In this period of hardship, we must never falter, we must never give in!

- Senator Daerethal

Aneen Daerethal is a female Mon Nahdar who serves as the New Republic Senator representing the Angrenos Sector from the tropical planet Arnópalagira. A stately and disciplined woman, Daerethal has little time for political games and the less dignified aspects of democracy and instead serves the people of the Republic in whatever way she can. A strong believer in peace and order, Daerethal is uncompromising in the defence of the Republic and its allies and ultimately has little time for those who wish to appease the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

During the Cyrannian Cold War, Daerethal became affiliated with the Centrist political faction, which advocated for a strong federal government defended by a powerful military to stand against the Empire. However, she gained a reputation as a maverick who put love of the Republic above any partisan considerations, retaining close links with the Federalists and the Reformists in the Senate. Daerethal was one of a handful of senators to survive the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, later working with President Apollo to reform the government on the new capital Capricaerón.


Early LifeEdit

Born on her people's homeworld of Nahdar in 80 BNE, Aneen Daerethal was the only child of a well-to-do family of merchants beneath the planet's waves. Aneen was very close to both of her parents and was as such apprehensive about their decision to send their young daughter to a prestigious academy on Coruanthor when she came of age. Nevertheless, she ultimately found it to be a place of release and freedom from the expectations of her parents, who wanted her to follow in their footsteps as travelling merchants.

Quickly recognised as the most outstanding student in the academy, Aneen's years there would be marked with an impressive academic record as well as multiple trophies thanks to her inate talents in the Capricaerón sport of pyramid. Though she wanted to become a professional player in her youth, an unfortunate fall during a game in her final year caused to give up the sport upon leaving the academy, though the highly competitive Daerethal retained a keen interest in the sport. Upon graduating, Aneen returned to Nahdar for a year before planning on travelling to Orbispira. However, while on her homeworld she feel head-over-heels in love with a fellow Mon Nahdar named Isaqua who likewise had ambitions on the galactic capital. Isaqua and Aneen shared a potent sense of humour and often argued fiercely - though amicably, about any number of issues ranging from galactic politics to the layout of their shared home. After a summer of romance, Isaqua proposed to Aneen and the young Mon Nahdar accepted her.

That night, Aneen returned home alone and in the morning, received the devastating news that Isaqua was dead, killed by Mortalitas bandits during a raid on the settlement in which she had been living. Though in the midst of an emotional crisis, Aneen set out for Orbispira two days later. Coloured by the death of her love, Aneen did not enjoy her new planet of residance despite being a most efficient employee of the Senate of the Federation of United Worlds. After three years at the Senate, she returned to Nahdar, where she accepted a prestigious position at the planetary legislature.


The delegates meet on Lianna to discuss the situation.

After two decades working on Nahdar, a timeframe which saw the birth of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Aneen came into contact with her old superviser during her brief tenure on Orbispira, a female Mon Nahdar called Jin Elphar. Catching up with Jin over tea, Aneen was surprised and embarrassed when she proposed to the still bitter Daerethal. Aneen however, still bounded by her loyalty to the memory of Isaqua turned her down, only to finally relent after three decades of courtship during a stroll along a lake on Achiliquin. Though the marriage was cut tragically short upon the death of Jin in 10 BNE, the period was a time of great fulfillment for Aneen. Upon Jin's death, Aneen, who could not stand remaining alone on Nahdar, travelled into the Unknown Regions where she became a leader to a group of colonists seeking to settle on the tropical planet Arnópalagira.

Senator of ArnópalagiraEdit

In the intervening years, Daerethal witnessed the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus from afar, spending much of the subsequent three years rallying her people in defence of Arnópalagira, which for the time being was below the Emperor's notice. When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed in 03 NE, Daerethal was propelled to the position of Senator of the sector despite her better judgement. As Senator, Daerethal argued for the promotion of peace while simultaneously furiously campaigning against any attempts by her fellow public officials to appease the Empire's demands. Indeed, she came out strongly against working with the Empire against the Cyrannian Imperial State during the final stages of the New Cyrandia Wars, earning her a reputation amongst her colleagues as an unflinching force who does not suffer fools lightly.

Concordian Liberation

The citizens of Concordia face such a degree of oppression and cruelty that I dare not repeat the particulars in polite company. But suffice it to say, public executions for those who do not accept the Cognatus religion and other horrors are the norm. The planet and its people must be liberated. The Republic shall not deal with terrorists, which is precisely what they have become.

- Senator Daerethal

After the end of the war, Senator Daerethal travelled to the Quadrant Galaxies where she attended a meeting on Lianna Station involving representatives from the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, Rambo Nation and the Andormaru government in order to discuss the potential liberation of Concordia from the clutches of the Cognatus Empire. During the meeting, Daerethal argued with Andormaru representative AnPthak, who claimed that the Cyrandia Alliance would never be reborn due to the rise of the Empire three years prior, an event he blamed on the democratic tradition in Cyrannus.

Crisis in the Senate 02

The Senators are attacked by Agrehele.

Senate Crisis

You monstrous beasts!

- Aneen Daerethal to the terrorists during the Senate Crisis

In 08 NE, Senator Daerethal attended a breakfast meeting with several other members of the New Republic Senate, including Apollo, Ramdard Ramthrace and Raesa. During the meeting, a group of bounty hunters led by the rogue Imperial Intelligence agent Agrehele arrived, terrorising the delegates and executing Senator Lat'co'in while issuing demands to President Nexarón Valkistair. Unafraid of the terrorists, Daerethal called them "monstrous beasts" for killing Lat'co'in, only to be knocked out by the butt of a blaster. When Master Ryen arrived to rescue them, Daerethal was dazed, but managed to escape the Senate Building before it exploded. After the crisis, Daerethal agreed with the President's assertion that the Imperial government probably sanctioned the attack, though they would be unable to prove it.

Second Great WarEdit

In 15 NE, the Empire utilised the destructive power of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation to annihilate Mou'Cyran. Due to an illness, Daerethal was on Arnópalagira during the attack and was thus one of the few senators to survive the attack. When she found out, she was shocked to her very core and quickly travelled to Capricaerón to coordinate the restoration of the Senate with the newly appointed President Apollo. Three years later, she begrudgingly accepted the signing of the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat, and the surrender of the Republic during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, though only to protect the citizens of the Republic from the annihilation sure to be released by the Empire should they refuse. Nevertheless, from the shadows, Daerethal planned to support the New Republic Remnant with every fibre of her being.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aneen Daerethal is a Mon Nahdar female who is considered by many who meet her as quite prim and demure, rarely smiling or showing any emotion other than a common expression of harsh disapproval when faced with a person or situation she finds distasteful. Nevertheless, when in a good mood she can become quite jovial and cheerful, much to the surprise of those who know her. Aneen most commonly wears a traditional Mon Nahdar garb of her own design, complete with a small cape of the same sort.

Personality and TraitsEdit

An exceptional leader, Daerethal is wise, highly intelligent and exudes an aura of magnanimity, if occasionally tinged with an austere and sharp-tongued attitude. As senator, Aneen is held in great esteem by most of her fellow senators, her constituents and indeed the Republic at large, known for her frankness to a degree highly unusual for a politician. As such, Aneen does not tolerate political games made at the expense of the Republic and has been known to loudly criticise and turn cold toward senators which put themselves first, even if they share many of her own political views. Not afraid to speak her mind, Aneen can show a dry wit though can also be quite scathing while criticising those she dislikes, owing to her nature as not a particularly personable individual.

Nevertheless, Aneen has been known to become both warm and supportive in certain situations, dispensing a rare smile when the occasion calls for it. When faced with an argument however, Aneen can be both calm and collected while in other situations, her fiery temper can emerge particularly when the ideal of fairness that she holds so closely is threatened by her colleagues.

Aneen is a great supporter of former President Apollo, though is unafraid of speaking her mind or even lecturing the Libertus when she feels as though he acted against his principles. Nevertheless, Aneen has great faith in Apollo and the two have enjoyed a good friendship since the end of the Dark Times, with the Senator even agreeing to tutor his teenage children in her free-time, resulting in her taking a shine to Laoi Cretacea in particular.



Green faceGood evening.


Blue faceGood to see you.


Orange faceHarumph.


Red faceIncompetent idiots!


A worthy ally in the Senate. She is all too aware of the horrors of the Empire, as well as our duty to stop them.

- President Nexarón Valkistair



  • Aneen Daerethal is the first female Mon Nahdar on the wiki.


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