Antagonar is a wandering extra-dimensional being who claims to be one of the greatest fighters ever seen. Formerly a servant of Emperor Zargoth, and the first of the 'weapons' of the Vyro'Ralza, he was betrayed by his master to the void, and since, has travelled around the omniverse collecting weapons. Antagonar likes to try and prove his 'manliness' by combating the omniverse' greatest warriors, and those he bests in battle, he takes their swords.



During the time of the First Ottzello Galactic War, the Empire of the Kralgon were experimenting with new biological weapons to use in the war. The creature was designed based on old epic creatures, and optimized to be stronger and tougher. The project, however, was abandoned in favour of advances in The System. Antagonar, after this, was kidnapped by Zargoth, and merged with a Vyro'Ralza soul. The result was a 5D being similar to Kolossus in power. The servant was an antagonizer to the enemy, and so was named Antagonar.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Antagonar was first put in service during the Second Borealis Galactic War. He fought briefly at the end of the Rise of the Xi'Arazulha, and was then withdrawn from the fight. Antagonar would later appear in the fake final battle, where he destroyed the Iron Fist and clashed with Sarec. When the team sent to Zargoth's realm begam climbing a huge mountain to get to Zargoth's throne, Antagonar chased them. However, he was stopped when Fostrak sacrificed himself to make him fall off the mountain. Antagonar disappeared in the shadows of the realm and was not seen again.

Antagonar was notably absent in the real final battle of the war for unknown reasons. Following the end of the war, Zargoth gave up control of Antagonar to Kolossus. He served under the Dominion of the Xhodocto, though not for long...

Ice Age[]

During the fifth year of the Ice Age, after Mass Armageddon, Antagonar was left without a purpose. Out of boredom, he challenged UNOC and Da Rogue Leedas to battle, offended he was not invited. Before it finished, however, Zargoth banished him to the void. Antagonar, though, was powerful enough to leave it, and decided to wonder around the Omniverse.



Antagonar is a typical tough guy. Always itching for combat, when he is called upon, he will face anything in combat to prove his manliness. He is typical for his love of combat, and considers a fight as a good thing. Antagonar is typical for enjoying his battle, and it is often a display of friendship to fight him one on one. He is also rather gentlemanly in ways.


Antagonar is typically a large, humanoid creature, whose colour is different to most Vyro'Ralzan forces, being a tone of red. Occasionally, he can be seen wearing shining armour, depending on which universe and timezone he's in. He often likes to hide his appearance in order to fit in, when challenging his foes. This means that his size, shape and race are completely independent of his 'true' form, as he changes them at best fit.


Antagonar has a collection of weapons from fallen foes. Firearms, swords and the like, he collects weapons from all parts of the omniverse and all parts of time. His collection is always growing, as he is always trying to acquire something better than the last. Antagonar prefers close combat, believing it to be more his style, though he can fight with any weapon.


Being associated with the Vyro'Ralza, he is capable of using incredibly strong Dark Chronoscopic powers, of hugely destructive proportions. Antagonar alone can take on sizeable enemy forces and fleets, being tough to kill by even the most veteran of heroes. Antagonar has defeated sizeable star cruisers in some cases with his powers. However, he prefers not to use them, as he sees his weapons are manlier.

One of his known abilities is his ability to spawn extra arms. These extra arms wield weapons, and he uses them to fight multiple enemies at once. He is also capable of storing his weapons away in pocket space, bringing them out whenever.



Blue face.pngLet's fight! Mano a mano!


Yellow face.pngA challenger, eh?

  • Kolossus - Once equals, and once master. I'm without words for you now.


Green face.pngUp for another round?

Hated enemies[]

Red face.pngThis is a fight I will only enjoy if I win...


It is only right that there is a god who thinks like me.

- Genrai Nal

You...serve me.

- Angazhar

As a former friend, I can say, you've made a terrible mistake!

- Kolossus

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I'm afraid it's time for you to join our party. And you sir, are going to be the main course!

- Santorakh

You have power, strength and skill, but without cunning you are merely a brute.

- Sarec



  • The creature was created by Xho, and was originally a new form of Vyro'Ralza, repurposed as a servant of Zargoth. It is the fiction, however, of Technobliterator.
  • Antagonar was reworked by Technobliterator after dissatisfaction with the character. His rework was based on Gilgamesh from the Final Fantasy series (the only character who appears in more than one game of the main series, who origianlly appeared in V).


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