A new day has begun for the Syndicate. Our dominance of the underworld is assured!

- Aiora Xaeymea

Aiora Xaeymea is an Ausare crime lord who currently leads the Cyrannian Syndicate, upon usurping command of the organisation from the imprisoned Flovos Pretio during the New Cyrandia Wars. Once a high lady of Riijan, Xaeymea abandoned the high life to travel the galaxy as a smuggler, becoming infamous for her quest to accumulate influence in the vast underworld of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Becoming one of the wealthiest criminals in Cyrannus, Xaeymea orchestrated the fall of many other crime lords and syndicates, before seizing her chance to usurp Pretio's control of the Syndicate, and in so doing, becoming one of the most powerful beings in the Cyrandia Cluster.


Early life[]

Born on Riijan to a noble family, Xaeymea abandoned her family when she came of age to travel the stars as a smuggler. In command of a stolen freighter, she first came to the attention of the galactic underworld when she attacked the legendary Vaults of Orvan Secundus. Dropping out of lightspeed, she fired a single torpedo from orbit, loaded with a deadly neurotoxin, which killed all those in the facility within minutes. When the last guard had died, Xaeymea and her crew plundered the vaults, becoming one of the wealthiest criminals in Cyrannus. Throughout the decades, Xaeymea would rise through the ranks of the Cyrannian Syndicate through murder, blackmail and threats, consolidating her power throughout the reign of Flovos Pretio. Though Pretio had put a massive bounty on Xaeymea's head, no bounty hunter in the galaxy dared attack her, not due to her combat skills, but rather her skills of blackmail, which essentially made her invulnerable. During the New Cyrandia Wars, Xaeymea orchestrated Pretio's downfall, working closely with Éaltar Gauisa to undermine his leadership of the Syndicate. When he was arrested by the New Republic, Xaeymea immediately seized her chance, usurping control over the Syndicate from her throne on Tar Kuuraen.

Personality and Traits[]

Charismatic and calculating, Xaeymea is the most powerful criminal currently active within the Cyrannus Galaxy. Though she's over three centuries old, Xaeymea possesses an eidetic memory and has amassed an extraordinary repository of information of famous individuals across the Cyrandia Cluster. Using this information, Xaeymea has become the singular master of blackmail, more than willing to utterly destroy the lives of her enemies if they dare cross her or her rule over the Syndicate. Her unique skills in this regard have made her above reproach by both the Empire and the New Republic, with both seeking to curry her favour in the dark days of the Second Great Cyrannus War.



Blue face.pngWhat do you need?


Orange face.pngI'll frakking tear off your skin and wear it to your mother's birthday party.


When I get out of the joint, that Ausare harlot is the first on my kill list.

- Flovos Pretio

You look like you belong in Hyposirius, not in my galaxy.

- Rivergron



  • Xaeymea's appearance is based on Aria T'Loak from Mass Effect.


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