Do you wonder why gods find us mortals so repulsive? Simple. We are all a mess: We are ruled by instinct, influenced by fear, driven by the fear of inevitable oblivion. We are the chaos to their order, but under their idea of order, we cannot survive. I fight for the right to live.

- Alasta

Merisalir Alasta (formerly Alasta Cadanis) is the seniormost officer of the Grand Inquisition's Purgatory Guard. A mysterious and by-any-means officer, Alasta has spent msot of her career performing the guard's duty of safeguarding key Inquisition installations. As of the twenty-ninth century AD however, and with the collapse of the Grand Inquisition's realspace forces in dissaray, Alasta has emerged from hyperspace with legions by her side ot pick up and complete what the Grand INquisition has failed to do, and now launches a crusade dep into Segmentum Adniliho.

Alasta's career is mostly unknown to most, but her equipment and body speaks for itself; boasting next-gen armour and weaponry in her arsenal, Alsata has proved herself a confident and uncompromising opponent. Rumours circulate however that she has somehow found favour or at the very least notice with higher powers.





Standing at a height of 3.4 metres to the crown, Alasta is one of the larger examples of Draconis in the First Gigaquadrant and her body is adorned with terracotta-red scales on her body and a series of larger umber scales over the top of her head and down her stomach and back. She has long stands of dark blonde hair that she keeps in a narrow arrangement behind her head at all times. Her eyes are a solid amber with tinges of blue in the centre of the iris.

While she is an enhanced Draconis like Volkarus Khaxvis or Prodigy, Alasta's genetic enhancements are more subtle and can more easily pass of as normal. Her muscle physique, while indeed noticeably athletic, is not extreme in its appearance. Present in the skin under her scales is a vast network of black circuit-board like thread patterns that spreads across her skin and tints her veins black, her scales mostly hiding this aberrant feature save for faint patterns within the scales themselves. Carved onto Alasta's left peck is an infernal glyph given to her by the demon Maleus, which begins to glow whenever he is nearby.


Alasta is a mostly cold individual due to growing up in the isolating nature of the Inquisition's training regimen and thus keeps ehr feelings to herself, doing her best at all times not to let her emotions compromise her under stress even when others would break down and panic. With this confidence and stoic nature is a hint of arrogence or perhaps overconfidence i nher abilities as she radiates a sense of authority to all around her. This stoic nature is not perfect however, and on occasion she has displayed a "calm fury" towards others who irritate her or fail in her orders, but only rarely does she resort to violence towards her subordinates, saving her anger for the nemy.

Along with her periods of quiet anger, Alasta has shown herself ot be arrogent, perhaps even overconfident in her abilities. Potentially from the effect of one or more of her implants, Alasta has displayed signs of frustration and taken it upon herself to do what others fail to do, often scolding those who dissapointed her before rushing into battle. She occasionally shows signs of contempt for her subordinates and her opponents, somehow believing their status in existence is below hers.


Alasta always goes into battle with a high-end set of powered armour produced for the Purgatory Guard which is upgraded and customised to befit her station as the Guard's marshal. While most guards' armour is coloured in a glossy ort matte black, Alasta's armour is coated with brass detailing to display her station to her allies, with enhanced built-in shield generators to compensate for the fact such armour would also highlight her as a priority to her enemies on the battlefield.

Alasta's body is host to an impressive degree of cybernetics gathered form across the First Gigaquadrant and surgically implanted deep inside her body, including enhanced synthetic muscle, brain augmentations, reinforced bone, sub-dermal armour and interfacing systems between her brain and her armour. The most intriguing piece of tech inside her body is an interfacing unit far beyond the make of most modern powers; most likely believed a precursor relic. In the years this device has spent inside her body, it has enhanced her cybernetics to another level and upgraded her sub-dermal armour to make her skin nigh-impenetrable to many forms of solid-projectile and close-combat weapons up to a point. The implant also enhances her cognitive functions.

Alasta possesses several glands in her palms and inside her mouth that produce a psychoactive agent that she can disperse into the air either by controlled compressive force (for the palm and skin glands) or by exhalation with conscious intent (for the mouth glands). These fast-acting chemical agents weaken an inhaler's willpower and can cause hallucinations, loss of balance and can hyper-activate the amygdala within seconds of inhalation.


Alasta's rise through the ranks ar edue to an impressive track record on field missions, able to adapt operations on-the-fly, she is a skilled tactician and a charismatic woman to her subordinates. While her age is classified, her skill (even without the significant support of her enhancements) is characteristic of a Draconis with a few centuries of expertise under their belt, and is thus deadly with a wide variety of close-combat weapons. As a member of the purgatory guard, she has spent centuries studying the various witnessed types of demon encountered by forces across the universe.

Alasta's implants and genetic enhancements make her several times stronger than normal, augmented further when wearing a strength-enhancing body glove. She is capable of throwing almost 1000kg (at least) of mass over her shoulder. This strength is also evident in her bounding steps and in the pressure she can apply when pinning don or holding up opponents. Numerous cranial implants and intense Inquisition training have also made her a gifted mentalist. As well as the usual capability of throwing tanks with her mind, Alasta can telepathically inspire or intimidate those around her, a trick she uses in conjunction with various psychoactive agents released form her body to cause tailor-made hallucinations in interrogation victims and field opponents alike. Often this combination is used to cause fear or intimidation in enemies, making her appear as some variety of demon, including fooling victims into observing abilities not natural among most sapiens. Some cases she has spread these agents across a battlefield and used a wide-area telepathic suggestion to turn lesser-willed soldiers against each other.



Blue face.pngThere are few people I can consider a true ally.


Yellow face.pngI may have a use for you...

  • Prodigy - You will do as I command, or I shall terminate you.


Red face.pngOblivion shall open its maw and swallow you whole.

  • Samhinuhrankal - Your days of torment are limited, demon.
  • High Inquisitor Arsac - I shall mount your head over the Grand Cathedral's nave for your betrayal.
  • Geltastra - You and your pawns will pay dearly for stealing from the Guard.
  • Saminhurankhal - I will find a way to expire you, demon.
  • Maleus - Your visage is an insult and your obsessions are borne from madness.



[Forget oblivion. I will swallow you whole.]

- Samhinuhrankal

Even the most dedicated Inquisitors fall to the very side they wished to defeat. Lets hope this one doesn't.

- Unknown


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