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May your sword of light defend us all in the darkness to come!

- Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, Lord Regent of Rambo Nation

Aoirtae Valaeris is a female Ortella, who serves as the Grandmaster of the Aldárae Order, having distinguished herself as one of the greatest heroes of the New Republic along with her best friend Kara Inviá, due to their exploits during both the Cyrannian Cold War and the Second Great Cyrannus War.

The daughter of parents killed by Panthrea slavers, Aoirtae managed to escape a life of servitude as a young girl by stowing away on a starship bound for the remote Outer world of Andustar. There she remained until her sixteenth birthday, when she was encountered by the crew of the Auethnen Raptor, and became an apprentice to Master Ryen, discovering her natural abilities with the Valin'uvalyë. Training under Ryen, in addition to the mysterious Du'utahrovin, both masters saw in Aoirtae and Kara a new hope of standing against the rising darkness of Tyrómairon.

During the Battle of Aldár in 11 NE, Aoirtae fought against the Phaedric Lord Venatorius, and later destroyed Morgandaûr, ensuring the foretold rise of the Lord of Light to stand against the darkness of the Empire. Alongside Kara and the Last Nagith Vanikaimar, Aoirtae became a key participant in the events leading up to the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, during which she encountered her sister Caranye, with the two becoming allies in the fight against the Empire. Standing as a sentinel of the Aldárae Order, Aoirtae and her allies stood ready to defend the New Republic as the Second Great War erupted across the Gigaquadrant.

During the calamitous conflict, Aoirtae and Kara proved instrumental in the defeat of Tyrómairon at the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, though suffered the loss of Vanikaimar and Ryen during the conflict. After the end of the war in 26 NE, she was eventually chosen to serve as the Grandmaster of the Order, guiding the Aldárae into a new golden age, with Kara ever at her side.


Early Life[]

Ryen: "So young Aoirtae, tell me about yourself."
Aoirtae: "What's there to tell? I was born, I was kidnapped, life was hard and now I'm here."
Ryen and Aoirtae during their first meeting

Aoirtae was born on Orbispira in 06 BNE, to the Valaeris family, which also included an older sister named Caranye. Instead of remaining on the galactic capital, Aoirtae's parents would travel across the Outer Rim, though the chaos caused by the Cognatus invasion of the Core resulted in the outer systems of the United Republic of Cyrannus to suffer from an increased number of raids by criminal cartels such as the Panthrea Slaver Guild. During one such raid, the ship carrying Aoirtae's family was attacked by a group of Panthrea slavers, though Aoirtae managed to escape.

Though she spent much of her early life under the impression that her parents were killed by the slavers, she discovered during the Great Battle of Orbispira, that they were instead killed by the Phaedric Lord Venatorius, acting under the orders of the Dark Lord Tyrómairon, who had hoped to recruit the powerful girl into his ranks. However, when Venatorius sensed only sadness, and not darkness, with the death of her parents, he deigned not to recruit the young girl, instead leaving her to what he assumed would be servitude under a Panthrea whip.

However, Aoirtae managed to take advantage of her small size to smuggle herself onto a starship bound for another sector of the Outer Rim. She soon arrived on the frigid planet Andustar, beyond the borders of the United Republic of Cyrannus, where she would spend both her childhood and her teenage years struggling to adapt to a harsh lifestyle. In order to stay alive in the wilderness, Aoirtae became a proficient hunter, utilising a self-made energy bow to hunt the large mammalian gnastor in addition to trade with the native Andustarans and occasionally off-worlders.

Mysteries of the Aldárae[]

New Beginnings[]

Despite all the horrible stuff that has happened to me over the past few days, this is the first time I feel like I truly belong.

- Aoirtae

In 10 NE, soon after her sixteenth birthday, Aoirtae had a mysterious vision in which she saw elements of the future passing before her eyes. When she awoke, she caught sight of a landing star freighter at a nearby landing platform. Overcome with lonelyness, Aoirtae was desperate to escape Andustar, seeing the freighter has a chance to finally escape. Though the condition of the ship initially led her to believe that it belonged to smugglers, it soon became apparent that it was a New Cyrannian Republic scouting and spy ship seeking to negotiate the establishment of a listening post on Andustar. Aoirtae introduced herself to the crew, which consisted of Kara Inviá, Master Ryen and a Mon Nahdar named Munalur.

Aoirtae hunting gnastor on Andustar.

Ryen sensed something in the young Ortella and managed to convince Captain Inviá to allow her to use the ship, the Auethnen Raptor, to escape Andustar. Aoirtae spent the next two days on the vessel, where she quickly befriended the three crewmembers with her gregarious and humorous nature. She made the biggest impression on Ryen, who revealed his past as a student of the Krassio as well as her attunement to mysterious energies which permeate Cyrannus. Aoirtae did not believe the old Osteola, claiming that she was simply a "worthless hunter from the ice plains".

During their conversation, the Raptor was attacked by an Imperial patrol led by Inquisitorial Justiciar Vandalion. Captain Inviá commanded Aoirtae to man the laser cannons of the Raptor, where she used her skills with aiming to destroy an Imperial fighter. However, just as the Raptor was about to flee into hyperspace, she was forcibly translocated to the Inquisitor's ship, where she faced interrogation by the insidious Basileus.

Captured by Vandalion, Aoirtae revealed to him that she was merely a passenger on the Raptor, falsely informing him that she knew nothing about them when asked about Master Ryen. Quickly, she became increasingly more aggressive when confronted by the detestable agent of the Empire, giving her name as Iovera IX and laughing in his face when he claimed he would gain the information he needed through less pleasant means of interrogation. Frustrated, Vandalion abandoned the questioning and travelled to the infamous world of Vurdon, home to mines used by the Empire to punish political dissidents and terrorists. Aoirtae was horrified by what she saw, hundreds of slaves - many of them children - being used by the Empire to mine the planet's worthless natural resourses.

Aoirtae takes up Ryen's blade against the Inquisitor.

When Vandalion handed her off to the planet's processing team, Aoirtae began to feel a build up of energy within her. With her eyes filled with determination and resolve, she finally unleashed her power, blasting away the nearby Imperials just as the Auethnen Raptor arrived to rescue her. The sheer level of energy she released caused her to collapse to the ground. By the time she awoke, Master Ryen was engaged in a deadly duel with Inquisitor Vandalion.

Though Ryen effortlessly deflected the Inquisitor's attacks, his compassion was exploited by Vandalion, who gravely injured the Osteola when he attempted to rescue some young slaves. Just as the Inquisitor was about to kill Ryen, Aoirtae took up the Osteola's blade and used it to deflect Vandalion's attack. At peace in the moment, Aoirtae aggressively pressed her advantage, eventually using her power to throw the Inquisitor to the ground. Unwilling to sink to his level, Aoirtae, Ryen, Kara and many slaves escaped Vurdon on the Raptor.

Escaping through hyperspace, the Raptor managed to avoid Imperial sensors and soon arrived in Republic space. Chatting with Kara, the young women discussed the loss they both felt when they were young, Kara's father and their shared connection to something larger than themselves, and perhaps larger than the galaxy itself. Now fully healed, Ryen offered Aoirtae a place as his pupil, informing her that at last hope is beginning to shine throughout the cosmos, a galaxy unwilling to live under the tyranny of the Empire and their foul Phaedric agents. Aoirtae gladly agreed, claiming that despite the events of the previous few days, her time on the Raptor was the first time she truly felt like she belonged somewhere. Ryen revealed that their new destination was the unknown world of Aldár, where Aoirtae's destiny would truly begin.

Student of Ryen[]

The Final Trial

You have faced great trials, young one. Are you ready to face what lies ahead?

- Unknown

Over the next year, Aoirtae and Kara would make their home in an ancient temple on Aldár, where they would train daily under Master Ryen, who utilised many of the training techniques utilised by the Krassio, the legendary warriors who trained him. Almost four years after arriving on Aldár, Aoirtae received a vision while training with Kara, with a deep voice telling her to travel to the Peak of Ages for a "true test". The next morning, Aoirtae voyaged into the wilderness of Aldár toward the Peak. As she walked, she encountered a small Yodian known as Aenaró, who joined her for much of her trek.

Aoirtae speaks with Du'utahrovin.

Intrigued that the Yodian knew her name, Aoirtae and her new friend travelled to the summit, where Aenaró remained, prompting Aoirtae to continue alone. On the Peak, she encountered the mysterious dragon Master Du'utahrovin, who shared his wisdom with Aoirtae before directing her into a nearby cave for her final trial. Though Aoirtae was initially hesitant, the kind nature of Du'utahrovin convinced her that she was destined to experience the mysteries of the cave.

Travelling into the cave, Aoirtae was confronted with the horrific spectre of the Phaedric Lord Venatorius, who challenged Aoirtae to a duel. Igniting her blade, Aoirtae was seemingly outmatched, but managed to gain the upper hand by blasting the spectre into the wall of the cave. When she recovered, she travelled to another chamber of the cave, where she was confronted by the image of her parents. Though she knew them to be dead, she attempted to embrace them, only to pass straight through them.

Nevertheless, her mother and father expressed their love and pride in their daughter, before telling her that she'll never be alone. As she began making her way to the cave's exit, she encountered a mysterious energy field, which guided her toward one final trial. The voice, which exuded calm and wisdom, expressed his faith in Aoirtae's abilities, telling her that only she could decide her own path in the future. As she neared the cave's exit, she experienced a vivid vision of the future, which ended with the Dark Lord Tyrómairon pledging to destroy both the New Cyrannian Republic and the Aldárae Order.

Battle of Aldár
Aoirtae: "An Oikoumene? How do we defeat an Oikoumene?"
Du'utahrovin: "Perhaps we cannot, young Aoirtae. Perhaps it is not our destiny to defeat him. Perhaps, all we can do is awaken the one who can."
―Aoirtae and Du'utahrovin

When she emerged from the cave, Aoirtae was shocked to find Kara, Ryen and Master Aenaró awaiting her alongside Du'utahrovin. The Aldárae began to discuss the coming darkness, with the voice from the cave telling Aoirtae that they needed to travel to Aecor to retrieve the Zevian Skull. Though Ryen was sceptical about the logistics of reaching the Skull, given the Rambo and Cognatus presence on Aecor, Kara managed to contact her father, Apollo, who organised passage for the Auethnen Raptor to the Quadrantia planet. When they arrived, Aoirtae met Apollo, Kara's brother Laoi Cretacea—who was smitten with her, the Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, Doctor Dané Elenya and the Cogsangui warrior Rtas'Shagili.

Aoirtae approaches the Zevian skull.

Within the chamber of the Zevian Skull, the group bickered about Aoirtae's plan to bring the Skull to the Aldárae Temple as the voice suggested, though ultimately Rambarth agreed to let Aoirtae approach the Skull and investigate it. When she did so, she received another vision, in which the temple was sacked by unknown dark forces. Just as she informed the others, they were all translocated by the Skull all the way back to Aldár, where darkness had indeed found them.

The temple was under siege by Venatorius, Meketanor and Morgandaûr, in addition to Morgandaûr's servants Lana Yrel and Trashnak, with the latter two engaging in a vicious duel with Aoirtae, who fought alongside Master Ryen. However, when Ryen was injured in combat with Morgandaûr, Aoirtae, distracted by the loss, was approached by Venatorius. The Phaedric Lord ignited his blade when he failed to persuade Aoirtae to join him, with the two figures engaging in a vicious duel as the temple crumbled around them. Though Aoirtae put up a great fight, she was ultimately overpowered by the dark Phaedric Lord, who gravely injured her before blasting her unconscious into a wall.

Though unconscious, Aoirtae was seemingly revived by the arrival of Master Du'utahrovin, who unleashed his full power, forcing Venatorius and Meketanor to retreat, weakening Morgandaûr enough, along with Ryen, Apollo and Rambarth, to destroy his magical shield. As Morgandaûr struggled to regain his power, Aoirtae approached him, firmly announced the end of his reign of terror and stabbed her blade through his chest, killing one of the greatest threats of the Cyrandia Cluster.

Aoirtae stabs Morgandaûr.

With the battle over, Aoirtae listened as Du'utahrovin recited an ancient Oikoumene prophecy which seemingly foretold the events which had just transpired. Filled with a sense of purpose, Aoirtae finally approached the Zevian Skull and was transported to another plane of existence, where she encountered Apolithanatár, the Lord of Light and Aoirtae's guide from the cave.

End of the Cold War[]

You have come far, young one, though there is still far to go. The Republic will not be alone in hearing your message. Know that, my friend. Know that the Vector of Order felt my return, as I felt his. His weakness has always been hubris—an arrogance which diminishes wisdom. Nevertheless, do not underestimate him. His followers will show no mercy in their march to victory, but never give up, Aoirtae, no matter how dark things seem.

- Apolithanatár

Meeting with Apolithanatár, Aoirtae was caught off-guard by the Oikoumene's kind and friendly demeanour, quite unlike her image of a haughty and enigmatic Ultraterrestrial. Though behind his kind words, Aoirtae could sense a deep sadness in the Lord of Light—attributable to his actions deep in the ancient past of the Oikoumene and the conflicts between the Vectors of Chaos, Order and Light. When they returned to Aldár, Aoirtae was shocked to discover that what had been mere hours for her, had been two years in her own reality—14 NE. Reunited with Kara Inviá and Ryen, Aoirtae and Apolithanatár were brought before the Ethelnór Aldaráe, which rejoiced at the long-awaited return of both Aoirtae and the Lord of Light.

After the meeting, Apolithantár thanked Aoirtae for giving him the chance to atone for his sins, before dematerialising to watch over the Aldárae as it struggled to become a formal organisation. Before she could catch her breath, the Aldárae received a transmission from Apollo, whose ship had been ambushed during a top secret diplomatic mission to the Rihanaen homeworld of Rihanae. Joining Kara and the ancient Nagith warrior Vanikaimar, Aoirtae travelled aboard the Auethnen Raptor to Apollo's last known coordinates. There, they discovered that his ship had been attacked by a Rihanaen warbird, which promptly decloaked and began firing on the Raptor.

Aoirtae watches as Ryen declares the Aldárae Order reborn.

Due to Vanikaimar's quick thinking, the trio managed to board the warbird, where they rescued Apollo, Dané Elenya, Gorf and the deactivated chassis of the Adjunct. However, before they could escape, their route was blocked by Inquisitor Vandalion. The Basileus taunted Aoirtae, before launching a vicious duel, which due to Aoirtae's weak state in the aftermath of the Battle of Aldár, resulted in her defeat. Just as Vandalion was about to strike her down, they were rescued by Vanikaimar, who took Vandalion prisoner to stand trial on Aldár.

Arriving back at the temple, Aoirtae watched as Vandalion revealed that the Inquisition had destabilised the Rihanaens and that the Empire had deployed a superweapon known as Ecimaex close to the Neutral Zone with the New Republic. However, to her shock, Vandalion, whose actions had apparently been orchestrated by a mysterious Imperial Grand Admiral, escaped from custody. Nevertheless, though left with the horrific revelation that the Empire was gearing up for war, Aoirtae was instrumental in convincing Senator Apollo to make the case for an alliance between the Aldárae Order and the governments of the New Republic, the Lianna Initiative and the Polar Crystal Alliance. Before retiring for the night, Aoirtae bore witness to Ryen officially declaring the Aldárae Order reborn—to stand as the sword and the shield of the Republic against the Empire.

Aoirtae duels Vandorallen during the Battle of Ambar.

Battle of Ambar
Vandorallen: "How tiresome, though some things require a more direct approach. Now, my Aldárae friends, will you accompany us back to Orbispira as captives? Or corpses?"
Aoirtae: "Now, there's a coinkidink. You have a similar choice."
Vandorallen and Aoirtae

During the first week of 15 NE, Aoirtae was summoned to the chamber of Ethelnór Aldárae to hear the words of Apolithanatár, who told them of the oppression of the Miluiel, who had been enslaved by the Empire. Aoirtae and Kara, along with Vanikaimar, Northarr, Arasah Nui and Janice Ross all volunteered to free the Milueil from their homeworld Ambar. Coordinating with the Cyrandia Resistance, the team landed on Imperial occupied Ambar, working their way through the dense forests toward the command and control centre, built by the Oikoumene countless millennia prior. There, they met with Radiant-of-Stars-Eternal, who informed them that the Phaedric Order had arrived to stop them.

On the pinnacle of the centre, they were confronted by a group of Phaedric Lords including Cythonia, Vandorallen, Mezzadriel and Meketanor, sparking a vicious battle for control of the facility. Using superior skill, Aoirtae managed to defeat Vandorallen and disarm Cythonia, though was caught unaware when Thaurlathrón arrived. Being the first time she had encountered a Mornûnendur, she was terrified, though became heartened when Apolithanatár arrived, driving Thaurlathrón and the Phaedra off. With the battle concluded, the Miluiel were freed from the Emperor's grasp and Aoirtae and her friends returned to Aldár.

Second Great War[]

Opening Stages[]

It's not hopeless! We have this one chance and if we fail, we doom the galaxy to an eternity of tyranny and oppression. We can't let that happen.

- Aoirtae

Over the next two weeks, Aoirtae experienced intense and foreboding nightmares which she would later identify as premonitions, showing her glimpses of the future. After a particularly vivid vision, she attended a joint Aldárae and Republic mission to destroy the Ecimaex Wall, a system of superweapons placed along the Imperial border which had the potential to cripple the Republic fleet. Along with the other members of the Aeuthnen Raptor crew, Aoirtae met Agent Rhavor Aldorón and Commander Corvexa, who joined the mission. Boarding the Star Destroyer Silencer in the midst of the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, Aoirtae and the team fought their way through the ship, set explosive charges and captured Captain Nirndal, the commander of the vessel.

Aoirtae and Vandorallen duel on the bridge of the Silencer.

However, they were prevented from escaping by Vandorallen, who had sought revenge on the young Ortella since his defeat at Ambar. As the others escaped, Aoirtae remained to hold him off, in full expectation that she would sacrifice her own life to save theirs. However, she felt a suddenly clarity of the Light during the duel with Vandorallen, taking advantage of his hubris and striking him down. She regrouped with the others and escaped the Silencer as they detonated the charges, destroying the Ecimaex Wall and ending the first battle of the Second Great Cyrannus War with a Republic victory.

While docked with the Republica, the crew of the Raptor learned that Mou'Cyran, the capital of the Republic, had been destroyed by the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, killing billions of innocents. Once again, she was called upon to take the fight to the Empire by destroying the station. During the subsequent Battle of Cadian, Aoirtae boarded the Battlestation to destroy its hypermatter reactor, only to discover her long-lost sister Caranye Valaeris. Though sceptical, given Caranye's occupation as an Imperial agent, Aoirtae felt that she was telling the truth and agreed to escort her off the station. Due to their efforts, the Battlestation was destroyed before it could target another world, much to Aoirtae's relief. On the voyage back to Aldár, Aoirtae reconnected with her older sister, informing her of her life's journey and learning about Caranye's in turn.

Aoirtae, Kara, Ross and Vanikaimar face Lord Echoriax.

When she arrived back at Aldár, Aoirtae received a Delta-class starfighter as a gift from Ryen, who warned her that the coming days would be dark, but through resolve and perseverance, that they would win the war. During the first weeks of the conflict, Aoirtae took her starfighter, which she named Stardust, to participate in the Coru Secundus Campaign, where she piloted it during the First and Second Battles of the Mou'Cyran Remnants. Later during the campaign, Aoirtae and Vanikaimar were deployed to aid Republic forces in the Battle of Coruanthor, operating out of Fort Angoul. Making use of her powers, Aoirtae destroyed large numbers of Imperials during the battle, telekinetically smashing a damaged skyscraper into an Imperial troop movement.

During the closing stages of the battle, Aoirtae and the rest of the crew of the Auethnen Raptor were ordered by President Apollo to seek out aid for the Republic amongst the Cyrandia Resistance. When they arrived at the Resistance fleet in the Neoarkan Sector, Kara convinced General Sesoka and the leaders of various other Resistance cells to send ships to aid the Republic at Coruanthor. When the allied reinforcements arrived, Aoirtae and the crew of the Raptor travelled to the Coruanthori Capitol, where they hoped to rescue the planet's council.

However, they soon discovered that the council had been murdered by the Phaedric Lord Echoriax, who engaged Aoirtae, Kara, Vanikaimar and Janice Ross in a deadly, though inconclusive duel. After attending the victory celebration at the end of the battle, Aoirtae and her friends returned to Aldár to await their next mission.

Aoirtae, Vanikaimar, Durzhan, Dawishi and Thr'aloy fight against Harbinger.

Joining Master Daera Rosalayne to the Borealis Galaxy, Aoirtae, along with Vanikaimar, joined the Republic war effort there against the Empire and the fiendish hordes of the Corruptus. During the Second Battle of Haeren, Aoirtae and Vanik joined Durzhan, Commandant Darwishi and Thr'aloy on the surface of the battle, where they did battle against the entity known as Harbinger, eventually defeating him and securing an allied victory. After the Corruptus were defeated, Aoirtae flew a starfighter during the climactic Battle of Tilranni's Vigil, and returned to Aldár once the Empire had been driven out of Borealis.

New Republic Civil War and the Rise of Mar-Júun
Caranye: "What would you suggest? Let them call for help? Ask them nicely to let us in?"
Aoirtae: "There's always an alternative to killing."
―Caranye and Aoirtae argue during the mission to the Rambo Capital

When Praesator Adelheidis openly rebelled against President Apollo's government, sparking the New Republic Civil War, Aoirtae was called upon to aid in her defeat, lest the Republic find itself once again defenceless against an overwhelming Imperial attack. Travelling on the Raptor to the Space in Between with Munalur and Vanikaimar, Aoirtae met with representatives of the Rambo Loyalists, and together, they formulated a plan to liberate Kara's brother Laoi from High King Rambert Ramveral's clutches on Pauvenris.

Meeting up with Kara as a New Republic fleet besieged the planet, Aoirtae worked alongside Qurik Skell of the Void Combine, and together, they managed to liberate Laoi from the planet. Returning to Aldár after the conclusion of the battle, Aoirtae and Kara were informed by Master Du'utahrovin of a great darkness looming on the horizon. Steeling themselves in face of the coming threat, Aoirtae prepared for a dark chapter in the history of the galaxy.

The team confront the demonic Rambert.

Joined by her sister Caranye, Aoirtae and the crew of the Raptor soon prepared to join a Republic strike on the Rambo Capital, in order to bring Rambert to justice for his crimes against the cluster. Suspecting that Rambert was being manipulated by the Phaedric Lord Ruuvitharn, whom they had encountered on the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation during the Battle of Cadian. Infiltrating the Royal Palace, however, they soon discovered that all of Rambert's recent acts of madness were orchestrated not by Ruuvitharn, but by the Corruptus assassin Mar-Júun, who sought to establish a new demonic power in Cyrandia. Battling against Rambert, Aoirtae played a key role in destroying him, putting an end to the once proud Serindia. However, their victory was short-lived, with the Empire arriving to take full advantage of the situation—capturing the Capital and dissolving Rambo Nation. However, Aoirtae and her friends managed to escape, and returned to Aldár.

Upon her return, Aoirtae and the crew of the Raptor bore witness to the return of the Oikoumene Chaneonix, who told them of the Spear of Ramielum, which had the power to sever Mar-Júun's link to the Corruptus, and thus render him mortal. Travelling to the lost Vida'Rranlora archive world with Kara, Vanikaimar and Gorf, the group ultimately discovered the Spear and returned it to Aldár, but not before Mar-Júun arrived to steal it, robbing the Aldárae of the chance to put an end to his reign.

Eventually joined by Hachiman, he revealed that the Spear had been taken to the Nightmare Region, where the Corruptus intended to destroy it. There, Aoirtae and her friends fought against Harbinger once more, and managed to destroy him, and retrieve the heavily damaged spear. Travelling to Vasuband, Aoirtae fought bravely against the Corruptus, though was severely injured by Xae Vandon, and forced to sit out the rest of the fight. After the battle, which resulted in Mar-Júun's destruction at the hands of Kara, Aoirtae healed on the Cognatus flagship Herald of Retribution—though her confidence was severely damaged.

Fall of the Twelve Worlds

On Aldár, Aoirtae sank into a period of hopelessness, longing for a life away from the war. She began to think back at her life, abandoned as a child, forced to grow up on a frigid ice world, and work to form the Aldárae Order in opposition to the greatest evil in the history of the Cluster. One evening, while relaxing with Kara in the woods, they were happened upon by Apolithanatár, who bolstered her confidence and spoke of the ancient history of the Oikoumene, and of the rise of the Dark Lord, and his love for Libraé. The next day, Aoirtae scheduled a training session with Master Ryen, requesting that he teach them some of what he had learned from Master Kroc and the Krassio of Tigris. Before Ryen could introduce them to the Civatron Cainak, however, Kara received word that the Twelve Worlds were under siege by the Empire.

Apolithanatár chats with Kara and Aoirtae.

Joining Kara and Ryen on the Auethnen Raptor, the trio arrived to find Capricaerón completely under siege, though thanks to Munalur's piloting, they managed to land on the surface. There, the trio made their way into the tunnels beneath the city, where they encountered the Phaedric Lord Agonânghâsh—a foe beyond both Kara and Aoirtae's strength to overcome. Stepping forward, Ryen ordered his students to stand back, and when they did so, sacrificed himself to destroy the vile Phaedric Lord. Though overcome with grief, both Kara and Aoirtae continued toward the Presidential Pyramid, where they planned on rescuing Apollo, and his few remaining supporters, as the New Republic collapsed around them.

Aoirtae and Kara arrived at the Pyramid just as the Empire cornered Apollo's administration, with Kara repelling them all in a show of force which impressed even Aoirtae. Making their escape aboard the Auethnen Raptor, the Republic loyalists made their way to the flagship Republica, where they formed an unofficial group known as the New Republic Remnant, aiming to restore democracy to galaxy, and ultimately defeat the Empire. After the meeting, Aoirtae and Kara returned to Aldár, where they planned on informing them of Ryen's unfortunate fate.


Battle of Cognalorilos and aftermath

The female mammal is impressive.

- Selanius

Upon returning to the Remnant's fleet in a nameless star system beyond explored space, Aoirtae and Kara were immediately directed to pilot one of the recently discovered Advanced ReCon starfighters, to lead the charge against an Imperial dreadnought attacking the Republic fleet. With Kara in the gunner seat, Aoirtae deftly piloted the starfighter against the dreadnought, ultimately disabling the interdiction field and allowing the Remnant to escape.

Aoirtae and Kara capture the Phoebus.

Once the Remnant arrived at Cognalorilos, Aoirtae and Kara escorted Apollo to the surface, where he met with Primarch Acetenus. During the meeting, the planet suddenly came under attack by the Great Star Dominion, led by the fiendish Imperarch Zillum. While Aoirtae and Kara managed to escort Apollo back to the Republica, the ship was already overrun with Mortalitas warriors. Hearing a familiar voice in her head instructing her to use her mind, rather than her weapon, Aoirtae unleashed the power within and defeated an entire platoon of Mortalitasi warriors.

However, when she arrived on the bridge with Apollo, she was swiftly incapacitated by Zillum, and was saved only by the sacrifice of Gorf. When she woke up, she learned that Admiral Cretacea had been killed and that much of the Remnant's fleet had abandoned Apollo. In the weeks that followed, the Remnant eventually discovered a safe haven on Harborage, beyond the rim of Cyrannus. There, Aoirtae and Kara continued to train in combat with one another in anticipation for the revival of the war against the Empire.

Several weeks later, Aoirtae and Kara were instructed by Admiral Roslia to travel with Captain Nerazachi to the shipyards of Coruaan and steal the Phoebus-B, a newly constructed Phoebus-class Star Destroyer. During the mission, they successfully captured the ship with Nerazachi's aid, and were witnesses to the opening strikes of a new rebel force known as the Revanchists, which attacked the shipyards simultaneously.

Mirror Universe
Aedanius: "You want my help, is it? And why would I possibly help an aggressor from an alternate universe and his glorified livestock."
Aoirtae: "Maybe because she can turn you inside out if you continue to mouth off."
Emperor Aedanius and Aoirtae

Shortly thereafter, Aoirtae was present at a strategy meeting on Harborage, during which she was surprised to see that Apollo had decided to attend, having come to terms with his loses and newly committed to defeating the Empire. She volunteered her services to Admiral Roslia, who was preparing to lead a mission to make the Remnant's existence known to the galaxy by attacking an Imperial supply station rimward of Coventina. As the Aeolus prepared to enter the wormhole to Cyrannus, it was suddenly transported to an alternate reality ruled by a fascistic organisation known as the Libertan Imperarchate.

Aoirtae attacks the Imperarchate guards.

Along with Roslia, Aoirtae formulated a plan to steal one of the Imperarchate's starships, which possessed the capacity to travel between realities. Travelling to Coruaan, they were soon contacted by the mirror counterpart of Apollo, who commanded Roslia to join him on his flagship, the Valigon. Sneaking aboard the flagship with Roslia, Aoirtae hid in the maintenance tunnels, before leaping into action to defend Roslia against the Imperarchate guards. Unequipped to deal with the powers of an Aldárae, the guards were swiftly dispatched by Aoirtae, who, along with Roslia, apprehended Aedanius and forced him to agree to their demands.

Travelling on the Emperor's escape craft, Aoirtae, Aedanius and Roslia boarded the Valiant-class Star Destroyer Terroriser, and managed to escape back to the prime universe just as the fearsome Xeranbha began invading Imperarchate space. After reuniting with the Remnant, Aoirtae recommended keeping Aedanius in the brig, to prevent the powerful and crafty emperor from falling into the wrong hands.

Hero of the Republic[]

In Iunius 20 NE, a massive Imperial fleet commanded by the fiendish Grand Admiral Tector Decimius dropped out of lightspeed over Harborage, and immediately began besieging the planet. Escaping to call for reinforcements on the Auethnen Raptor, Aoirtae and Kara travelled back to Aldár, and immediately sought out Du'utahrovin. Perched on his mountain, Du'utahrovin listened to the words of his old friends and bowed his neck to them, allowing the knights to climb on his back and take flight. Through the power of the Light, Du'utahrovin summoned a portal and flew through, teleporting instantly to the skies of Harborage.

Perched on the dragon's back, Aoirtae and Kara held on tightly as Du'utahrovin dived down from the heavens and unleashed his power on the advancing Imperial Heavy Armoured Assault Transports, destroying an entire forward line before they could open fire on the Remnant's base, before destroying the personal command walker of Decimius himself, ridding the Republic of the Empire's foremost military tactician and helping secure an unexpected victory.

With news of the Republic Remnant's stunning victory spreading across the Gigaquadrant, Apollo quickly gathered a coalition of allies and launched Operation Liberty, hoping to capitalise on their new advantage and reclaim Republic space from Zare'Anne's puppet government. Both Aoirtae and Kara were assigned to Admiral Roslia's flagship, the CRS Resolute, and piloted Advanced ReCon starfighters during numerous battles, including the Second Battle of Coruaan, proving instrumental in liberating the vital system.

Aoirtae fights against Vandalion one final time during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds.

Eventually, allied forces pushed on to the Twelve Worlds themselves, with Aoirtae and Kara leading the ground invasion on occupied Capricaerón. During the intense fighting on the road to the Presidential Pyramid, Aoirtae was confronted by Vandalion, and engaged in one final duel with her old enemy. Though powerful, the Inquisitor was no match for the power of a fully trained Aldárae Knight, and fell to her blade. With the Imperial defenders broken, Aoirtae, Kara, Vanikaimar and their allies breached the Presidential Pyramid and attempted to apprehend Zare'Anne, who instead gave his life rather than face justice.

Though the planet was liberated and the Republic restored as an independent government, an attack by the rogue Imperial admiral Irenwen levelled the capital city, and the following evening, while ruminating on the damage caused to the Republic, Aoirtae, Kara and Vanikaimar were visited by an apparition of Master Ryen, who consoled his old friends and gave them the strength to continue the fight against the Empire, which they could all sense was reaching its inevitable conclusion. The following day, the most ambitious military operation in Republic history was launched, to liberate the galactic capital Orbispira from the Empire's clutches.

Aoirtae, Kara and Vanikaimar before the mission.

Due to Vanikaimar's knowledge of the planet's ancient history, it was decided that Aoirtae, Kara and Vanik would travel to the shell of the old Senate Tower and activate a Great Beacon to rally the galaxy's free peoples against the Dark Lord. Though initially unsure whether the plan would work, Ryen's words of encouragement did much to embolden Aoirtae, who set about preparing for what would be the greatest confrontation of her life.

Clash of the Fates[]

Tyrómairon: "Join me, Aoirtae. Take your rightful place at my side. You will be the Emperor's Hand, and enforce peace throughout the galaxy. It is the only way to save your friends."
Aoirtae: "The Darkness has no hold over me! I am an Aldárae!"
―Tyrómairon and Aoirtae

With Munalur piloting, the Auethnen Raptor utilised command codes provided by the Imperial spy Tereyn Aeresius to safely land on Orbispira, on a skyscraper overlooking the Senate Tower. Along with Kara, Vanikaimar and the ancient Oikoumene AI known as the Adjunct, Aoirtae ziplined to the Senate, and along with her companions, travelled to the lowest levels, where the Great Beacon was housed. There, the Adjunct sacrificed himself to activate the Beacon, allowing Kara to broadcast Apollo's message of defiance in realtime across the galaxy, rallying the free peoples of Cyrannus to join in the final confrontation against the Dark Lord.

By the time the message was cut short by the Emperor, the Aldárae found themselves suddenly surrounded by the assembled might of the Phaedric Order. Realising that they could not defeat them all, Vanikaimar elected to hold them off while his two companions escaped to join the battle beginning across the planet. Though heartbroken by the loss of their friend, Aoirtae and Kara escaped the Beacon chamber and onto the streets of the capital, which had already begun to rise up against the Empire.

Aoirtae unleashes the power of the Darkness on Lord Moranonúngur.

In the skies above, their attention was suddenly caught by the sight of the flagship Resolute crashing to the surface, pulled from the battle in space by the Dark Lord's hand. Fearing for Apollo's life, the two Aldárae immediately rushed toward the crash site, only to be intercepted by the Phaedric Lords, Venatorius, Archaxys and Moranonúngur, battle-scarred from their battle with Vanikaimar. A titanic duel erupted between the Phaedra and the Aldárae, and in a moment of weakness, Aoirtae succumbed to the lure of the Darkness, unleashing dark lightning from her fingertips and obliterating Lord Moranonúngur where he stood. Shocked by her act, she was unable to prevent herself and Kara from being paralysed by the combined effort of Venatorius and Archaxys, who captured the Aldárae and brought them to the Sanctum of the Emperor, to await their fate.

Brought before the Emperor by Venatorius, Aoirtae and Kara were welcomed by the Dark Lord, who seemed amused by their conviction of the rightness of their cause. Revealing that he had captured Apollo from the Resolute's crash, Tyrómairon also revealed his true plan—to gather all his enemies in one place, and subjecting them to the might of the lost Mornûnenduran fleet, hidden in the Galactic Core for countless eons. Sensing Aoirtae's anger and raw power, Tyrómairon goaded her by revealing that the Phaedric Lord was responsible for the death of her parents, with the intention of recruiting the young girl to serve as one of his acolytes. Defiantly, Aoirtae telekinetically seized both her blade and Kara's and attacked Venatorius, and while she was initially outmatched, she remembered Ryen's training and let her anger slip away, countering Venatorius' attacks with a mastery which caught him off-guard. With a downward slash from both blades, Aoirtae defeated her old enemy, though it was the Dark Lord who ended his life, rejecting his plea for mercy by telekinetically crushing his throat.

Aoirtae, Kara, Libraé and Apolithanatár fight Tyrómairon.

Impressed by her power, Tyrómairon, with Apollo and Kara at his mercy, offered her a place within the Mornûnenduran regime as the Emperor's Hand, responsible for bringing peace to all the universe, though Aoirtae immediately rejected the offer, leaping at the Emperor with her blades aimed for his chest. Amused, Tyrómairon used the Darkness to swat her aside, claiming that she had the spirit of an Oikoumene. His offer rejected, the Emperor proclaimed the end of the age of defiance and unleashed his full power on Apollo, only to find that his attack was negated by a new arrival—Libraé, followed closely by Apolithanatár himself.

Though the two Oikoumene attempted to redeem their old friend, Tyrómairon spurned their entreaties and attacked, almost overpowering his old foes. In their moment of desperation, Aoirtae and Kara heard the voices of the friends they had lost in the fight, including Vanikaimar, Ryen, Kara's mother Gianne Inviá and her grandfather Willelmus. Rising up against the darkness, Aoirtae and Kara joined their Light with that of Libraé and Apolithanatár, giving them the power to outmatch Tyrómairon. Biding farewell to his friends, Apolithanatár ensnared Tyrómairon, and together, both lost their corporeal forms, ending the nefarious reign of the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur.

With the confrontation concluded, Aoirtae, Apollo and Kara were transported to the surface of Orbispira, discovering that the people of the galaxy had been successful in forcing the Empire to retreat from their capital, securing a decisive win for the New Republic. After a final word with Libraé, who along with Chaneonix, decided to recede from the galaxy, Aoirtae and Kara embraced one another, eager to celebrate the beginning of a new future.

War's End[]

Kara: "We did it."
Aoirtae: "We did it. Here's to the future, Kara."
―Kara and Aoirtae, after the Battle of Orbispira

After the Battle of Orbispira, Aoirtae and Kara travelled to the site of the Great Beacon, and gave Vanikaimar's body a proper burial in the ancient traditions of the Nagith, with Aoirtae claiming his spear in order to honour his legacy. In the years which followed, Aoirtae and Kara were hailed as the Battlemasters of the Aldárae Order, and continued to fight in numerous battles for the New Republic against the collapsing Empire, which began to dissolve into numerous competing factions of Imperial Remnants. In 26 NE, both stood alongside Apollo during the peace negotiations which brought the war to an end, allowing the partners to enjoy peace for the first time in their short but eventful lives.

Grandmaster of the Order[]

Guiding the Aldárae[]

In the years following the end of the Second Great War, Aoirtae became a renowned diplomat, travelling the galaxy alongside Kara, exploring new worlds and helping the Aldárae Order grow from strength to strength. In recognition for her efforts, the Ethelnór Aldárae appointed her as the Grandmaster of the Order in 37 NE, while Kara received the similarly prestigious title of Keeper of Válrenaeum, responsible for expanding the Order's knowledge of the cosmos. During these years, Aoirtae's wisdom was sought after by successive Presidents of the Republic, as well as other leaders from across the Gigaquadrant, though she was always on hand to assist the young pupils of the Order, having lost none of her wit and charm even as the years tempered her once brash nature.

Physical Appearance[]

Aoirtae stands at 1.7 metres tall, the average height for an adult female Ortella. She has hazel eyes and a light shade of skin tone with a very slight gold tinge shared by many of her people. With long brown hair, Aoirtae often let it hang loose during her years on Andustar, though when she began training under Master Ryen, she began tying it in a ponytail in order to avoid it getting in the way during training. Though she has a slight figure, Aoirtae is well-built thanks to years growing up in the harsh tundras of Andustar, which also aided in the development of her considerable athleticism and natural agility. Though considered to be beautiful to fellow humanoids, reptilians and saurians who have no sense of humanoid beauty standards often consider her to be small-featured and unadorned.

Aoirtae, ready for action.

During her years on Andustar, Aoirtae generally wore a thick armour self-made from the resources of the tundra, with strong shoulder pads, an insulating body suit and a set of ear protectors against the frigid cold. When she joined the crew of the Auethnen Raptor, she began wearing a swash-buckling outfit in order to further her disguise as a smuggler, while as a student of Ryen, she often wore a red and black body suit, which provides her with extra agility during battle.

During the Second Great Cyrannus War, Aoirtae let her hair grow out, though still occasionally tied it up to prevent it from getting into her eyes during battle. She also began wearing a form-fitting attire, olive-brown in colour, with gold and brown trimmings, as well as an armband on her upper right arm, holding various battlefield rations. Attached to her waist was a pair of energy blades, with one emitting a purple beam, and another, gold. During combat, she generally prefers to use the purple blade, though against particularly difficult foes, she dual-wields the weapons, holding the golden blade in a backhanded grip, and the purple in a more traditional stance. Toward the end of the conflict, she also began modifying her purple blade to be a double-bladed weapon.


Personality and Traits[]

Aoirtae: "I'm no one. I'm just Aoirtae, a worthless hunter from the ice plains. Nothing more."
Ryen: "You have a kind and humble heart, Aoirtae and more power than you know."
―Aoirtae and Ryen

Aoirtae is a kindhearted, confident, witty and somewhat brash young woman who, despite her age, has amassed a great deal of trying experiences which have painted her view on life in the galaxy. Despite spending both her childhood and her adolescence in a harsh environment, namely the tundras of Andustar, Aoirtae did not become cynical or world-weary, instead possessing a great deal of generosity and optimism in the face of impossible odds. Nevertheless, her time eking out a life on Andustar was not a happy one for the Ortella, who dreamed of visiting far off planets beyond the atmosphere.

Aoirtae, blade at the ready.

Despite her lack of experience with regard to interaction with other individuals, Aoirtae nevertheless developed a witty and playful personality much to the amusement of her friends on the Aeuthnen Raptor. Nevertheless, she can still be quite socially awkward during conversations, epitomised when she insulted the Auethnen Raptor in first of her crew when she first encountered them on Andustar. Aoirtae quickly befriended Kara Inviá and Ryen in particular, with the young Libertus being the first person around her own age that she has ever talked to.

Even after knowing them for barely a week, Aoirtae was fiercely loyal to the crew of the Raptor, refusing to give Inquisitor Vandalion information about them, even if doing so may have prevented her execution. Similarly, she later became devoted to the preservation of the New Cyrannian Republic and the Aldárae Order, and though she may not always adhere to the guidelines set out by the Order, she is determined to prove herself worthy of the great responsibilities placed on her.

Aoirtae lacked confidence in her abilities during her early life, remarking to Ryen that she was merely a worthless hunter from the Andustaran ice plains. However, when she learned that she was attune to the powerful forces of Light, she grew more confident in her skills with both energy manipulation and with her energy blade, which emits a purple beam of light, symbolising her appreciation for light and the power and warmth of a star. As a knight of the Aldárae Order, she similarly displayed a level of confidence which came to be respected by fellow members of her order, though it waned considerably when she was injured in battle against Mar-Júun during the Second Great War, followed closely by the death of her mentor Ryen. Confiding with her best friend Kara and Apolithanatár ultimately led her to regain her lost confidence.

Aoirtae is quite stubborn and headstrong, even to the point of risking her own life to protect her friends or the innocent against impossible odds. Quick to anger, she hides an inner ferocity that is feared by her many enemies.



Green face.pngI got your back.


Blue face.pngNeed something, buddy?

  • Apollo: He's got my vote.
  • Aenaró: How can I help, master?
  • Laoi Cretacea: He's cute, though saurians aren't my cup of tea.
  • Dané Elenya: Without you, I doubt we would have been able to access the Zevian Skull.
  • Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo: I'll try to be more... diplomatic.
  • Rtas'Shagili: I'll always remember your sacrifice, mandible mouth.
  • Janice Ross: A gifted healer.
  • Herquie: He seemed capable on the Borealis Front.
  • Qurik Skel: I hope we can help your people find a new home.


Yellow face.pngErr... do I know you?

  • Thr'aloy: I heard Loron were weird, but you take the cake.


Orange face.pngJerk!


Red face.pngFinding new bad guys to beat up? Fun, but I should really find more relaxing hobbies.

  • Tyrómairon: Sick freak. The galaxy without you? Nifty.
  • Vandalion: Every time you flout your importance? Remember who beat you.
  • Venatorius: Next time, I'll be ready.
  • Meketanor: You'll pay for what you did to Rtas.
  • Morgandaûr: Your sorcering days are over!
  • Mar-Júun: We defeated Harbinger, and we'll defeat you.


Your destiny shall be grand, my young student.

- Ryen

It's nice to have a friend on the Raptor that actually has something in common with me. I've always got your back.

- Kara Inviá

Next time we meet, the outcome will be quite different. You and your little band of heretics will be annihilated by the Empire's might!

- Vandalion

You defy forces beyond your understanding, primitive. You have lost the moment you opposed us.

- Thaurlathrón

Young, impressionable and desperate for a sense of "belonging." She is delusional if she believes herself to be special. The Empire will continue, or in the slim chance she does manage to end some other high-ranking official, I want her to watch the subsequent administrative collapse as a lesson.

- Geleriva Delsacrian

May your sword of light defend us all in the darkness to come!

- Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo

Filthy little mammal. Your blood is not even worthy of coating my daggers.

- Mar-Júun

I would rather not have to spend my time freed from the Neraida alongside children... but if I truly must, I may as well ensure she lives long enough to reach adulthood.

- Vanikaimar






  • Much like how Caranye Valaeris is based on Cyrannian's Imperial Agent in the Old Republic game, Aoirtae is based on his Jedi Knight.
  • While Apollo is Cyrannian's overall protagonist, Aoirtae will be his most accessible hero.


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