I'm in this fight to the bitter end. I'm but one of billions, who stand in the face of the greatest evil in the history of the galaxy and say, in one voice, that enough is enough.

- Arasah-Nui

Arasah-Nui is a female Cargura who serves as a master of the Aldárae Order, renowend as one of the greatest defenders of the New Cyrannian Republic.

The daughter of late New Republic Senator Tanarr-Nuin, Arasah served as her father's diplomatic secretary during his visits to the disaffected worlds of the Eastern Borderland Alliance. Upon Senator Nuin's death at the hands of Inquisitor Vandalion, Arasah fled with the help of Senator Apollo and Dané Elenya to Mou'Cyran, where she arranged transport to Aldár, the home of the newly formed Aldárae Order.

Though young and initially frightened about the unfortunate turn in her life, Arasah joined the Order partly to regain a sense of family, though in so doing, became a driven member, zealous in combating what she considers to be the spread of evil. Enthuasastic about the Order and his mandate to defend the Republic, Arasah harbours a deep hatred for the Imperial Inquisition, longing to test her new combat skills as a follower of the Light against the dark servants of Emperor Tyrómairon. Within the Order, she seeks to excel in her studies, striving to succeed in an effort to make the spirit of her father proud.

During the Second Great Cyrannus War, Arasah Nui was chosen by Grandmaster Ryen to serve as his tirolenros. Travelling across the galaxy with her new mentor, Arasah-Nui would learn much about morality, wisdom and the necessity of ending the war.


Early Life[]

Born on the frontier colony Cernnunos during the second year of the Great Cyrannus War, Arasah-Nui was but a child when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus usurped control over the Cyrannus Galaxy, though due to Cernnunos remote location and isolation from both the Republic and the Confederacy, such events were but frightful stories told by her father, the esteemed diplomat Tanarr-Nuin, at her bedside. When Cernunnos joined the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE, Tanarr-Nuin became the Senator of the Cernunnos Sector, bringing young Arasah to Mou'Cyran during his more lengthy visits to the capital.

When she became a teenager, Arasah began to exhibit unusual powers, though managed to keep these abilities a secret from most. Her father however, in watching out for his beloved daughter, noticed her powers early on and elected to keep her close to him to protect her from harm. Seeking to follow in her father's footsteps, the young Cargura became his secretary and diplomatic assistant, eager to help him expand Cernnunos' influence throughout the emergent trouble-spot known as the Eastern Borderlands. Nevertheless, more interested in exploring than politics, she remained ignorant of the political workings of the Senate, or even the events which gave rise to the Empire and the New Republic. With the rise of the Eastern Borderland Alliance, Arasah helped her father navigate through the resultant political mess, tredding a fine line between loyalty to the Republic and the Alliance's worlds close to Cernnunos.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

Disaster at Rihanae
Apollo: "This is Senator Apollo, responding to your transmission. How can I help?"
Arasah-Nui: "Apollo? I'm supposed to believe that's a real name?"
―Apollo and Arasah-Nui, during the emergency on Rihanae

During a diplomatic mission to Rihanae, Arasah-Nui and her father found themselves entangled in a trap laid out for Senator Apollo by Inquisitor Vandalion. Capturing Tanarr-Nuin's personal vessel during a diplomatic meeting with Borderland Senators, Vandalion held the representatives hostage, though Arasah managed to use her gifts to evade him and send an emergency transmission to the nearest starship—the Consular, Apollo's vessel. Unbeknown to her, the incident had been orchestrated by the genius Grand Admiral Tector Decimius, who knew of Arasah's abilities and had subtly manipulated events to ensure Apollo's arrival at Rihanae.

The Imperial Walker attacks Arasah-Nui and the other Aldárae fighters.

Once the Senator arrived, Arasah watched helplessly when Vandalion executed her father. Though overcome with horror and fury, Arasah was prevented from attacking the Inquisitor by Apollo, Doctor Elenya and the Adjunct, an Oikoumene AI who held Vandalion off while Arasah escaped with the other captive senators. Returning to Mou'Cyran, Arasah soon heard word that Apollo had been rescued by the Aldárae Order, who also managed to capture Vandalion. Seeking revenge—and a family—Arasah travelled to Aldár, where she promptly revealed her power and began training with the Order, despite her disappointment with Vandalion's escape.

In 15 NE, Arasah-Nui, now a tirolenros of the Order, was chosen to join a group of Aldárae and Resistance operatives to aid in the liberation of the Miluiel from the Empire's clutches. During the subsequent Battle of Ambar, Arasah joined Kara Inviá, Aoirtae Valaeris, Janice Ross and Northarr during the ground invasion, eventually coming into contact with the Phaedric Order toward the close of the battle. Arasah showed her skill during the engagement, helping Aoirtae in her duel with Vandorallen to slam him into the wall with the Light.

Second Great War[]

When she learned of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, Arasah was horrified and volunteered to help the Republic government on Capricaerón, to guide them against Imperial reprisals. Her decision would prove fortuitous during the Republic Day Attacks, when her quick thinking saved Senator Ramdard Ramthrace, arriving just in time to dispatch the bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa, who had been sent by the Empire to kill the remaining senators.

Vandalion: "It's Grand Inquisitor Vandalion now"
Arasah: "As if that makes any difference. You'll leave this place in a grand body bag."
―Inquisitor Vandalion and Arasah-Nui during the Battle of Laurantia

Soon after the events on Capricaerón, Arasah-Nui was recalled to Aldár, where she was overjoyed to learn that she had been chosen as Grandmaster Ryen's first tirolenros since Aoirtae Valaeris. Excited about the prospect of training under the legendary Osteola, Arasah followed him on his voyages across Coru Secundus, where they helped restore order in the wake of the Republic's liberation of the region.

Arasah-Nui and Ryen face Inquisitor Vandalion.

Later, they travelled to the Outer Rim, where they participated in Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine's invasion of Laurantia. Before travelling to the surface of the planet, Arasah and Ryen boarded Inquisitor Charcar'maer's flagship in orbit, where they had learned that Janice Ross had been captured. Defeating the Inquisitor, they rescued Ross and returned her to the Republic for medical treatment, before travelling to the surface, where they came face to face with Vandalion—the Inquisitor who killed her father.

Rushing into battle, despite Ryen's warnings, Arasah fought viciously to exact her vengeance, though she was injured when Vandalion impaled her with his blade. However, she was saved when Ryen unleashed his mastery over Uvalyë, forcing the Inquisitor to flee. After the battle, Ryen brought Arasah to a Republic medical station established in Laurantia's orbit. There, she had time to think about her actions, and came to understand that in seeking revenge, she would have put the Republic's war effort at risk.

Arasah-Nui attacks the Imperials, as Ryen and Maethoruin duel.

Several months later, Arasah-Nui played a key role in the Battle of Achiliquin, working behind the front lines to hamper the Phaedric Lord Maethoruin's invasion of the peaceful planet. During the final skirmish on the planet's skirmish, both Arasah-Nui and Ryen faced down the Imperial forces, and though Ryen was injured in the battle against Maethoruin, they were both successful in driving the Empire off. When they returned to Aldár, Arasah-Nui was granted the title of Aldárae Sentinel, with her time as Ryen's tirolenros at an end. She was later distraught to learn that Ryen was killed during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, and pledged to do her part in saving the Republic and honour her master's legacy.

Personality and Traits[]

Kind-hearted and moralistic, Arasah-Nui is considered one of the most promising members of the Aldárae Order, though her advanced skills can often translate into a brashness that often inadvertently puts endangers herself and her friends. During her teenage years, Arasah was quite naive and ignorant of the wider political realities of the Cyrannus Galaxy, to the point where she failed to recognise Senator Apollo of Capricaerón when he arrived to rescue her from Vandalion. Since joining the Order however, she has engrossed herself in the vast libraries of knowledge available at Aldár, while experiencing her father's death first hand has largely dissipated her naivety and contributed toward a maturation into a worldly and serious-minded young woman.

Arasah-Nui, in her Aldárae gear.

While Arasah is loyal to the Republic, her early years working with politicians from the Eastern Borderland Alliance made her sceptical of the politics of the Republic. Indeed, while she supports the Order's role as the guardians of the New Republic and its people, she believes that the Order should stand apart from the Senate, lest the corruption inherent to the system spread to Aldár. Nevertheless, she holds a deep respect for Apollo for his role in rescuing her from the Inquisition and has since become close friends with his daughter, Kara Inviá as well as Aoirtae Valaeris, both of whom she views as the champions of the Order.



Green face.pngIf you need me, just say the word.


Blue face.pngI like what I see.


Orange face.pngBack away, I don't want to hurt you.


You would have made your father proud, Arasah.

- Apollo



  • In keeping with a trend for certain characters, Arasah is based on Cyrannian's Jedi Shadow character in Star Wars: The Old Republic, in which her appearance is based on Ahsoka Tano.


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