He exists. The god of all that is wrong; the progenitor of all that should not be. Death, anger, sin and conflict; the lifeblood of pain is what sustains his being. Change through chaos - division through all things material and immaterial. We are all his servants. We are all his pawns, whether we wish to be or not. We are him; he is us. Our darkest fears, our most hateful inclinations - and yet his malevolence stands beyond it all. As the swarms of the deepest crevasses of reality murmur beneath our feet, devouring and destroying as they go, they still gaze beneath them afraid that he will gaze back.

- Unknown

Theruskrayathos (Samut'angari: Demonlanguage), otherwise known as Angazhar is one of the Xhodocto, the lord of Tangent, and is revered in many demonic cults as the god of war. Generally perceived as an abominable entity with unparalleled malevolence, anger and vitriolic hatred for that all exists under him, Angazhar is the very incarnation of the most detestable and hateful attributes of the Xhodocto, embodying their unrelenting and indiscriminate nature and destructive power.

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Of the four Xhodocto, Angazhar is the most frequently mentioned in the history of the First Gigaquadrant. It is known that he of the four Xhodocto is the one that most frequently toils with the Gigaquadrant's populace, having been directly involved in the War of Ages and its subsequent wars afterwards. The first recorded action of Angazhar that is known to the First Gigaquadrant is the corruption of the Vi'Navitum, and in turn siring the Xi'Arazulha and the creation of the realm of Shard. Within the Tuuros Galaxy, Angazhar is regarded as both its creator and doom; the Zhulultu, the Ultraterrestrial precursors of the Tuuros Galaxy were driven to serve the Xhodocto by Angazhar's word, effectively bringing the First Gigaquadrant into a shadowy existence for billions upon billions of years. The Tuuros Galaxy gives the name Zahamantas to Angazhar among many other names, and is worshipped by the Vranntan Order and many smaller factions within the Galaxy that may be or not be aware of the identity of their god.

Angazhar is the very representation of the destructive subset; a quality of Chaos Energy that is concerned with the deconstruction and removal of all things that exist, and is revered by those who worship him as a war god, a destroyer god and a death god; Angazhar's very nature is reflected within his representation and thus those who follow him are often driven, almost mindlessly to serve no other end than the destruction and extinction of all in their path. Angazhar's ceremonial name, Theruskrayathos is a translation of the term That Which Is Aflame; as his followers often compare Angazhar's destructive nature to that of wildfire. It is also a name uttered by the Samut'angar, Angazhar's own creations that inhabit the plane of Inferno, who are also mental and physical representations of the seemingly infinite malice that Angazhar exudes.

Compared to the other Xhodocto, Angazhar is the most outwardly malevolent. Within the divisive scope, Angazhar polarises Santorakh and is paired with Draguros, and has no pairing within the substantive scope due to his staunch stance on destruction itself. Angazhar is the dualistic opposite of both Krathazhrukhal and Santorakh, and frequently their followers come into conflict with one another. Alongside Santorakh however, he and Angazhar are known as more malevolent of the two Xhodocto, whereas Krathazhrukhal and Draguros are seemingly neutral.

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Angazhar's motif is fire; entire planets and fleets are known to burn and rust away within the presence of Angazhar's manifestations, and his foremost avatar is a massive unblinking eye that is coloured in red and fiery blue, with a black pupil that is said to hold the abhorrent nature of Tangent within it. Of the four Xhodocto, Angazhar is the least likely to take on a lesser manifestation than that of the eye, however it is known that he has disguised himself in the past as The Benefactor during the Ice Age and possibly as many Zhulultu in history to steer those in power into a violent and chaotic path. Like the other Xhodocto, Angazhar has no true form.

Other manifestations of Angazhar have included an immeasurably vast cloud that consumed entire galaxies in its wake, as well as a colossal mass of serpentine abominations that tore down Heaven and destroyed the Obvia'Atra. His Tandava Manifestation, seldom used, was witnessed during the War of Ages as he destroyed countless battalions of the Seven Starr Alliance.

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A malevolent deity beyond the realms of the mortal and immortal, Angazhar is the very embodiment of all evil that exists. No being is truly capable of fathoming the endlessness of Angazhar's evil, even so that the most malign of entities to traverse the First Gigaquadrant and beyond fear Angazhar's wrath, as he too embodies their deepest fears. As the culmination of all evil, Angazhar is assumed to take amusement in conflict, although in truth there is no act heinous or abhorrent enough to truly please him. Those that worship Angazhar maintain the belief that he will not be satisfied until this reality and all realities that surround it descend into perpetual anarchy that sustains itself on bloodshed. Even that however may be considered apocryphal, as his own realm, Tangent - an infinite plane of destruction and hellfire does not appear to be enough.

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Red face "Motion cannot be without change; all things must transform."

  • Hez'Kalka - Forever growing is the number subservient to that which bows to none.
  • Orsik Corvosa - Divide, empower and overcome; only those that survive bear the strength to divide once more.
  • Koth'tallaz - Raze, burn and diminish; the essence of change is deconstruction.

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Red face "Amid calamity; I watch. I advance my hands into futures deleterious and anarchic."

  • Tuk Nijusi - Swim in the seas of calamity; drown or survive. I care not.
  • Axshuai - Conflict, bloodshed, war; you believe you have conquered fear?
  • Eosi'i - Live, die, live, die; you have not truly suffered death. Yet.
  • Umbyrvraxa - You believe you have found your solutions; you have only found more questions.
  • Qurik Skel - The progenitors call you home.

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...Whereas our radiant father, Hiroghain gives us these means to seize the opportunities laid in front of us, the celestial mother, Ikara presents us with obstacles along the way. Adversity in everything is a necessity, for otherwise success would feel like an empty joy.

- An excerpt from the Sacrosanct Word, a collection of Ezesi'i religious texts

I cannot fathom the depths of madness that would drive one to serve such a being. For the Destroyer owns those loyal to it no gratitude. Its pleasure is to watch you shed blood just as much as it is to watch you drown in the red tide thy spilt in its very name.

- Unknown

No force more beautiful and destructive than the force of nothing.

- Koth’tallaz

Of all the lords of the infernal chaos, Theruskrayathos represents the most primal thing civilization both follows and detests. Most would call him the avatar of destruction, war and havoc. But rather he is the nature of Chaos that is the force which returns things to entropy. A manifestation of the act of collapse. Does this make him evil, or merely an agent to prevent stasis?

- Sarec

Of the Eternal Lords. He is the one who purified me, tested me in torment, and blessed me for my determination. Destruction, upheaval and overthrow. Your name is Theruskrayathos!

- Maleus


- Fre'kloar

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