I figure, one of these days, I'm gonna get killed or some shit. But if I'm gonna go out, I wouldn't want to go out like a loser or anything. If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die doing something real badass.

- Alexander Khoffman

Admiral Alexander Khoffman (often referred to as Admiral Khoffman, Khoffman, Khoff, or Khoffie) is a veteran commanding officer of the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, serving as the Admiral of the 2nd Regiment in the Assault Armada. Khoffman is renowned for his over 400 years of military service, having served in every major war in Federation history. However, what Khoffman is usually remembered for is his colorful, boisterous personality, often held up as a symbol of the Federation's proud, irreverent commanders - whether that is a good thing or not is a constant point of debate.









  • Alexander Khoffman is the oldest major TIAF character, and the second oldest major Bunsen Galaxy character, behind Nikolai Dresden.
  • Khoffman was one of the first Bunsen Galaxy characters to be conceived after James Lorrelas and John Samenor, being originally created for the Main Strike Fleet. Unlike the other characters introduced in the MSF at the time, Khoffman was able to have significant appearances or mentions independent of MSF ensemble functions, making him a special character of sorts in CaptainTybusen's eyes.
    • Unlike many older TIAF characters (namely fellow MSF characters), Khoffman's base personality and character has changed little from when it was first expanded on in his Main Strike Fleet bio. His character underwent the least amount of changes in the 2016 Main Strike Fleet revamp, which mostly only added extra depth and context to his pre-existing character.
    • While Misael Tanyan and Robin Mermus received new, less mundane names as part of the 2016 MSF revamp, Khoffman did not, as CaptainTybusen had already strongly associated the name "Alexander Khoffman" with the character as a result of the character's recurrence. Incidentally, this has led to a situation where two TIAF characters can both be referred to by the nickname "Alex": Khoffman and Alexa Tzena.
      • Had Khoffman received a name change in said revamp, "Alexander" would have been changed to "Alesiar".


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