I do not wish to be judged by the deeds of my ancestors.

- Aquillius Cretacea

Aquillius Cretacea is a male Libertus that exists in an alternate timeline approximately one thousand two hundred years after the conclusion of the Great Cyrannus War. Aquillius serves in the Cyrandian Republic's starfleet, a merger of the fleets of the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation. He is one of the few remaining fully trained officers in the tattered Republic, due to the devastating invasion of the mysterious Xeranbha, which left most of the Gigaquadrant in ruin.

He is descended from the famous Apollo, forefather of the New Cyrannian Republic through the latter's son, but has shown no interest in following the path that others expect him to take based on the actions of his family throughout history. As such, he shows very little respect toward authority and believes that he is above the rules.

Aquillius commands the Apollo-class vessel, CRS Phoebus and is considered to be the most elite captain in the fleet.


Early Life[]

Aquillius Cretacea was born in the year 1225 NE in a separate timeline to the one that currently plays out in the First Gigaquadrant. Aquillius was born on the temperate planet Mou'Cyran, which had been the center of the New Cyrannian Republic for several centuries. However, by the time of his birth, the universe had been ravaged by the mysterious and sinister Xeranbha, leaving the young Aquillius with a strong urge to exact revenge against the Gigaquadrant's mysterious attackers. When he left the academy at the age of eighteen, he became one of the few fully trained officers left in the dystopian Republic. Nevertheless, he gained command over the newly commissioned "CRS Phoebus-E", an Apollo-class escort, given to him due to Aquillius' ancestors which included Apollo, a figure revered by the current inhabitants of the Republic. Though Aquillius respected his forebears, he felt constrained by people expecting him to live up to their standards.

Aquillius' first tour of duty sent him to the Quadrant Galaxies, where he was involved in a desperate, prolonged three-sided conflict over the Serindianiliae between the Cyrandia Republic, the Hutter Kingdom and the Regellis Star Empire. Much had changed since the days of old, with the Republic being outmatched by both the Kingdom and the Star Empire.

Helo Roslia makes contact with Aquillius Cretacea.

Despite fighting tooth and bone, the Cyrandia fleet was utterly smashed by the Hutters and the Regellis, while the Star Empire simply engaged their cloaks and fled, leaving the ancient system in the hands of the Hutters. Luckily, Aquillius managed to escape with a great deal of Serindia including the last remaining heir of the Royal Dynasty, a young woman called R'ianna le Rambo, with the two becoming bitter over the loss of the Serindia homeworld to the Hutters.

Returning to the Cyrannus Galaxy, Aquillius continued captaining the Phoebus along the limits of Xeranbha-held space in the hopes of gathering intelligence over the activities of their dreaded nemesis. Then, in 1250 NE, his life would change.

Future's Beginning[]

While patrolling the Odysseia Region of Cyrannus in 1250 NE, an unknown ship of an ancient classification dropped out of a wormhole close to Xeranbha space. Immediately acting, Aquillius cornered the ship and opened communications. To his surprise, the captain of the vessel was none other than Helo Roslia, a figure Aquillius recognised from history. Roslia claimed to have peaceful intentions, but Aquillius decided to detain Captain Roslia and bring him and his crew to Mou'Cyran.

The group encounter the Purity Aliens.

When they arrived, Aquillius presented Helo to the President le Rambo, who informed Helo that his training made him an invaluable asset to the Cyrandian Republic. Though Aquillius didn't particularly like Helo, he agreed with the President's decision. Over the next few days, Aquillius would plan with the crew of the Avenger to counteract against the Xeranbha, which had become active once again. Though he was unhappy that he had to work with a new arrival, Imperial Admiral Brythona of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Aquillius formulated a plan to infiltrate a Xeranbha Saucer and capture one of their overlords, thus negotiating a withdrawal from Cyrannus in exchange for the overlord's life.

When they landed on the Xeranbha Saucer, D'anna, one of Aquillius' bridge officers was corrupted by the Purity Virus while several Imperial battledroids were destroyed by the fiendish Purity Aliens. Aquillius ordered Helo to abandon the mission, but the time travelling captain's translocator malfunctioned, preventing him from returning to the Phoebus.

Aquillius listens to Brythona as he vows to crush the Xeranbha.

However to Aquillius' astonishment, Helo managed to resist the Purity Virus and open a dialogue with the Xeranbha, learning that they fear a cure for their virus. Now with a growing respect for Roslia, Aquillius decided to grant his wish to return to his own time, but not before taking a sample of his blood and awarding him command of the last remaining Venator-class in service, the CRS Caelus. However, the two captains returned to Mou'Cyran first, where they both said their goodbyes.

Physical Appearance[]

Like most male members of the Cretacea Family throughout history, Aquillius possesses a brown shade of protofeathers that cover his body, in his case, a bronze colouration with hints of golden scale patterns covering his body. Aquillius possesses true feathers at the top of his head, the lower arms and at the tip of his tail. As a captain in the Cyrandia Fleet, Aquillius wears an unusual uniform conveying his position as an elite captain in the Cyrandia Fleet.

Personality and Traits[]

Aquillius is a gruff, stubborn but intensely loyal man who rarely shows emotions to his crew. However, as captain of the CRS Phoebus, flagship of the Cyrandia Fleet, he has grown close to many of his bridge officers including the Quadrantia Humanoid known as D'anna and as such was privately devastated when she was infected by the Xeranbha's Purity Virus.

It takes a great deal for Aquillius to come to respect or trust someone, as seen in his initial attitude toward Helo Roslia, who he saw as a Xeranbha trick. Aquillius despises many of the contemporary factions that surround the Cyrandia Republic, including the Hutter Kingdom, the Regellis Star Empire and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, with a particular dislike for the Xeranbha.

Aquillius is known to greatly respect his distant relatives such as Apollo and Kara Inviá, though does not wish to be bound by people's expectations of him based on the actions and deeds of these ancient individuals.



Blue face.pngNice to know you.

  • President R'ianna Le Rambo - A great president. We have quite a long history.


Yellow face.pngNot the worst.

  • Helo Roslia - Good guy. Not that I hope to see him again.


Orange face.pngHmph.

  • Imperial Admiral Brythona - Not the worst Imperial.


Red face.pngTime to die!

  • Xeranbha - Keep away!


Not the type of person I'd want around every day. Not that I don't respect him.

- Helo Roslia



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