A capital idea, my lad. I imagine there are those in all of our nations that will not be too pleased, but progress is progress, and at the end of the day, the Empire wants peace and order for the entire cluster.

- Aporyan, responding favourably to Apollo's suggestion about increased unity in the Cyrandia Cluster.

Aporyan is a male Apationagtus who served as the Grand Mandator of the Mid Rim from 01 NE to 13 NE. A kind-hearted and well-meaning man, Aporyan is quite distrustful of his other Grand Mandators, particularly those he views as power hungry and elitist, though he is a great admirer of Emperor Tyrómairon, viewing him as the greatest person in Cyrannian history. A keen diplomat, Aporyan often dealt with bilateral meetings between the Empire and the Republic, and was 'convinced' to retire when such efforts became unfashionable in the Cold War environment.


Born in 95 BNE on the Apationagtus homeworld of Apheria, Aporyan was born into the same family as the future President of the New Cyrannian Republic, Apaltar. Aporyan himself is Apaltar's uncle, though the relationship between the two became irrevocably estranged when their political ideologies began to diverge upon the Rise of the Empire. Before this however, their family was a noble family on Apheria's southern continent, well known and well respected throughout the Federation of United Worlds for their skills as diplomats and traders. Aporyan's brother was the count of his noble family, a fact that Aporyan often came to resent but as he grew older, he began to see that his skills as a diplomat were more advanced than his skills as a nobleman, resulting in his departure from Apheria to the Galactic Capital Orbispira.


Aporyan, Cassynder, Vemer and Apollo declare peace.

Upon the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Aporyan's influence on Orbispira and his support for the newly revealed Tyrómairon resulted in his promotion to the position of Grand Mandator of the Mid Rim, a title which Aporyan graciously accepted and the people of the Mid Rim generally supported. Throughout the Dark Times, Aporyan rarely left the borders of the Mid Rim, or indeed his luxurious palace on Apheria, but held strong views about giving Apollo amnesty and making peace with the Republic in Exile in the Quadrant Galaxies, largely due to the fact that he knew his nephew was a leader there. Thus, when the New Republic was formed, Aporyan was supportive and would often be called upon by the Emperor to deal with these Republicans for this reason.

In 04 NE, Aporyan travelled to Lianna station in the Quadrant Galaxies, where he talked with Apollo, Ram'Lendila and Aidan Collins about the future of the Cyrandia Cluster. He was also asked by Ram'Lendila to bring a motion to the Emperor to dissolve the Nim-Glaré Concordat, a prospect which Apoyran disagreed with. Later in the year, he travelled to the Neutral Zone on the border between Imperial and Republic space to negotiate peace with Taros Cassynder and the Confederacy of Free Planets, though there were many problems facing these talks.

During the fifth month, Aporyan attended the Rambo State Visit when Emperor Tyrómairon visited Empress Ramashe again in person. Afterwards he joined the Emperor in visiting various Rambo planets before returning to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

In 13 NE, in the midst of the Cyrannian Cold War, Apoyran was 'persuaded' to retire by his fellow Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius, who felt that his efforts to promote dialogue between the Empire and the New Republic were unpatriotic. Aporyan thus retired to his homeworld of Apheria, while his title as the Mid Rim's Grand Mandator passed to Siron Tarkolis of Coraaxas.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Aporyan is often considered by those who meet him as a kindly old soul who desires nothing but peace and prosperity for his people and those of the Empire. Therefore, he was often considered one of the Grand Mandators least likely to support an armed invasion against potential Imperial enemies or even the sort of machiavellian politics that the Empire employs when dealing with other civilisations. He is however fond of the comforts that as a member of an Apationagtus noble family, he grew used to over the course of his life, to the point where some consider him to be old-fashioned and out-of-touch. Nevertheless, Aporyan is a popular man amongst those he governs and a strong supporter of the Emperor, viewing the enigmatic sovereign as the greatest individual in Cyrannus' long history. As seen in his numerous dealings with the New Cyrannian Republic, Aporyan is considered a Republic sympathiser by many of his colleagues.



Green faceWhat an honour it is to serve.

  • Emperor Tyrómairon: The galaxy is a better place under your rule.


Blue faceCan I help you?


Yellow faceHm, I have yet to make up my mind about you.


Orange faceHmph.


It was my pleasure working with him during the meeting on Lianna. Quite unlike the stories you hear about the Imperials.

- Aidan Collins

His grasp of diplomacy and his dedication are admirable, to be sure.

- Apollo

Ugh, diplomats.

- Gaius Prentus

Ah Aporyan! I thought I smelled cakes wafting from the kitchens of the woodland critters that live in your hat.

- Erissare

A great and gentle man my uncle is, only misguided by the "Imperial" vision of peace and order!

- Apaltar



  • Aporyan was initially conceived as Apaltar's father, but this was changed when his page was being worked on.


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