Anten Rh'vaurek is a male Libertus admiral of the Imperial Navy, serving as the commanding officer of the Judicator-class battlecruiser Harbinger.

Formerly serving as the captain of the Imperial flagship Imperatore, under Grand Admiral Carandial, Rh'vaurek was promoted to the rank of Admiral during the Cyrannian Cold War, during which he earned a reputation as the Empire's foremost expert on the criminal underworld, resulting in his assignment to systems deep in the Outer Rim to oversee campaigns against the Cyrannian Syndicate. Becoming the Syndicate's most despised enemy, Rh'vaurek survived several assassination attempts, though such covert activities against him ceased when the Admiral ruthlessly put down a Syndicate fleet in retaliation.

During the Second Great Cyrannus War, Rh'vaurek was assigned command of the Harbinger—a powerful Imperial battlecrusier, and tasked with preventing enemy infiltration of Imperial space. An honourable and tactful man, Rh'vaurek takes tremendous pride in upholding the order of Imperial society, and is focused on maintaining that order even as the Gigaquadrant descends into war.


Rh'vaurek greets Carandial on the Imperatore.

A native of Orbispira, Rh'vaurek served as a commander during the Great Cyrannus War, seeing active service on the bridge of a Republic star destroyer during the pivotal Mid Rim campaign against the Confederacy of Allied Systems. After the end of the war, Rh'vaurek pledged his loyalty to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and worked his way up the ranks of the Imperial Navy, earning such distinction that he was awarded the coveted position as captain of the Imperial flagship Imperatore, serving as Grand Admiral Carandial's second in command. Though suspicious of the Basileus, Rh'vaurek nevertheless grew to respect Carandial's skills as a commander, particularly in the aftermath of the destruction of Admiral Chathanglas' fleet at the Second Battle of Abrion.

After the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, Rh'vaurek continued to serve capably as the captain of the Imperatore, before Carandial recommended his promotion to Admiral in 08 NE. Accepting the promotion in stride, and biding farewell to the Grand Admiral, Rh'vaurek was granted command of the mighty Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser Harbinger and tasked with weeding out the activities of the Cyrannian Syndicate in the untamed regions of the Outer Rim. Over the course of three years, Rh'vaurek became the Syndicate's most feared enemies, putting down their operations with ruthless efficiency and making safe countless systems under the Empire's crimson banner. Rh'vaurek continued to serve the Empire in this capacity during the first few years of the Second Great Cyrannus War, though was reassigned to stamp out remaining sparks of rebellion after the Fall of the Twelve Worlds.

Personality and Traits[]

An honourable Imperial patriot, Anten Rh'vaurek hails from a long line of Libertus officers that stretches back to the initial foundation of the Federation of United Worlds. The Rh'vaurek family were strong supporters of galactic centralisation, and thus celebrated the formation of the United Republic of Cyrannus in 53 BNE. Similarly, Rh'vaurek believed that the formation of the Empire at the conclusion of the First Great War would herald the arrival of a new era of galactic peace, and that the strong arm of the Empire would stamp out corruption and criminality the galaxy over. While Rh'vaurek would be the first to admit that such an ideal is overly idealistic, he nevertheless considers it his duty to ensure the prosperity of the Empire's citizenry by putting down rebellion, criminals and rival galactic powers with ambitions for Cyrannus which, in Rh'vaurek's view, would assuredly lead to chaos. As admiral, Rh'vaurek commands the respect of his subordinates, and among his peers, his voice carries such weight that even Grand Admirals are sure to listen when he speaks.




Blue face.pngAll hail the Empire!


Orange face.pngI will put you down.


I wish you well, Admiral Rh'vaurek. Your old crew on the Imperatore watch your career with great interest.

- Carandial



  • Anten Rh'vaurek was created in 2015, though he was expanded upon with the creation of this page in 2018.


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