Applon Antaous is the current Lord of the Bastnliues Republic and a pragmatic individual who seeks peace and prosperity for the people he leads and interacts with. This Bastnliues is not one to stand on the sidelines, as throughout his life he both particpated and led battles against the Republics foes and in favor of the Republics interests and allies. Though this patriotic and almost reckless behavior may bring him closer to the danger than those assigned to protect him would like, he goes on without much phasing, as he wants to see his republic lead to a victorious and prosperous future

Recent events have flung him into a larger theater of politics and intrigue than ever before. After an attempted assassination on his life, Applon has led a loyalist faction of Bastnliues to claim his rightful place as the leader of the republic in 10 BNE to 1 BNE against his once dear Friend, Acktus Firethron in the Bastnliues Civil War. The war ended in the personal slaying of his once friend, and the reuniting of the once prosperous nation. The years had passed on, relatively per usual, but soon everything would change and thrust him and his nation deeper into conflicts and intergalactic politics. This is evident by the intrusion known as the Calamity of Usmilia by the Bisistar Domain. This invasion began with the attempt at his murder and then a total invasion of the capital system known as Usmilian Prime. In the end, Applon enjoyed the joint NCR and BR victory over the enigmatic beings on the planet of Mou'Cyran and had conversed with President Apaltar, leading to the induction of the Republic into the Mou'Cyran Accords, and the strengthening of the bonds between him and the leaders of the Republic.

Early LifeEdit

Applon's early life was not an easy one at that, born to a destitute family that's only goal was to see their children live and succeed, Applon had to carve his way through the once pitiful and depressing inner catacombs of the Capital city Verdna before the time of its of restoration as the Capital of the planetary ecumenopolis. His father, was a soldier drafted into war during rebellions that had threatened the frontiers of the rising nation. He had kept desperately onto any thing that could keep him safe, as the underground city scapes of Usmilia were unlike that of above the steel husks, and this sense of hope would be broken soon after the draft into those rebellions, as his father was killed in an explosion on Applon's 7th birthday whilst communicating with him. This event scarred him for life, and he grew a thick yet respectful skin, and took steps to change his life.

At the age of 29, Applon enrolled himself into the Military as a Technician, using the expertise and his natural alignment with technology to operate and fix many of the Republic's war machines that were used through multiple conflicts.

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