Anaxu Zatock, called by some "litenuant", "W.N.G.", "son of the heavens" and "Proyect Uberontonit" (Proyect Superior Being), is a litenuant of the ISS and the adopted son of Zein Zatock. He is known for being a multi-species genetic mutation and for being the only mortal who has spent most of his life in Solomon.


Proyect UberontointEdit

The Anaxu birth is shrouded in mystery and darkness, because he is the product of the top-secret project Uberontoint a clandestine project aimed at creating a true superspecies it was bladed fruit of the best of each species with which the USF has contacted.

The day that the project would be completed, something went wrong, causing the scientists running the project died due to the release of the enormous Anaxu essence powers, who possibly have died but for the intervention of a higher being, who will become into his adopted father.


The time spent in Solomon Anaxu is a mystery to most beings in the Gigaquadrant, although in theory should spend at least 10 years and then joined the Military Academy of the ISS. In this lapse of time is supposed to Anaxu underwent rigorous training by the Researcher, who trained him in the use of the essence. In fact it is unknown what Anaxu did during his time in Solomon, and that no being who is seen there, apart from Zein, Solomon has been out and has been reported to the intergalactic community.

After Anaxu had some control over his powers, was sent to the ISS Military Academy, where he graduated with honors as a lieutenant and was sent in full Attero Dominatus to lead a section of the detachment sent to Norma for the USF invasion.

Public LifeEdit

Anaxu reached public life with a message that Zein Zatock left his brother, speaking of a boy with a bright future and that would be the future of the Federation and possibly the entire Gigaquadrant. The next day Vankalian received his "nephew", which appeared without notice on the door of the Great General ship.

Vankalian helped Anaxu to go unnoticed, even while he was in the military academy. In January 2793, Anaxu was chosen to participate in the campaign Norma against the Tyranny. It was there that he found his first real friendships and his first real encounter with the harsh real life, out of the arms of his father and uncle.



Anaxu has characteristics of different species, giving it a rather unusual but somehow maintains a certain harmony and proportion in his face, which is curiously unexplained. Anaxu is a being of great size, though not as beefy as a Chibar or Kalixtus, being much more slender, a common feature among Giomus, like the long feathers emerging from his back.Anaxu skin has a bluish tint and from his head emerge two membranous plates that function as amplifiers for his auditory receptors.

Although it would be logical Anaxu appearance is quite well accepted by the general public, since the population of the Federation are used to meet different human-like. In fact Anaxu is considered by some to be a very attractive among females, is unknown position concerning it.


Anaxu tends to be melancholic, sullen and obsessive about his goals. His personality is possibly negative as result of his sad and complex childhood, the events of his birth and the lack of a father figure real and tangible. Anaxu can be friendly and sympathetic with his friends, but this is very rare, because he tends to get away from his loved ones, fearing hurt them with one of his fits of rage.

Another very important feature of his personality is the presence of multiple personalities in his mind, for unknown reasons these several multiple personalities take the control of his body when he is in a stress sitation. That have a secundary effect, when he is under the control of this entities, he become an extremely powerful being with the personality of a bloodlusty monster or an emotionless celestial being.


Anaxu used almost always amended the Federal Standard Armour, which by possessing less rigid solids and gives him more mobility and allows fast movement that more training many soldiers with him. Besides two viewers Anaxu also used similar to those of his uncle, that let him see at a greater distance and also in all the electromagnetic spectrum.

Among its armament includes standard weapons for a federal litenuant, T-900 blaster rifles, thermal grenades, invisibility cloaks, etc. and his weapon of choice, the Excecutor XT-A, a model designed by him sniper rifle, with which is able to deal him a target up to 6 miles away. He also has some charms designed by Zein Zatock, which can dramatically increase his strength, speed and power in the essence.


Originally Anaxu was unable to master his huge natural powers in essence, mainly because the project Uberontoint failed in his plan to create a being that naturally could dominate exorbitant amounts of essence. In quiet moments, Anaxu had almost zero power in the essence, but when it is extremely necessary (times of stress or extreme risk) is able to use an overwhelming power, although not able to have self-control at that time.

After kept under strict training in Solomon, Anaxu mastered some of his powers in essence, being able to deform the environment at will, although it is unable to control its potential and has great limitations. Along with his powers in the essence, Anaxu is a great warrior in any type of combat and he is fond of to the weapons engineering too.


This is the power... my power!

  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Neutral/Evil
  • Avereage EP: Around 450 EP
  • Special Abilities: Increased physical strength and speed, natural essence shield.

The most common Anaxu transformation, dubbed as Power Mode, was developed by him during his training in Solomon. This transformation is known to only increase physical strength, speed and agility of Anaxu also adding a natural shield essence which greatly increases his toughness.

The Power Mode is the only transformation of Anaxu that he can control, but he still can not voluntarily enter in this state and the exesive pressure can cause disturbances in his behavior.

The light could save... and destroy...

  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Avereage EP: Around 650 EP
  • Special Abilities: Increased physical strength and speed, natural essence shield, exesive increse in essence non-agressive powers, inteligence incresed.

The Celestial Mode is what happend when Anaxu allows his balance to break causing a predominance celestial energies, allowing he to enter in a pseudo-ascended state in which his powers increase considerably. This state is generally little used by Anaxu and which has no real use for risk, although if Anaxu learn to voluntarily enter this state, perhaps he could find greater utility.

Anaxu has not any control of himself in this state, because his personality is totally suppressed and replaced by one of his alterego, called by himself "Oden", one logical entity, which has no feelings.


  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Avereage EP: Around 650 EP
  • Special Abilities: Increased physical strength and speed, natural essence shield, exesive increse in essence agressive powers, toxic essence.

The Darkness Mode is the opposite to the Celestial Mode. This state is what happend when Anaxu allows his balance to break causing a predominance of chaotic, entropic or darkness energies, allowing he to enter in a pseudo-descended state in which his powers increase considerably. This state appears only when Anaxu is in a situation of very high hazard in which stress and blood lust dominate him.

Anaxu loss any control of himself in this state, becouse his personality is totally supressed and remplaced by on of his alterego, called by himself "Kaosun", one volatile and blood lusting entity.


  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Avereage EP: Incountable EP
  • Special Abilities: Unknown (god-like power?)

Known by scientists in charge of Project Ubertoint as "Perfection", Ultimate Mode is one hypothetical Anaxu's transformation in which, in theory, if Anaxu managed to control his powers in Celestial Mode and Darkness Mode, would be able to merge to create a being of unimaginable power, fully conscious of himself and with an intelligence superior to even ascended beings.

It is believed that the creation of this being would be the true goal of Ubertoint, although this continues to discussion. If this theory were true, Anaxu would just be a container or a tool to create this new being.



Green face: "You are a great person"

Good TraitsEdit

Blue face: "Well, you are ok"

  • Yrit Vallo - Crazy, psychotaph and... good
  • Afnai - An amusing... machine?
  • Headche - You cause me headache


Yellow face: "You are..."

  • Genearl Sax - General!


Orange face: "You are annoying"

  • None


Red face: "You are... DEAD"


Form HimselfEdit



The universe is completely and utterly mad

I'm not sure this is safe, general

The absolute power is absolutely dangerous

Say your penultimate words, it will last gasps of pain

What about if I cut off your head???

I am the power incarnated... You'll soon see what I mean

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  • Anaxu is based on in the first The Buldier's creature in game that won the achievement "Max Power".
  • Some Anaxu characteristics are based on the "Dark Ascension", although he isn't ascended or descended.
  • Anaxu "Modes" are based on Hulk, the amazing man.

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