{[quote|I am an old man and have lifed a long and prosperous life. I have many fond memories and all I ask is to spend my days in quiet contemplation... Nevermind.|Himself}} Alioth'Kar is the current Chancellor of the Ryketian Star Empire. Currently within his second term the chancellor watched as the Vartekians retreated from the segmentum. However like many in the confederacy he refused to join The Coalition after the Divinarium's arrival. A reserved man, he keeps his emergeant psionic abilities hidden from public view.

Appearence and personalityEdit

Alioth is a senior man by his people's standards, having ruled as chancellor of the Rytekian Star Empire he has an aged appearence with faint wrinkles emerging on his forehead and under his eyes. His skin is a pasty yellow which feels like rubber when touched. He is never seen without a bo-staff which he uses as a walking aid and as a weapon. He is balding and is often seen wearing jackets and baggy trousers tucked into calf-high boots.

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