Zeimos Arzhal Torshan, also known as Ambassador Zeimos, is a human ambassador from the Human Republic for the Tahar Empire, being assigned for his job in 07/09/403 KRE.

Zeimos used to be an average human who was bullied in school for his high intelligence, and who was bored of Humanity as a whole. He decided to study diplomacy so he could be assigned as ambassador for another Empire. He was chosen to represent Humanity for the Tahar Empire.

Zeimos wears an Ernai-like gas mask due to his incompatibility to Tahar athmospheres. He is often known by Tahars as "the Masked Creature" due to this.


Zeimos was born in 6 April 2760 at 20:15 GMT, being the 1st born child of an ecologist and a housewife. Zeimos had high intelligence as a child, he read books about various things, including driving school books at Age 5. In school, he was considered gifted, with an IQ of 130. However, his schoolmates started to pick on him due to his high intelligence by mocking him, calling him a baby, and making click noises that extremely annoyed Zeimos, though this didn't harm his school performance.

Zeimos was well treated by his family, however, he was afraid of school. At one time he threatened to boycott school for a day at Age 15 due to his schoolmates bullying him, however, this got his teachers to get angry at him, and he cancelled the boycott. At this point, he pursued a diplomacy course.

At his late teenagehood, he thought that Humanity was boring, and this impulsioned him to get a job as an ambassador after he left school at age 18. He was given an early job at signing papers for the Human republic, and only at age 20 did he get his long desired Ambassador job, due to the fact the Tahars allied with Humanity. He was sent to Terkom, only to realize he suffocated in Terkom's athmosphere. He was revived by doctors and was given a special mask to wear in Terkom, and a special Earth Athosphere-like home in the suburbs of Nezkom. He accepted the mask because he thought his face was ugly, and accepted his new life as Ambassador for the Tahars.

As he worked for the Tahars, he noticed their anti-religious life, and asked them many questions about it. As he studied more and more about it, he discovered Tahar radicals are "Anti-Religious Zealots", and the irony that they're hunting Zealots to begin with. Zeimos is preparing for activism against the current Tahar culture.



Zeimos is a calm young human adult with a bit of Tahar personality due to his exposure to Tahar culture. He is almost fluent in Taharian and KUL, and can talk to Tahars well. He finds Nature boring and praises the Tahars for caring more about Technology. However, he sees the Irony in the fact that Tahars convert empires to their cause yet are opposed to Zealots.

Zeimos is known to be a bit stubborn, but that doesn't affect his home. Zeimos is also known for being the descendent of a child an unknown character adopted in the 2020s.


Zeimos is an average human who wears a grey-black mask due to his incompatibility with Tahar athmospheres. He also wears an ambassadorian armor his empire made for him. He likes his new look, as he thinks he looks badass.


Zeimos carries a hun in case of threats, however, it's a weak laser gun he plans to replace soon.

Friends and Enemies[]

Eko Angarg - Zeimos has met Eko, and thinks Eko's cool.
Empire of Halloway people - "They are too self-centered... Plus Zkitek is overheating."
TDP - "Who the frak is this guy and how is he related to me?"


  • What a nice day in Terkom.
  • Look at me, I am badass.
  • I represent Humanity, what do you want?
  • I come from a nice land... I found it boring, though.
  • Halt or be shot.
  • Don't you dare attack me!
  • Oh the Zealot effect...
  • How would you like it if people tried to covert you?


What does your empire think of Zeimos?

He's badass, like, totally badass. I hope to someday meet him in person without the mask though, that would be nice.

- Masuri, of the GWA

He is a simple human, and unable to change his physical self like my kind. He will become obsolete and then he will die. Until then, he is pretty cool looking...

- Commander Klo, of the LWA

He is human. Meh. Humans must be badass...

- Emperor Clank, of the Wental Grox

That mask makes him look like a moron.

- Captain Koluap of the Dracogonarious Empire

He has an IQ of 130 and he calls himself gifted? Oh please, he must have naccistic issues, enough to regard all of Humanity below him. Well, matey, that mask of yours makes you a laughing stock!

- Some random human.

I like that mask! So what if he's stuffy and self-centered. The Dudes a boss!

- Phase-Hunter


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