In times such as these, Master Nanuq represents the power of the Aldárae Order, unflinching in the face of adversary though forever with an eye on the horizon of peace.

- Master Ryen

Alinor Nanuq is a male Thanatyrannus Aldárae Master that serves the Order of Aldár, as one of senior members of Ethelnór Aldaráe—the guiding body of the esoteric order. A wizened, laconic and formidable man, Nanuq is one of the more militant members of the Order, as well as one of the more sceptical of the New Cyrannian Republic. His hatred for the Empire, however, and the mysterious Phaedric Order, is well known—with Nanuq firm in the conviction that peace in the galaxy is impossible while the Empire remains standing.

Like Master Ryen, Nanuq was one of the beings called from across the stars to Aldár by Du'utahrovin, where he was enlightened to the ancient history of the Vectors of Chaos, Order and the Light. Seeking to follow in the footsteps of the First Aldárae Order, Nanuq became close friends with the Osteolan Master Ryen, with both seeking to expand their knowledge of the many mysteries of the Cyrandia Cluster. During the Cyrannian Cold War, these efforts bore fruit with the formation of the New Aldárae Order. Nanuq's merit, wisdom and countless acts of self-sacrifice throughout his long years led to his election to a seat on the Ethelnór Aldaráe, where he helps advise the Order's members in preparation for the dark times to come.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the Thanatyrannus homeworld of Maastrichtia in 329 BNE, much of Nanuq's early life remains a mystery, with the reclusive Thanatyrannus hesitant to divulge such personal information. Nevertheless, it is clear that Nanuq differed in his mindset from the imperialist ambitions of his people's government, prompting him to flee to the Core. There, Nanuq overcame prejudice to serve as one of the archivists of the Federation Congress on Orbispira, where he served for thirty years before hearing a mysterious voice call to him from beyond the stars.

Drawn to Aldár, Nanuq met with the ancient dragon known as Du'utahrovin, who revealed to the inquisitive Thanatyrannus many mysteries of the Cyrannus Galaxy, including the galactic barrier and the ancient history of the Oikoumene. During his training on Aldár, Nanuq became friends with Ryen, an affable Osteola who had been drawn to Aldár through similar means. The two men shared their skills with one another and spent a great deal of time meditating along the banks of the Great Lake and within the hallowed ruins of the Aldárae Temple. When the United Republic of Cyrannus began exploring other galaxies during the War of Ages, Nanuq opted to remain in Cyrannus rather than explore Tigris with Ryen, though later regreted his decision when Ryen began training under Hierarch Kroc.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit

Your mind is strong, Inquisitor. Though not strong enough.

- Nanuq, as he probes Vandalion's mind

Nanuq spent much of the subsequent age of conflict exploring the Gigaquadrant, imparting wisdom on those willing to listen and learning from those willing to teach. He returned to Cyrannus three weeks after the Battle of Aldár and played an instrumental role in reforging the Order's infrastructure. Though he was initially sceptical of Ryen's plan to link the nascent Order with the New Cyrannian Republic, given his belief that crippling corruption is inevitable in a galaxy-spanning republic, his hatred for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Emperor Tyrómairon eventually convinced him to change his mind.

Guardians of the New Republic 05

Nanuq watches as Ryen declares the Aldárae Order reborn.

Almost three years after his arrival to Aldár, Nanuq attended a meeting of the Ethelnór Aldárae, which he had recently been elected to, during which Ryen's student Aoirtae Valaeris arrived, accompanied by the Lord of Light Apolithanatár. Nanuq was stunned by the development and was disappointed when the Oikoumene vanished, as he had wished to ask the ancient Lord about still-unknown chapters in the story of the Oikoumene. When the crew of the Auethnen Raptor returned from a mission to rescue the Republic Senator Apollo from the Rihanaen Star Empire, Nanuq played a critical role in the interrogation of the Imperial Inquisitor Vandalion. Nanuq forcefully probed the Basileus' mind, learning of the hyperweapon known as Ecimaex, which was positioned to cripple the New Republic Navy. However, Vandalion's capture had secretly been orchestrated by a mysterious Imperial Grand Admiral, who managed to transport the wily Basileus off Aldár, much to Nanuq's fury.

After the Inquisitor's escape, Nanuq discussed recent events with his fellow Aldárae as well as Apollo, who agreed to speak on the Order's behalf to the New Republic Senate. Soon afterwards, he attended a ceremony in the chamber of the Ethelnór Aldárae, during which Ryen officially declared the Aldárae Order reborn. Within the next month, Nanuq opened contacts with the leadership of the Cyrandia Resistance, including Sesoka himself and called on his aid to rally with the Aldárae in the Battle of Ambar, which resulted in the first major Aldárae victory against the Empire. Later, he participated in the planning of the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, which sparked the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Second Great WarEdit


A year into the Second Great Cyrannus War, Nanuq travelled from Aldár to aid the Republic war effort against the Empire, which was being pushed from the Coru Secundus region by Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera. He stationed himself aboard Shavalera's flagship, the Layné Borellian, and aided multiple battles against the Empire, including the Second Battle of Thaehos and the Liberation of Coruaan.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Nanuq is often seen wearing the garb of a Thanatyrannus priest.

Considered to be one of the wisest beings sitting on the Ethelnór Aldárae, Nanuq can, at first glance, be considered intimidating, gruff and quite unfriendly. In actuality, however, this is merely a result of Nanuq's rather frightening appearance as a Thanatyrannus—a race known as much for their cunning as their fondness for imperialism. Nevertheless, Nanuq defies many of the most overt stereotypes of his kin, being open to learn, even from those centuries his junior—believing that as he approaches his fourth century, that the universe still hides many mysteries ready to be revealed to an open mind. While he can be laconic and humourless, Nanuq is warm toward those he respects, such as Master Ryen, despite his disagreements with the Osteola on the direction of the Aldárae.

Preferring decisive action over debate, Nanuq is popular amongst the younger and more impulsive members of the Order, though he is quick to chide irresponsibility and foolishness on the field of battle. Indeed, in Nanuq's words, "one must master themselves before they can hope to master battle". However, Nanuq believes that war is a terrible thing and that violence often achieves nothing, though this does not translate into a belief that the Empire can be placated and the Phaedra disarmed. Rather, Nanuq believes that the Empire must be completely dismantled and those who serve it, destroyed, if they prove unwilling to lay down their arms. Indeed, he is known to engage in civil, though intense, debate with more conciliatory members of the Ethelnór, such as Daera Rosalayne. As such, despite his distrust of Republic politicians, he stands eager to answer the call should open war break out across the Gigaquadrant.



Green faceYour friendship is most dear to me.

  • Ryen: I will always respect you, Master Ryen.
  • Du'utahrovin: I stand forever in the shadows of your wisdom.


Blue faceWe fight as one.


Orange faceI fear nothing.

  • Vandalion: Your Inquisition is doomed to failure.
  • Tyrómairon: Your destruction will finally free this galaxy of tyranny.


In times such as these, Master Nanuq represents the power of the Aldárae order, unflinching in the face of adversary though forever with an eye on the horizon of peace.

- Master Ryen



  • Nanuq first appeared in the 2016 story Guardians of the New Republic.


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