Ambassador Girine is the main captain of the Tadpole Empire.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Girine is an average Tadpole wielding the Power Generator helmet with a small language translator affixed to it's top, a Compact Battery, an Invigorator, a Stam-Booster shell, the Harpolizer, Bladed Knuckles, a Plasma Gun, a Power sword, a Missile Flinger, a watch and a gray Spandex Suit, adepted to prevent blood from escaping her body in Space travels or when in a planet or moon with no Atmosphere.

Personality Edit

Girine tend to be joyful and a little outgoing at moments, though she knows what time it is to be funny, and what time it is to be serious and focus on work. Similar to Hapte, she likes diplomacy more than fighting, though she doesn't backs out of a fight, and can pack quite a punch with her Level 3 Warrior weapons.

Backstory Edit

Not much is known about Girine's backstory, but it is known that she was friends with Hapte. This friendship has made him make her a Captain due to his trust with her. With this, she managed to help the Empire expand in an extended rapid pace, as well as increase ranks.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Green faceMy BEST Friends!

  • King Hapte - The Empire leader, and the reason I became a Captain in the first place!

Friends Edit

Blue faceNot my best friends, but still friends regardless!

  • Priest Wasmon - A little too focused on worshipping and gods, but he's Hapte's father, so I owe him some respect.
  • Professor Colet - A nice scientist!
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