The Cruel comes, perpetually enraged as he punishes the souls of sinners. His fury is a staple among the followers of the great God of Nightmare, and he will forever ensure his will is the law.

- Arbekul

Arberkul Mozuli, the Cruel was a member of the Bonio race who served as one of the Champions of the feared Devourer's Chosen and served as the first and oldest of the team, acting as their internal leader. A former commandant serving under the Indoctrinate Collective, he was turned into an entity of pure rage by the powers of the Corruptus, becoming the strongest warrior of their cult in the process.

Arberkul was among the most respected cultists of the Devourer's Chosen, serving as one of its greater commanders and preachers before the ultimate end of the empire. He was widely famed for his never-ending hatred for all things, unquenchable as he led unholy crusades against the inhabitants of the Borealis Galaxy with nothing short of extermination being able to stop him, and even then, he had the tendency of never standing down for too long.


Arberkul was once a noble Bonio captain of the Indoctrinate Collective, valued for his excellent leadership skills and combat experience. He was also known for being a close friend of fellow commandant Gavakar of the Dracogodasimer. He was sent to Borealis to act as the main commandant of the Indoctriante military in the galaxy, which he accepted with great honour, though Emperor Marigrax eventually emerged in the Collective's territory and started to corrupt the empire's worlds with the Corruptus's vile plague. Arberkul attempted to fight the beast, but was defeated with very little effort. Marigrax was amused by Arbekul's attempt and corrupted him, turning into the first of the Champions of the Devourer's Chosen.

Arberkul led many crusades, especially against the Unified Nation of Ottzello, during the Xi'Arazulha invasion on Borealis. Arbekul fought and almost killed UNOL multiple times, and later fought Zelfron II. Despite being killed in all battles, Arberkul's fury was always brought back to life by Geltastra's powers. During the Wrath of Gods, Arberkul was ordered to attack the Kicathian Republic, though it ultimately ended in Arberkul being permanently obliterated by Kithworto after trying to devour his soul.



While formerly a standard Bonio in appearance, Arberkul's descension led to him becoming darker in colouration, scarred and slightly larger in size. His claws became more imposing and his eyes became reddened, often leaving shining trails, and he was often seen wearing an armor which served both for combat and ceremonial purposes. Upon achieving his Null State, Arberkul was transformed into a gigantic, grotesque version of himself with little resemblance to a Bonio.


Arberkul was notable for his unending hatred, being in a perpetual state of furious anger which could not calm down by any known means. He expressed his devotion to the God of Nightmares through slaughter, enjoying the thrill of close-ranged combat and taking glee in showering in the blood of heretics. Arberkul's wrath was impossible to compress, though he nonetheless was capable of telling ally from foe and displayed respect for his masters while demanding success from his subjects.


Arberkul was the most powerful of the Champions of the Chosen. While he was not as physically strong as Ref'kolar and did not have the same essence potential as Stolithik, his power was considered a balance of all traits seen in demons of the Corruptus, meaning he was extremely strong for his body build, had immense power over his essence and sported supernatural endurance. Arberkul fought primarily by using a vibroblade of Indoctrinate Collective origin, arcanized in entropic energy to deal increased damage as well as cause more pain to the victim. Arberkul's Null State further amplified his might, making him mightier than the other Champions in all aspects.



Red face.pngFor the Devourer!


Red face.pngYou rabble are undeserving of the Devourer's blessing!

  • Gavakar - Who? I don't know the name.


Red face.pngFeast upon their souls!

  • Vekaron - I will enjoy your "order" being cast down!
  • Xerkea - I will smash you under my talons!
  • Baptarion Light - The Collective will fall!
  • UNOL - You strike me down but I return more powerful!
  • Hachiman - Dream energy aberration!!
  • Kithworto - Give me your soul!


He was the commandant before me? Gee, crazy guy.

- Baptarion Light

Yes, destroy them all. Let no heretic escape!

- Geltastra

Your tainted soul will not find salvation in death. Your damnation will be eternal.

- Triarch Zelfron II

safe man yor ma boss....yoo hav a sik sense of humor even tho im betta

- Ref'kolar the Laugher

He feels our pain...for the Devourer, we will make the heretics weep and wail in suffering, for the one true god!

- Stolithik the Sorrowful

An abomination! His rage and fury are unmatched by any sane being I know of...this one will be tough as hell to fight.

- Yogtam

There must be a way to eradicate this one! There must be!

- Kralgon Emperor


- Gratz'kaoz

i dunno bout dis stoopid cult one. hes propa propa strong an propa propa angry. gratz'kaoz wannabe man

- Zr'Ahgloth


- Fre'kloar

dis ones got propa sik powas as well as anga issues

- Brag'klogga

Another blind, insane follower of Devourer. When Shu'rimrodir ever learn he not have to make his followers insane to make them strong? Formidable foe nonetheless, and very stubborn soldier.

- Tuolog

Your rage cannot shield you forever worm! Deranged or not, I will ensure that you redeem your soul in death.

- High Inquisitor Arsac

I like to think to myself that we can find solutions to... "cure" cultists and madmen. Guys like Arbekul, though, seem to make me believe less and less in that idea whenever I come across any of his insane friends.

- Hachiman





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