For every great man on the throne, there is a great woman to guide him. I have no shortage of advisors but often hers offers the most wisdom and rationality for the times ahead. I often wonder what my life would have been like without her.

- Uriel Ultanos

Alensia Ultanos (formerly Alensia Vossas) is a member of Grand House Vossas and the spouse of paragon Uriel Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium. A woman groomed from birth to respect her status, she is a confident andcharismatic woman with strong tastes of luxury. On the outside she can appear condescending at times but on the inside she cares deeply for her husband and her family.

She has been married to Uriel for almost a century and although traditional marriages in Draconis society is a sign of fusion between two houses, both ALensia and Uriel have found a special bond between themselves that neither of them feels they could do without.


Alensia was born to a clutch of four in ID.219297 with her being the only female on Voravia Prime, the capital of the Ohlon-2 sector. She was groomed from birth to be a lady but for the most part she was always interested in the lives of citizens on the frontier. She constantly got into arguments with her brothers but was, for the most part, the weakest in the clutch. As she grew up in her teens she toughened herself up but mostly kept away from people. Her yearnings for the frontier were nourished by the years she was picked on but in later years she became a confident woman and took a keen interest in biology.

Five years before she was due for military service she was admitted into the First University of Voravia; a premier university where she studied applied biology and she graduated with honours. When it came to military service she applied to the Imperial Talon Navy and spent a decade aboard the TNSS Orotelum, a starfury-class crusier that had previously served on several campaigns over the past millennium. She gained a fond working relationship with many officers on board but when her service came to an end she pursued her first love of biology and was a firm contributor to the Royal Academy. In ID.219354 she was called to Alcanti to attend the funeral aof Uriel Ultanos XV and it is there she met her future husband and both of them discovered an immediate fondness for each other.

Their first meeting was short-lived however as Uriel returned ot active duty. Over five years she recieved several love letters from him and in ID.219359 the two of them married outside the Grand Cathedral on alcanti with over 35 families in attendance.

She did not officially become Paragavessa until the death of Korr Ultanos X near the beginning of the mecha-wasp war. After Uriel decided to postpone the coronation until the war's end she agreed to take his place and managed affairs for thirteen years until his return. Over the next eighty years she took care of of five clutches over the years with the latest clutch leaving her constant care shortly after the Andromeda War.

The most recent clutch of hers did not grow up easily. Weeks before she laid the clutch that would later bear Septis Ultanos, she had to evacuate Alcanti on that year's Genesis Day due to the Holy Shadow War engulfing the planet in shadow. In ID.219495 she was in the hatchery during the Battle for Alcanti where she was able to protect her clutch from Khaxvis hired mercenaries. As one forced its way inside the hatchery, lookingto kill everything in the room, Alessa had her hatchlings huddlearound her as she grabbed a fusion pistol from a secret compartment. Aiming it at the mercenary she reportedly shot him i nthe head, destroying his skull and brain. Tyraz, Iovera IX and Jahric entered to see the mercenary's headless corpse while Alensia, still shaken from her ordeal, aimed her pistol at the three of them. After being reassured they had come to protect her, she was grateful. When she informed Tyraz that Volkarus had not come close to her he immediately left the room.

Two hours later, Alesnia entered the throne room to find that Uriel was laying comatose on the floor and bleeding out. Panicking over the loss of her husband she wished for him back, refusing TYraz's offer to descend him, believing that he had created enough monsters. She bore witness to Iovera ressurecting him back to full health and, along with her clutch, embraced him as he woke up.

Alensia, along with Uriel, Alessa, Septis and a host of foreign gests, attended the wedding of Tyraz and Iovera in ID.219502. DUring the ceremony she entranced herself in the processions, remembering her own wedding to Uriel and displaying courtly affection as the ceremony progressed. After the wedding she joined the reception with all the other guests and engaged in light conversation with them, including dancing with Uriel in the middle of the floor.

Alessa was with Uriel during a visit to Alcanti by Empress Ramashe. Meing a botanist in education, she admired Ramashe's comments that there should always be a balance between nature and development and agreed with her in regards to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus's form of military control over the Rambo Protectorate. Stating herself that admirals should not involve themselves in politics or administration when bureaucrats and politicians are just as effective. Nearing the end of Ramashe's stay, Alensia jad her join the family for a banquet and gave the Rambo empress hr regards upon departure.



Alensia is a confident draconis who stands slightly shorter than her husband with pale blue scales, sandy spine and stomch scales and terracotta forearm scales. Her face is rounded but stern-looking. She enjoys taking care of herself and likes to wear expensive dresses and elaborate jewelery and generally looking attractive when in the company of others. Clamped to her right wrist is a silver bracer embossed with the seal of House Ultanos, a representation of the union she represents between House Ultanos and House Vossas.

When travelling she prefers elaborate dresses for meetings and more practical-looking skirts and shirts when she travels on biology expeditions. Most of her wardrobe contains fine silks embridered with gold and silver thread. Noticeably waring durable clothing during botanic expeditions to foreign planets. She is ferquently seen carrying around a hardened datapad where she records notes on the touch-sensetives acreen, preferring - like many Draconis - to write using her fingernails.


Around strangers, Alensia can appear stern and at times condescending. She keeps a cold and aloof attitude attitude and is not pleased when people do stupid things. She harbours a fiery temper that emerged from her youth due to being the constant target of her siblings.

Around people she knows she is much more caring and considerate, as such she has been described as "an ice queen to strangers, a passionate woman to friends". She is also very protective of her children and while not normally a violent woman, she can display a savage attitude when her family or someone she is very close to is threatened. Believing herself a woman of high station she constnatly concerns herself with the people her offspring associate with, beliving each one deserves a gracious mate from a prestigious house. This sometimes alienates her from less noble-born people as she sets up mental barriers of belief that such peopel do not deserve to be with, or perhaps interact with "those of her priveliged uprbringing".


Like all draconis, her education, upbringing and military service have made her somewhat proficient with weapons. While not as skilled as others she knows such as her husband, she is still capable of defending herself.

Her lifelong interest in biology has made her a proficient scientist and anatomis, being able to recognise and diagnose hundreds of known plant species at a glance. Her intent study means she also recognises a few insect species that such plants depend on. She is also versed in naval logistics from her ten years in the Imperial Talon Navy.



Green face.pngI respect you, and you have my trust.


Yellow face.pngHrmm...

  • Tyraz - Uriel is fond of him, he is a well-mannered Zazane, I am not sure about his son however.
  • Kezoreg - Uncouth little brat.
  • Kithworto - A pleasant man, my feelings are mixed about Alessa's feelings towards him.
  • Guolivian - He is a politician and a friend of the Crown-Prince. My sentiment to him is indifferent.
  • Arkarixus - For a warrior he is quite well-mannered. I remember being drawn to Uriel for the same reason.


Red face.pngA mother's fury is something that should be feared.

  • Volkarus Khaxvis - If your thugs threaten my offspring again I will personally break their spines!
  • Taremanon Valocanus - Why... why turn on my hasband like this?


May my darling wife's beauty never tarnish with age.

- Uriel Ultanos

I can see some Kormacvar traits in her personality. At least she seems polite.

- Arkarixus

I keep getting you confused with someone else.

- Koluap

Perhaps the only person I would never tangle with in a conflict. I wouldn't stand a chance.

- Tyraz


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