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Peace is our imperative, not war.

- Apaltar

Apaltar is a male Apationagtus politician that served as the first President of the New Cyrannian Republic. Born on the Apationagtus homeworld of Apheria in the Cyrannus Galaxy, he later migrated to the Quadrant Galaxies and helped establish a Republic colony on the planet Apatalore. When he became Count of Apatalore, he grew in influence, but refused to accept the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, but kept the location of his world and people safe from the Empire's grasp, ultimately becoming a member (and later the leader) of the Republic in Exile.

During the third year of Imperial Rule, Apaltar aided Apollo in establishing the New Cyrannian Republic, ultimately being elected its first President. Apaltar firmly believes the Republic should seek allies and way to live in peace with the Empire instead of bringing conflict to the colonies. Apaltar was succeeded by Senator Nexarón Valkistair in 08 NE.


Early History[]

Apaltore, the colony that Apaltar established.

Apaltar was born on the Apationagtus homeworld of Apheria in 44 BNE. Apaltar was born into a family of great importance to his family's country on Apheria with his father being a count. As the Count's only offspring, Apaltar was in the running to be his successor. However, as he grew older he wasn't intent on remaining on Apheria, instead being captivated by the stories of the stars. On the eve of his twentieth birthday, his father died suddenly, leaving Apaltar with the position of Count. With such a powerful position, Apaltar was chosen by the Government of the Cyrannian Republic to lead a new colony being set up in the Quadrant Galaxies. After much thought, Apaltar agreed.

Count of Apaltore[]

Apaltar travelled to the newly established Cyrannian colonies in Quadrant 82 along with a large population of his fellow Apationagtus, who remained fiercely loyal to their noble Count. When he became the Count of Apaltore, he immediately began a friendship with many senators from both the Cyrandia Alliance and Rambo Nation, the most notable of these friendships being with the young Senator Chuinaylia of the Chinawyka. Under his leadership, he helped put his small colony on the map as one of the most influential planets in the Cyrannian colonies. His influence led many to believe that he should become a Senator, but Apaltar refused, believing that the Senate was ineffectual. Instead, the Chinawyka known as Adelheidis became senator, a figure that Apaltar disliked. Luckily, Apatalore was spared any conflict in the Great Cyrannus War, though it suffered some economic setbacks as a result of increased prices.

Senators in disagreement. Apaltar can be seen on the left.

When the Great Cyrannus War ended, Apaltar was puzzled that the Republic was replaced by an imperialist Empire. Apaltar didn't know how to react but when his heavily Cyrandian people expressed their outrage, he decided not to join it. Only a few hours after hearing the news, he travelled to Rambo Nation in an attempt to end the closing of the Quadrantia - Cyrannian wormhole. He addressed the Rambo Senate and claimed that not everyone in the URC declared the Rambo as traitors. He was backed up by his friend Chuinaylia and the Chairman of Ivalaé. The discussions lasted two hours and the harsh words of his former allies wounded Apaltar greatly. After the discussions, Apaltar returned to Apatalore where he oversaw the creation of the Republic in Exile under the leadership of his rival Adelheidis.

Tensions with Adelheidis[]

arresting Adelheidis

During the second month of 03 NE/06 AQF Apaltore was visited by Mer Mirea who requested an audience with Adelheidis. He welcome her at Apaltore and invited the Libertus inside his palace. He talked to her at a large and richly decorated balcony- a place Apaltar like to invite visitors. He first expressed his surprise that the senator had found the Exiles, to his surprise she said she was no senator of the Imperial Senate anymore. When she asked for aid against the Empire, Apaltar replied he had no interest in war but assured her he had his support.

After she left Apaltar began wondering if he should seek out his "former" allies again, perhaps Chuinaylia or even the Hutters could be of any aid. It would be risky, but better than to ask outsiders from beyond the Cyrandia Cluster. A few weeks later, in third month of 03 NE/06 AQF Apaltar was present at Adelheidis her office when Crispy- Adelheidis her lover arrived to meet with her. He looked at Crispy with great suspicion and didn't trust the Zazane. Both didn't knew that Apaltar managed to record their meeting- overhearing their plans to get rid of the Count himself and possibly start a new Republic under their rule, which in his eyes would surely lead to another war.

Contacting Rambo Nation

After Crispy left Apaltar faced Adelheidis with his Trucinex guards and arrested Adelheidis. The next day, Apaltar summoned the Republic's news service to the new capital on Apatalore where he announced Adelheidis' plot and her arrest. He also announced plans to contact Rambo Nation and to seek recognition from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, thus ending hostilities between the two civilisations.

Leader of the Exiled Republic[]

Apaltar and Apollo meet!

A few days later, he contacted Rambo Nation and was greeted by Empress Ramashe, Marscalcus Kya and vice-admiral Ramcard. He expressed his hopes in ending hostilities and open peace and trade negotiations. To his surprise the Rambo representatives were a bit hesistant with their answer- though Ramashe agreed to meet with Apaltar to discuss the terms. Pleased Apaltar stopped the holo-transmission and began searching for ways to contact others of his intentions, and to find a way to contact the Empire without being invaded the next day.

The Cyrandia Conference

A few days later, Apollo- former president of the URC arrived to meet with the Count. It seemed Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation asked a favor from her friend Apollo and he complied. The Count invited Apollo for diner, and during it they discussed various matters and expressed their hopes in rebuilding a new republic. Much to Apaltar's delight Apollo agreed to help the Count and after saying their goodbyes, Apaltar was sure that Apollo could lead his people into another Republic with allies like in the days before the Empire. Later on, during the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF, Apaltar was present during the Cyrandia Conference where he was proud of Apollo tyring to bring unity, understanding and peace among the differant races and empires of the Cyrandia Cluster. During the meeting he tried to reason between some who were sceptical, though the Hutters seemed unimpressed and not to reason with. After the two sessions he met with the Hutter Ambassador and Ramashe in person.

Ramashe, Apaltar and the Hutter Ambassador in conversation

During the conversation he grew annoyed by the sceptical Hutter ambassador who claimed they were somesort of unofficial triumvirate. When the Hutter ambassador suddenly had to leave as he was informed that an incident had occured in Hutter territory. Later that day, in noon Apaltar watched Apollo's final speech and the official word that the New Cyrannian Republic had been formed.

After the national anthem was played, Apollo came down from the balcony and shook Apaltar's hand, as he was to become the first President of the New Republic.

President of the New Cyrannian Republic[]

Suthra introduces the designs that will shape the Republic Starfleet for years to come.

One of his first acts as the President, he named Apollo as his Proconsul- effectively making him the second in command of the New Republic and the main ambassador to Rambo Nation. Soon after, Apaltar was busy setting up the goverment, with senators coming to his aid and pledging loyalty to the New Cyrannian Republic, like Ramthrace, Baloa Magalen and Mer Mirea- who soon became part of his unofficial "inner circle", the main advisors for the president.

After setting up the goverment, Apaltar began setting up the navy for the Republic- with appointing Cretacea as the supreme commander. At the same time he appointed Val Suthra and Laege Shavalera as the two fleet admirals. Under directions from Apaltar the fleet admiral Suthra aided in the designs of many of the starships that would lately shape the newly formed Republic Starfleet, including the highly advanced Phoebus-class Star Destroyer, the Ares-class Assault Frigate and the Odyssey-class Exploration Cruiser.

He later asked Apollo to speak on the New Cyrannian Republic's behalf to the Rambo Senate. Apollo did so and managed to return with news that the old "sister state" alliance was still in place. Pleased Apaltar began looking for other allies within the Quadrants. Later on he gave permission to the Ermitant to live among the New Cyrannian Republic when they were forced to leave their homes in the Cyranai Galaxy by force thanks to the evil Bisistar. Though he was pleased with them joining, he wasn't really pleased with the fact that it angered some of the native Quadrantians and hoped the Ermitant could find peace among the New Republic.

Apaltar attending the groundbreaking ceremony on Mou'Cyran.

Several weeks later, Apaltar was relieved when Helo Roslia and the crew of the CRS Aeolus managed to discover a new capital for the New Republic on Mou'Cyran. For the groundbreaking ceremony, Apaltar was joined on Republica One by Apollo, his children, Ramashe and various ambassadors and watched as the Proconsul symbolically began the colonisation of the planet. However, to his shock, a fleet belonging to the Regellis Star Empire appeared in orbit over the planet and charged weapons at the planet. Luckily however, the timely intervention of the Regellian Empress prevented any bloodshed.

The Republica is launched by President Apaltar

After returning to Apaltore, the president was informed of the so called Draconid Act. A decision by the Rambo Monarch, Empress Ramashe who allowed the Draconid to expand their colonial presence as well as to aid the Rambo Navy in patrolling Rambo space. Apaltar frowned upon it and was unsure whether he agreed with her or not, perhaps he should meet her in person once again to question her about it.

During the sixth month of 03 NE/06 ATC, Apaltar christened the CRS Republica and handed over command of the ship to fleet admiral Willelmus Cretacea. The fleet admiral visited Lianna station where he together with Rambo Nation captain, captain Rambas discovered that the attack at Saxhveel Station was not the Rambo's doing, instead the Icolian Assemblage were behind the attack. The following cooperation between Rambas and Willelmus was encouraged by Apaltar, who feared an armed conflict with the Rambo was prevented in the nick of time. Several weeks later, the Republic suffered an unprovoked attack by a new military alliance made up of the Regellis Star Empire and the Jenassian Regency known as the Rihanae Pact. Under the command of Admiral Tai'Rex, the Pact's joined fleet attacked and destroyed the CRS Pacem in the Imperial Neutral Zone, later sending the Republic an ultimatum to cease all subterfuge in Regellis and Jenassian space. With many senior admirals pushing for war, President Apaltar refused to declare a war with recent troubles at Mou'Cyran and the renewed fragile cooperation Rambo Nation. Instead Apaltar agreed to fortify the Republic's borders against this new threat.

New Cyrandia Wars

Apaltar deep in discussion with other MCA leaders.

Later on, during the second month of the New Cyrandia Wars, Apaltar was informed by Apollo of his visit to the Delpha Coalition of Planets and his meeting and support for Emperor Wormulus II to show solidarity with his old allies. Apaltar was happy with being on the good side of the DCP, but was hesistant to give them military aid. Afterwards he looked forward to Apollo's news about a second conference held on Lianna-station. Several weeks later, Apaltar, Apollo and Ramashe agreed to form a new organisation of neutral civilisations to restore peace and order to the Gigaquadrant. Soon, the Mou'Cyran Accords was signed on Mou'Cyran, containing the signatures of much of the Gigaquadrant's powers. Shortly afterwards, other complication arose with the increased hostile encounters with the Rihanae Pact and a disturbtion of a peace treaty between the Confederacy of Free Planets, the Empire and the Republic by the Cyrannian Syndicate. The state visit of emperor Tyrómairon to Rambo Nation with the subsequent appointment of Ramashe to Grand Mandator worried Apaltar even further, such a political act made the relations with the Rambo even more complicated now that its monarch became part of the Imperial government.

Later on, during the fourth month he called upon the meeting to combat the Bisistar who had invaded the Coru Secundus sector, the massive allied fleet rallied to the defense of the New Republic, resulting in the massive and devastating Great Battle against the Bisistar. Near the end of 05 NE, he grew worried about a diplomatic incident at the Rambo Capital concerning the health being of his Proconsul, Apollo. His worries were soon focused elsewhere when he supported and gave his consent to participate in the successful War for Capricaerón and the Siege of Vasuband.

The year 06 NE was a rather quiet year for the president where he began considilating the position of the Republic as the Cyrannian Cold War rages on. He used the relative peace to rebuild that what was damaged and improve the wealth being of his citizens, as well improving and strengthening the Republic Starfleet. In 07 NE, Apaltar decided to neglect to run for another term in office, resulting in the hotly followed Election of 07 NE, where the two politicians Nexarón Valkistair and Raesa decided to run for candidates. The election was eventually won by the Trucinex senator, who was inaugurated in 08 NE when Apaltar officially stepped down from the office of the presidency.

Retirement and end of legend[]

The now former President Apaltar retires to his home on Apatalore to tend to his vineyard, able to look back on a fruitful and very successful presidency that set down the foundations together with his Proconsul for the New Republic. Though Apaltar enjoyed his withdrawal from the political arena, he grew concerned about the increased tensions with the Galactic Empire and hoped the now new president Nexarón Valkistair could succeed where to Apaltar's regret he was unable to do, to repair the trust and cooperation they had with Rambo Nation and open a front together against the Empire.

Apaltar moments before his death during the Second Battle of Lianna

In 15 NE, Apaltar watched in horror when Mou'Cyran was destroyed by the Empire at the beginning of the Second Great Cyrannus War, completely destroying the Republic's leadership. Though retired, he vowed to do what he could in the fight to come.

Apaltar later found himself at Lianna-station in an effort to save his people from Imperial hands. With fleet-admiral Laege Shavalera, a Republic fleet and various Rambo ships of officers who didn't want to submit to the Empire they faced the Empire during the Second Battle of Lianna. Apaltar was horrified to learn that the Imperials boarded the station and turned the cannons of the Rambo station on the Republic/Rambo ships. Seeing his hopes being destroyed, Lady Astrosia and commander Vitiian Rax. As the bridge was sieged and captain Nexul Tohon was executed by Astrosia, she used her telekenetic powers to lift Apaltar in the air while cutting off his air. She was, however stopped by commander Rax who voiced her disgust. Seconds later Apaltar was executed by Venatorius who pluneged hiw own blade through the former presidents heart.

Physical Appearance[]

Apaltar is similar in appearance to other members of his race, having a mixture of dark blue and black skin with a red colouration on the features on his head. He is considered rather small compared to other Cyrannian races, reaching 2.7 metres in height. As a figure of great importance, he often wears a very noticeable outfit including a red suit with dark grey patterns as well as a large hat made using the same material.

Personality and Traits[]

Apaltar is considered by his people to be an honourable and noble leader who has the best interests of his people at heart. However, some claim that Apaltar shows preference for his own people, though Apaltar denies these claims. Apaltar dislikes power and war hungry individuals and believes that war can be avoided in most cases by sitting down and talking. Unlike many Republic loyalists during the Dark Times, Apaltar believes that peace with the Empire is possible, which was one of the reasons why Apollo saw him as the natural leader of the New Republic in these hard times.



Green face.pngHello, how are you?


Blue face.pngIt's a pleasure to know you.


Yellow face.png...


Orange face.pngHmph.


Stay out of my way.

- Adelheidis

I've heard good things about him.

- Apollo

Nice hats.

- Agent Nu

More rebels? Hmpf.

- Tyrant

He seems to have the right idea in his head, unlike some people

- Drakow

He had quite a lovely voice. Very dedicated to his goals too.

- Alessa Ultanos

A honorable and peaceful Apationagtus. I wish him luck with him and his republic ... for our all sake.

- President Draicon

He may be a proficient leader, but my top hat is far better looking than that mess on his head. Republicans truly have no style.

- Rivergron


  • Apaltar was created by Dinoman82, though Cyrannian created his page.
  • Apaltar is the first Apationagtus character who gained an individual page.
  • Cyrannian surprised Dinoman82 by making Apaltar President of the New Republic!



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Preceded by
Inaugural holder
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20 Novemex, 03 NE - 2 Ianuaria, 08 NE

Succeeded by
Nexarón Valkistair

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