Mahanyans generally belong to either the Mahanyan Republic, and by extension the Cult of the Deathmarch, or the Mahanyan Empire. However, there is a rather minuscule group that chooses to remain true to their nomadic desert warrior nature, who instead of being bound to a certain civilization, choose to journey across the stars. They journey across countless stars until finally, on one day, they suddenly popped up in a weapons proving ground of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Their advanced ship was bombarded by the weapons fire and utterly destroyed. However, amidst the carnage floated a single Mahanayan mother, floating across the vacuum of space, and scanners indicated that there were life signs inside of her. Her carcass was taken to a ship and surgically ripped apart by lasers to reveal a still living Mahanyan baby.

The baby, who was supposed to be born an hour from the death of her mother, was infected with the Ultima Servillis serum, enhancing his already formidable strength, intellect and stature to truly monstrous proportions.


Akemainyu, like the other overseers was first educated at Stnabridge. At Stanbrdige, he was a very successful student, winning awards and the acclaim of some of his fellow students in subjects such as philosophy and sometimes even mathematics. He was, like many Dominatus, able to see the links between theoretical physics, pure math, as well as metaphysics in order to synthesize views on the universe as well as to apply it to regular life. Athletically, he was also quite successful, being able to hold his own in many competitions against other Dominatus in things such as martial arts contests.

Unlike other overseers, Akemainyu was never bullied in school, as he always got along very well with his Dominatus peers due to his intimidating physique and his academic performance. Rather than engaging in brawls with the Dominatus, he became friends with a great many of them, friendships which still remain even to this day. Where Dynasts like Cravidor were willing to befriend any Dominatus in their desire to be accepted, Akemainyu only associated with the very best of them, be them Dominatus Alpha, Beta or Omega. Many of these Dominatus went on to become successful themselves, and this can manifest in such individuals funding his programs more than others. Whereas other Dynasts thus needed to secure the backing of a single influential patron, Akemainyu and later his Eternal Guard drew their patronage off Dominatus high society as a whole.

As an essence using overseer, he was educated at Oxvard, where he performed very well. Although not the most powerful of essence users, he was able to synthesize his physical skill and essence prowess together to be one of the better warriors in the school. Recordings of his training show almost perfect interchangability on his part between using essence and using physical weaponry such as swords and guns.

However, like all other overseers, the stress of study made impacts on his personality in more ways than one, as the presence of study and training for each of his waking hours made dents in his psyche. He however, vented his rage in a rather productive way, using it in order to improvise weapons, better his codebreaking ability, and create new ways in which to kill an organic being or destroy an inorganic object. He handled his studies very well and graduated Oxvard with high honors.


Gifted with his own unit, the so called Eternal Guard, Akemainyu lived up to his name as a subjugator of worlds. In the one year that he has been operational, with only 100 men under his command, he has managed to subjugate countless dozens of worlds for the Tyranny already and to put down as many slave revolts. This has earned the Eternal Guard a rather fearful reputation, something the Dominatus boast rivals that of the Mahanyans in the Cult of the Deathmatch.


Akemainyu maintains the personality of a typical aristocrat, being indifferent to most happenings unless they directly involve him. He carries himself witha very graceful and arrogant composure that intimidates almost everyone he meets. However, beneath this cool and calm exterior is also one of the finest warriors in the Gigaquadrant, with a berserk fury that would make most people think twice before engaging him.


In addition to his monstrous strength and toughness, Akemainyu is an extremely talented swordsman and marksman due to his training in the Dominatus education system. In battle, he carries two weapons, a monstrous two handed laser katana, and a bolt action rifle that fires streams of molten metal at relativistic speeds.




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