Early LifeEdit

As an Alpha, Angrus Mortarius was educated at Princebridge, the Tyranny academy for teaching Alphas. He was always stronger , more agressive and smarter than all his classmates in the area. In everything they had to do he always performed better, even if just a bit. This was because of his prodigious natural talent and his incredible determination ,even greater than that of his peers. He graduated at the top of his class, his brain and his muscle having carried him to the top of the heap, on the tops of the beaten brains and battered bodies of the classmates he had beaten.


He was immediately granted an assignment as a Drakodominatus Berserker, and he had an incredible impressive combat record. Even with others of his group killed or incapacitated, he had the ability, to even though he was biologically dead sometimes to shoulder on and through all the pain and punishment defeat any enemy. Even if his body was ripped apart, his abnormal, even for Drakodominatus determination allowed him to keep life in his body in order to defeat any enemy. He led the forces in frontal charges in attacks that conquered the worlds of Trgus, Ytazc, among countless others, slaying many aliens along the way. High Command, for the first time, payed attention to a single individual, a single warrior who in such a short amount of time had demonstrated his monstrous prowess in combat.

Honor GuardEdit

In the shortest amount of time for any Alpha, Angrus Mortarius was assigned to the Honor Guard, an elite cadre of 1000 Drakodominatus Alphas who were among the foremost warriors in the entirety of the Tyranny. In here, he met people on par with him in skill due to their experience, but he did not let this deter him, and for every second in effort and training the others put into becoming a better warrior, he put in an extra millisecond. He honed his skills and talent in many battles after this, against some of the Tyranny's most ferocious foes and even though sometimes he was cast down by the technology of others, he soldiered on and smashed them into subjugation to the Tyranny.


Angrus Mortarius is constantly being transferred across Tyranny warzones. Generally, he is under Drachon Traktuv Mortvrak in the Ko'Sa'Va galaxy and helping the Fordanta against the sentinel menace. So far, he has killed more sentinels in battle than any other Dominatus ,even more than Traktuv himself, but the fact that he still has to prove himself in this elite cadre means that his promotion, even for a man of such prodigious raw power and skill he must wait until possibly he is promoted to rank of Drachon.

Aside from his duty as a warrior, along with his part time position as a theoretical physicist, Angrus is best known as the boyfriend of Medusa Heimdall, their heir to the throne of the Tyranny. Their relationship is due to the inbuilt biological attraction between them, calculated in a mathematical process in their cells so as to be able to produce top offspring. They have been courting each other for quite some time, and it is a known fact that sometime they will marry. Due to their statuses as the apex of the Dominatus Alpha and the Dominatus Omega, their love for each other is actually a bit higher than that of other Dominatus couples.


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