Anuatolian is a male Rambo Ancientia who serves as a Fleet Admiral of the New Republic Navy, having previously served in the fleet of the Ancientia Kingdom. Wise and intelligent, Anuatolian is one of the few Ancientia to escape the mysterious disappearance of his empire and is known throughout the Quadrants for his role as captain of the A.R.S. Impavid during the Intergalactic War. Experienced and sure of his capabilities and those of his crew, Anuatolian is the commander of the Republica Elen'Nanethian Defence Fleet from the Phoenix-class supercarier Eye of Horus.


Acientia Fleet 02

The Acientia Fleet arrives to aid the URC and the Rambo in there struggle with the Cognatus.

A wise and highly respected Rambo Ancientia, Anuatolian acted as a tutor and a mentor to the young Anciaddwia, growing very proud of the young officer when she received command of the Protector in the fleet of the Ancientia Kingdom. By the time the Ancientia first encountered the other civilisations of the Cyrandia Cluster, Anuatolian held the rank of captain, commanding the Impavid, serving as the leader of various task forces during peacekeeping operations amongst the Ancientian Worlds. Though he keeps the specifics secret from his colleagues, he was involved in the Clash of the Gods, during which he escorted and aided Anciaddwia when Artyris returned to the Quadrants. When their mission was complete, the god of the Ancientia, Horus, returned them to the Quadrants.

Upon meeting Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation, Anuatolian was assigned to the Cyrannus Galaxy, where he famously participated in the Fall of Scorpiae, where he aided in the evacuation of the capital Celeste from the invading Cognatus. It has been estimated that due to Anuatolian's actions, over fifteen million citizens of Scorpiae survived the war. As he was stationed in Cyrannus, Anuatolian remained after the 'Great Disappearance' of the Ancientia, retiring for several years on the Rambo Capital before joining the New Cyrannian Republic in 04 NE. Anuatolian's reputation and skill allowed him to quickly ascend to the position of Admiral by 09 NE and to Fleet Admiral by 12 NE, serving as the overall commander of the Republica Elen'Nanethian Defence Fleet from the Phoenix-class supercarier Eye of Horus.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A wise and capable commanding officer, Anuatolian's years of service have been to the betterment of both the Ancientia Kingdom and the New Republic, serving to the very best of his abilities in the hopes that he may bring about a better Cluster. A deeply religious man, Anuatolian prays daily to Horus, the being whose tangible presence he felt while involved in the metaphysical conflict known as the Clash of the Gods. And yet, despite his confidence in both himself and in his crew, Anuatolian hides a deep sadness, forever scarred by the disappearance of his people and the apparent demise of his culture and history. To Anuatolian, his service to the Republic serves to remind him of what he lost and what he still fights for.

As Anuatilian adopted the new Republic Navy uniforms, he refused to decorate his appearance with medal decorations or a cape.



Anuatolian in original appearance


Blue faceI believe I can trust them.


Orange faceBah!


A fine officer, responsible for saving millions of people on my world during the Intergalactic War. I will never forget that.

- Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine


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