maethoruin to give up the fight and escape the planet on the Wrath's shuttle.

After the battle ended, Archaxys remained by Maethoruin's side in their campaigns against the Republic, which grew from strength to strength as more and more worlds abandoned the Empire. By 25 NE, the remnants of the Phaedric Order joined their power with Henera Medé's Imperial remnant, and begrudgingly agreed to support her peace negotiations with the Republic. With the end of the war in 26 NE, Archaxys was forced to contend with peace for the first time in her life, with some claiming that she harbours ambitions for the Imperial throne.

Personality and Traits[]

Haunting and graceful, entrancing, though deadly, Archaxys is among the most mysterious of the Phaedric Lords. Born amidst the collapse of her people's power, Archaxys regards the New Republic and its Aldárae defenders with fixed, vindictive eyes. Though she recognises the extreme passage of time between the fall of the First Republic and the rise of what she refers to as the "Last Republic", Archaxys essentially views the two governments as the same historical entity—a corrupt and destructive recurring trend in the tapestry of galactic history. While she harbours some respect for the most powerful masters of the Aldárae Order, she believes that the order itself is a perversion of the Phaedra—which she regards as a perfect work of art, as quiet as a whisper and as deadly as a knife in the dark.


Dishonourable and individualistic, Archaxys is thoroughly incapable of remorse or loyalty, though only to the extent where she balks at the thought of killing without reason, or bending the knee without reason. She respects those more powerful than her, though is easily agitated by open displays of such power. On the field of battle, however, Archaxys communicates her inner malevolence by killing through intimacy, rather than brute force, gazing into the eyes of her victims as she plunges her blades into them, relishing their last breath. She is aloof and polished, when stalking the Imperial court, enjoying the feeling of being watched and observed by those entranced by her beauty and poise.



Blue face.pngYes, yes, what is it?


Orange face.pngFeel the weight of a blade in your throat.

  • Mar-Júun: Destroying you will be like cleaning up the universe.


Bring the fury of the Phaedra to galaxies near and far, young apprentice. Then, you will have earned my favour, and that of the Dark Lord.

- Maethoruin

Another fossil pledges itself to my master? Old as you may be, you are not the greatest of us all!

- Meketanor



  • Based on one of Cyrannian's Sith Inquisitor characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Her persona is based on the one crafted for ingame roleplays.


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