I won't claim to be an angel by any measure, but you've gotta admit; if you see me in the sky, I might as well be the wrath of the heavens raining down on the sinful world.

- Alexa Tzena

Admiral Alexa Tzena (commonly referred to as Admiral Tzena, Lady Tzena, or simply Tzena, occasionally referred to in the Andromeda Galaxy as That Bitch that Burned Vanexia Down) is the widely-known, controversial Admiral of the 7th Regiment of the Assault Armada. Her prominence at a relatively young age and reputation for bloodlust has earned her a status within the TIAF as one of the faces of the energetic youth that first enlisted after the Caigiancia War (not that every member of that group wants to be associated with her).

Tzena was born to a wealthy warrior elite family on Anthagi in 1661 SY. The family's coffee and tea plantation outside of Anthagi's largest city would become a familiar setting for the young Alexa, who was being groomed by her parents to be the next great warrior in the Tzena line. The determination of her parents showed when Alexa graduated from the Pilots' Academy with flying marks in ground combat excellence despite somewhat lackluster marks in her aerial combat skills.

Tzena first received a taste of prominence during the First Bunsen War, where as interim commander of the 3rd Battalion she successfully kept a Bunsen Grox siege of the Ornaethon-Cavelaron at bay until Admiral Caltiene's 19th Regiment was able to finally break the blockade for good. Her valor in the battle as well as her tactical skill at a relatively young age earned her a position in Caltiene's senior staff as Rear Admiral of the 19th Regiment. However, her true claim to fame would come during the Andromeda War, where she was put in charge of the 7th Regiment as Admiral and proceeded to fight toe-to-toe against (arguably superior) ITN fleets under the command of Admiral Rumabus Dorastion. While the Andromeda campaign ultimately failed for the TIAF, her leading role in the TIAF effort has at least earned her a permanent spot in TIAF history, controversial as her actions during the war and the New Dawn era that followed it were.


Early Life[]

That cute baby is going to grow into something absolutely massive.

- Tzena's grandmother

Alexa Tzena was born on 6 Junien 1661 SY to Caruso and Adriane Tzena, part of the influential Tzena warrior elite family of Anthagi. While the family had distant blood relations to the famous historical Ornaethon general Sakana Tochipu, the Tzena family had built their own reputation independent of their ancestry and were renowned for their large land holdings and their military prestige (in spite of the Tzena family's reputation having mostly been built in the absence of major wars for the Ornaethon-Cavelaron after the Ornaethon-Cavelaron joined the TIAF). Caruso and Adriane owned a large coffee and tea plantation outside of Anthagi's largest city, and this would be the setting for Tzena's childhood.

Tzena would grow up with her one older sister Parsi and her one younger brother Rosso. While Tzena suffered from a mild case of middle-child syndrome, she still had a healthy childhood and received plenty of attention from her parents. As a child of a rich family, Tzena received top-notch private education from her first day of school to her secondary school graduation, attending some of the finest institutions on Anthagi. She also received a heavy amount of training in martial arts and sword combat, as her parents hoped that she would become another great warrior for the Tzena family. While she did not finish school at the top of her class, she had gained a reputation among friends at school for her physical ability, and in 1733 SY she applied for the Pilot's Academy at Tropicana, one of the highest military academies in the TIAF.

At first, Tzena's abrasive personality made it difficult for comrades to work with her, which threatened to result in her failing out of the Academy. She eventually learned how to be cooperative, which saved her otherwise excellent stint at the Academy. As at home, Tzena scored high marks in ground combat skills, though her piloting skill was rather average compared to some of her peers. Unlike her cooperation skills, her piloting skills would never develop to be more than ordinary, though her tactical and combat skill more than made up for her lack of aerial talent and she eventually graduated from the Academy in 1753 SY as a promising new officer in the Assault Armada.

Among her peers at the Academy were Tzena's future friend Adrian Basshu and Tzena's future rival Ariana Draccard, both of whom entered the Academy when Tzena was in her third year of training. Basshu had previously worked as a farmhand on the coffee plantation but Tzena had not given him any notice until he entered the Academy; there, Tzena somewhat took him under her wing. Draccard, a Dragoozie from the Core Rim, initially admired Tzena's combat finesse and the two became friends at one point, but Draccard became bothered by Tzena's aggressiveness, which would worsen as their military careers advanced.

Early Military Career[]

Well, yeah, there's that whole thing about fighting for principles and ideals, though getting to beat people up is also a nice bonus.

- Tzena during the First Bunsen War

After graduating from the Academy, Tzena was assigned as an officer in the 19th Regiment's 3rd Battalion. Tzena worked up the Battalion's ranks quickly through service in Alpha Sector peacekeeping operations and one of the Portea expeditions, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the 3rd Battalion's 1st Company by 1770 SY. In 1772 SY, 4 SY before the outbreak of the First Bunsen War, the retiring Colonel of the Company nominated Tzena as the new Colonel of the 1st Company (to the chagrin of the other Lt. Colonel at the time), which was accepted, placing Tzena in her first major command position of her career. Her command skills would soon be given a true test when the First Bunsen War broke out in 1776 SY.

First Bunsen War

Early in the war, the 3rd Battalion would be assigned to lead the 19th Regiment's Bossal Force, which would be in charge of fending off the Bunsen Grox in southeast Delta (primarily Ornaethon-Cavelaron territory). However, after the Battle of Draygoon in 1777 SY, the Bossal Force was separated from the Aqua Force (the bulk of the 19th Regiment's forces) as well as the 3rd Battalion Lt. General being fatally wounded during the battle. Tzena fell into the command chair as the interim commander of the 3rd Battalion (being the second-highest ranked officer before the general's death) in the face of a Bunsen Grox fleet under the command of the fearsome Admiral Pembree approaching Anthagi. Tzena opted to hold position and defend Anthagi instead of making an attempt to regroup with either the Aqua Force or with AWA fleets in the neighboring Sola Sector.

Tzena's tactical chops showed as she outmaneuvered Pembree's much larger fleet in the Anthagi system, stalling Pembree long enough for reinforcements from the 20th Regiment to shoot the blockade at Draygoon and give Tzena enough power to force Pembree to retreat from Anthagi. In coordination with the rest of the 19th Regiment under command of Admiral Caltiene, Tzena pursued Pembree's fleet and blitzed the fleet at the Battle of Krieg, which cut off Bunsen Grox forces in Draygoon and forced Pembree to retreat back into Bunsen Grox territory. Caltiene made Tzena the official new Lt. General of the 3rd Battalion afterwards. Tzena's battalion would accompany Caltiene's fleet for much of the war after that, and Tzena would impress Caltiene enough that Caltiene would promote her to Rear Admiral of the 19th Regiment in 1781 SY, 1 SY before the end of the war.

Days of Darkness and Intergalactic Age

After the end of the First Bunsen War, Tzena remained a hero within the Ornaethon-Cavelaron state but mostly faded from public prominence in the general TIAF public. She continued to serve as Rear Admiral under Admiral Caltiene, though the 19th Regiment did not perform any spectacular feats on its own during the TIAF Civil War and mostly supported some of the larger regiments in some major battles. However, the Civil War was still significant to Tzena as her younger brother Rosso was killed in action in the disastrous Inos Spur Campaign, dealing Tzena a large emotional blow in the middle of the war. As with the rest of the general TIAF populace, Tzena was forced to flee Bunsen after the fall of Tropicana. Tzena wanted to stay and help lead resistance in the Coleph League territories but was ordered to relocate to Delpha Province immediately as ordered by Captain Lorrelas for the entire Assault Armada.

In Delpha, Tzena worked with the 19th Regiment to facilitate colony development in the frontier regions. The distance from home frustrated Tzena immensely and she began to feel mildly stir-crazy in Delpha, especially after the 19th Regiment was not called on to join the expeditionary fleet to Sana-Forma in the Sporemaster Civil War. She was finally satisfied when the War of Redemption began and the 19th Regiment was called into action to launch an attack on northern Tyrusan. Tzena participated in the invasion of Tyrus during the Tropicana Triangle Attack operation, and was later present in the closing battles of the war, helping to hunt down stray VFP fleets and corralling them towards Endomasis.

Tzena did not participate in the Holy Shadow War, and Lorrelas was hesitant to allow a bloodthirsty commander like Tzena to be deployed in the War for Wental after the havoc that Admiral Routhis caused there. So, for most of the Intergalactic Age, Tzena remained at home. It was during this time that Tzena struck up her intimate friendship with Basshu, who had already known Tzena for much of his life and reminded Tzena of her late brother. By chance, Basshu and his battalion had recently been transferred to the 19th Regiment, and Tzena quickly made Basshu her personal right-hand man. In the Second Bunsen War, the 19th Regiment was relegated to patrolling the Bunsen halo and leading raids against the VFP in the Adriana Nebula, frustrating Tzena again as she was left out of the thick of the war in Bunsen, but in the Divine War Tzena got a little more than she bargained for as the Assault Armada assisted the Arturnias against the Veidatras forces under Anpha'Shi, giving Tzena a sense of reluctance to work with supernaturals in the future.

Andromeda War and Beyond[]

Andromeda is a shithole.

- Tzena, speaking about Andromeda

After the end of the Divine Era and the Second Bunsen War, the TIAF military underwent a restructuring, creating new divisions that needed new commanders. The AA 7th Regiment was one such new division, and Tzena was considered a top contender for an Admiral position in at least one of the new divisions after Admiral Caltiene personally recommended her for promotion to Admiral. In 1828 SY, Captain Lorrelas eventually awarded command of the 7th Regiment to Tzena, who now had full command of a Regiment for the first time in her career. At the same time, her rivalry with Admiral Draccard intensified as Draccard became Admiral of the 5th Regiment, and the two began to vie for influence within the military.

Andromeda War

Tzena would receive her big break when Captain Lorrelas assigned the 7th Regiment to lead the TIAF colonization and invasion campaign in Andromeda at the dawning of the War of the Commonwealth, one of the sub-wars of the long Andromeda War. Tzena arrived in the Northern Draco sector of Andromeda in 1831 SY, overseeing the rapid growth of the secret TIAF Andromeda Command Zone and preparing her fleet for battle with the mighty Imperial Talon Navy of the Draconid Imperium.

Tzena's first objective in the invasion campaign was to secure a foothold within Draconid space, leading her to the diminutive Balas-9 sector, close to the edge of Draconid territory facing the TIAF colonial sector. Tzena left colonial engineers to begin building a forward outpost on the unassuming Avanti, as Tzena commanded the 7th Regiment into battle against Admiral Rumabus Dorastion's 817th Fleet above Vanexia Prime, successfully defeating Dorastion and opening the planet to TIAF occupation. Tzena's heavy-handed military occupation eventually spurred a popular uprising two weeks after the battle, forcing Tzena to abandon the planet, but not without running a scorched-earth maneuver before returning to Avanti.

While Tzena's fleet was in the Avanti drydocks for repairs, Tzena called on Basshu, now the Admiral of the 12th Regiment, to help provide a diversion so that the Draconis would not find the Avanti base too soon. The resulting Battle of Dexia was another victory for the TIAF fleet but unfortunately led to the capture of Basshu, which weighed on Tzena heavily for the remainder of the conflict. Later on, Tzena led a 7th Regiment expedition to Hovilina IV to investigate a report of an Artifact, though an ITN-Fleet of Ruin ambush awaited them in orbit and led to some devastating losses for Tzena's regiment, namely her Rear Admiral Samuel Ozzel. Tzena's string of misfortune would continue as the combined Commonwealth fleet traced the Artifact's signal to Avanti, leading to a brutal battle that decimated the 7th Regiment and led to Tzena's left eye being torn out by Tyraz Breek.

In spite of her ultimate failure in the War of the Commonwealth, Tzena's actions in the war earned her an immense amount of popularity at home in the Federation and thrust her into the national spotlight once more. Tzena had unfinished business in Andromeda, however. The 1st Fleet had arrived in Andromeda and was to assist the 2nd Fleet in a second invasion attempt, reuniting Tzena with her old rival Draccard. Three weeks prior to the decisive Battle of Yashkya, Tzena and Draccard were assigned to head an operation to recover Admiral Basshu from his starbase prison and possibly commandeer the station in question. Their begrudging cooperation resulted in a successful recovery of Basshu and capture of the station with few TIAF casualties, a resounding victory for the TIAF after the devastation of Avanti despite the station systems being sabotaged by the departing Draconid forces. This would be Tzena's last actions in the war as the war with the Commonwealth ended with the Battle of Yashkya and Tzena elected to take leave to help Basshu recover while the Andromeda Grox War raged on.

New Dawn era

After the end of the Andromeda War, the Andromeda Command Zone began a conversion to a civilian colonial sector, and the 1st Fleet departed Andromeda to be posted elsewhere. Tzena was left in command of the remaining 2nd Fleet regiments posted in Andromeda after Admiral Zebulon's 9th Regiment returned to Bunsen, essentially giving her control of TIAF operations in Andromeda until the civilian government fully settled in. Some of Tzena's critics within the military, especially Admiral Draccard, were worried that Tzena would go mad with power and turn the province into a military dictatorship, though their fears were unfounded as Tzena merely kept basic order in the colonies until a provincial government and the Diplomatic Corps arrived.

While Tzena would spend much of the New Dawn running ordinary day-to-day military operations, she would see action again when the Golden Movement began. Receiving orders from the Assembly to apprehend Crispy and bring him to justice, Tzena and Basshu led the 7th and 12th Regiments into a confrontation with a detachment of Crispy's fleet. After Crispy's flagship, the Orochi, displayed an impressive show of force alone against the two regiments, Crispy willingly surrendered himself into Tzena's custody, to be transported to the prison world Teemygo for holding until the Brood decided his ultimate fate. The disastrous effects the intervention had on the stability of the Brood led to an angry transmission from Tyraz, though much of the TIAF populace sympathized with her for simply following orders in what was supposed to be a friendly gesture to Tyraz, which in turn led to much of the shifts in public opinion that divided the TIAF on the Crispy vs. Tyraz issue.

Tzena is currently stationed at the Assault Armada Andromeda HQ in Boano, her new home away from home, awaiting further orders. While criticisms of her more morally ambiguous actions in the Andromeda War have increased recently, she still remains a fairly popular figure among TIAF citizens, especially among patriotic Delta inhabitants who see her as a living hero.



Tzena has the typical physical traits of a common Anthagese Ornaethon, with dark blue down and long, slender antlers on her head. She has green eyes, which is the most common eye color for Anthagese Ornaethon, though her left eye is of a slightly different shade of green as it is a bionic replacement. Her hair is supposedly dyed light brown, which is an unusual hair color for Ornaethon females, who usually have more vibrant hair colors. Earthy hair colors are considered more masculine in Ornaethon culture, suggesting that Tzena's choice of hair color may come from her more tomboyish personality.

Due to her status as a high-ranked Commanding Officer, Tzena's military uniform differs from standard uniforms designed for Ornaethon officers. Her uniform includes distinctive shoulder and waist guards, which is designed to complement her agile close-range personal combat style. In both civilian and military garb, she is never seen without her iconic twin katana sheaths, which hang around her waist on her utility belt. She is commonly depicted wearing a peaked cap, though she usually does not wear a hat when not in uniform.

Tzena normally speaks in a Common Deltan accent, though in moments of strong emotion she may slip back into her native High Anthagese accent. She is described as having a high alto register and speaking in a casual, but somewhat stern manner.


One of Tzena's most easily noticeable and defining personality traits is her hotbloodedness and her penchant for picking fights. While she is smart enough to know when she is biting off more than she can chew, she has a strong competitive drive that gives her great pleasure in challenging and defeating worthy opponents. Many describe her as having a bloodlust, which is mostly true, though she does not enjoy so much the act of killing itself as she does thoroughly and resoundingly crushing her enemies. Her controversial reputation mostly derives from her willingness to perform horrific acts of destruction as a commander if it means debilitating or demoralizing the enemy, which leads some to think of her as "psychotic" or "a total sociopath."

In addition to her feisty nature, Tzena is also known to other TIAF commanders as being brash and unapologetic. While she is marginally more respectful to her peers in the Assault Armada, she has garnered a reputation in military circles as a shining example of a common phenomenon among TIAF commanders to ridicule and disrespect enemy military commanders. While her proud, irreverent personality endears her to citizens and other commanders who view such arrogance as strength, it also does not win her much love from some military veterans both in and outside the TIAF who view her arrogance as simply immature or unbecoming.

However, Tzena's hostile exterior is not all there is to Alexa Tzena. Beneath the surface, Tzena also has a number of positive traits which earn her the respect of those close to her. While she is a commander who cares little for her enemies and would be willing to risk many of her own soldiers to accomplish an important goal, she does actually hold a deep respect for the soldiers under her command. Her confident persona can show cracks in situations involving heavy losses of her own troops, and she noticeably treats her own subordinates with more actual respect than her peers. She is also known to be fiercely protective of those she considers close friends and family. Though some of her actions might suggest otherwise, Tzena is very loyal to the ideals of the Federation and to the Federation itself.


Tzena's signature weapon(s) are her twin adamantium katanas, which are sharpened to a micro-edge and can easily cut most organic matter. As it is made of adamantium, the edge will never dull unless the blade is exposed to extreme heat. As her combat style involves fast, close-range melee combat, Tzena is not usually heavily armed besides her swords. Her most commonly-used secondary weapons are a standard-issue plasma pistol and a custom mid-range tetryon rifle.

Tzena is equipped with a custom set of powered armor tailored to her close-combat style, with multi-plated shoulder and waist guards that allow for a wide range of motion while still providing ample protection to the torso and head. As is standard for all TIAF military personnel, Tzena has a subspace communications headset, though she lacks the typical view-lens that comes with it. This is because the functions of the view-lens were integrated into the bionic eye that replaced her left eye after her encounter with Tyraz Breek.


As an Ornaethon, Tzena naturally has one of the best running speeds among TIAF species. In addition to being a swift runner, Tzena is also very agile and flexible, which is a result of her martial arts training. Tzena is a master in the Ornaethon hand-to-hand style of Mireto-Kemaga, as well as the swordplay/hand-to-hand discipline of On-Yen-Reng. Tzena is not limited to her close-range combat, either, as she is a decent marksman with mid-range rifles and pistols.

As a member of the TIAF senior staff, Tzena is capable of self-healing via nanomachines in her bloodstream. As noted above, her left eye has the functions of a standard military view-lens integrated into it, giving her enhanced peripheral vision that makes it difficult to sneak up on her. However, beyond these things, Tzena does not have any other technology-augmented abilities. She is currently incapable of harnessing any form of Essence.


Close Friends and Family[]

Green face.pngHey, I've got your back when you need it.

  • Adrian Basshu - Has a face only a mother could love, but I wouldn't mind being a mother in that case.


Blue face.pngI guess you're not that bad.

  • Alexander Khoffman - When I get old, I wanna be like him, still kickin' alien ass with a kickass sword.


Yellow face.pngWhat do you want?

  • James Lorrelas - Ehh, he ain't always what he's hyped up to be.
  • Crispy - I like you better than Tyraz, you can have that. Though it's not saying much.


Orange face.pngMind if I use you as a pincushion for my swords?

  • Ariana Draccard - You're softer than gelatin. Like, not even the good kind. The really mushy kind at those shitty buffets.
  • Olivia Lorrelas - Bah, you diplomats are all the same. You're not going to solve everything just by talking it out!
  • Rumabus Dorastion - Oh, he died? What a shame. He was my favorite punching bag.


Red face.pngI swear on my mom, I'll bash your skull in!

  • Tyraz Breek - Oh, so you decide to go off and vaguely die somewhere before I can exact my revenge? Piss off in hell!


It will always escape me as to how we've picked up so many irreverent, bloodthirsty commanders like her over the years.

- Lieutenant Samenor

If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest.

- Venoriel



  • Tzena's favorite alcohol is said to be a certain Iotolindolese craft beer, though according to some she only says this because she doesn't want to admit that her favorite is in fact a variety of Draconid wine.
  • According to Admiral Basshu, Tzena's katanas are named Parsi and Rosso, after her siblings.
  • Tzena is the second Ornaethon to have achieved the rank of Admiral in the Assault Armada; the first was Admiral Hitoari, a Descent Era and Caigiancia War admiral who also happens to be one of Tzena's inspirations.



  • CaptainTybusen originally planned Tzena as merely a throwaway character in the beginning of the TIAF campaign of the Andromeda War, originally planned to serve as a generic TIAF commander while the main TIAF cast at the time would be more involved. Tzena was also originally imagined to be male until Monet47 began referring to her as female during an RP.
  • CaptainTybusen also credits Tzena with being the character that encouraged him to expand the TIAF cast to beyond the Main Strike Fleet, which also led to him giving much-needed expansion to other Bunsen nations and characters.


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