Clotholaire was strong enough to destroy armies. Ahdramilús was strong enough to raise armies.

- Kinmorunddraver World-Walker

Aqasha Bamah Biajattiq Shaayuttun Zadidhi Ni'i, (Dalmiri: Aqaša Bamā Byajātiq Šāyuttun Zadidhi Nī) known in later life as Ahdramilús the Immutable, was once an immensely powerful dark magic user who lived on Koldenwelt and a servant of the Simulacrum Caligaduro Provectus.


Born Aqasha Bamah Biajattiq Shaayuttun Zadidhi Ni'i in the northern wastes of Feiridrro in the Talmyr region of Koldenwelt, a city built upon the ruins of a Void Fortress, Dalmiri Humans such as Aqasha were under constant threat of dark powers being drawn to the area - namely dark creatures, the undead and would-be sorcerers who would seek to further their powers by exploiting the dark remnants of the city. The constant fascination with the dark powers of the void had eventually caused Aqasha in his early adulthood to study the schools of magic; Dalmiri Humans at the time were not adept in the use of magic, yet Aqasha demonstrated almost masterful capabilities within years. By the time he was in his mid-forties, Feiridrro had been evacuated completely as the now named Ahdramilús had dominated it, to the point of where the city guards and nobles feared to tread heavily among his power. Exploring the ruins of the greater fortress, untouched by the Dalmiri for over eight thousand years, Ahdramilús discovered the Chalice of Havoc; an artifact attributed to Caligaduro Provectus, the Simulacrum of Destruction. The chalice offered immortality to whoever drunk from it, at a cost of one's own soul being stolen every time one did so. Ahdramilús had used it to its full ability; binding his soul with the chalice amid many other attempts to achieve immortality, including the Mask of Voracity. He effectively transformed his body into that of a lich, his soul intertwined with the magic of the void.

As his powers grew, Ahdramilús' determination to dominate the known world had also grown. Much of the Talmyr region was completely subservient to Ahdramilús, having risen an army of undead across the western world. Whilst it had appeased Caligaduro with such power, almost two millennia of terror had eventually reached the ears of the Legion of Shiarchon - having reservations of Ahdramilús' will. It had come to Lord Akharav's attention also, that Ahdramilús intended to raise an army of almost one hundred million undead, enough to completely eviscerate Koldenwelt of its own armies and lay siege to the entire world - including the Shiarchon. With Imperator Kalarah, Akharav marched westwards across the world and confronted Ahdramilús, of which was easily outmatched by the two other servants, killing him and storing his body and artifacts within a Dalmiri Fortress known now as Ahdramilús' Rest. The Talmyr region owed their gratitude to the Legion of Shiarchon who in turn introduced religions in the Simulacra, whilst Akharav sought out to claim the Chalice of Havoc to no avail. Many modern Dalmiri claim that the soul of Ahdramilús still lingers within the fortress he rests in.

Ahdramilús' legacy within the modern world is both one of admiration and villainy - studies within dark magic tend to regard Ahdramilús as the greatest necromancer and dark sorcerer of his time; most or all practitioners or those interested in the arts of dark magic would claim that Ahdramilús' degree of magic was both awe-inspiring and unnatural. Those who live in the western world see Ahdramilús' legacy as one to forget as much of the world at that time was oppressed by him. Feiridrro in recent centuries has been repopulated and used as one of the few dark magic schools in the world. Contemporary experts within dark magic often say that Clotholaire and Ahdramilús were two sides of the same coin - one using dark magic to do good, whilst the other to do evil.



A self-fashioned suit of armour was worn by Ahdramilús during his days as a lich; it bore vague resemblance to Void Denizens though his own input into the design had made it appear more unique. The armour was colours of black, granite and silver, of which the two most notable features were the mask, somewhat similar to the helms of Dalmiri Men at the time, and the claw-like appendages that come from his back, likely as a form of imagery to intimidate those who ever laid eyes upon him. Ahdramilús was a tall Dalmiri Human, though it is believed that years using dark magic had deformed his body somewhat beyond normal proportions.


Within recorded history, Ahdramilús is regarded by many as one of the most powerful dark sorcerers who ever lived; though this claim is often contested by Witch Clotholaire due to more historical records existing of Ahdramilús. Ahdramilús' sphere of influence had obscured much of the northwestern world, having spawned numerous golems of his own design to enforce his will. His tampering with the Chalice of Havoc had increased his powers further and seemingly into no limit at the time of his death - modern historians agree that Ahdramilús did indeed have the capability to rise an army of one hundred million. Whilst sources claim that Ahdramilús was a practitioner of void magic, it has been highly implied that Ahdramilús was solely a Dark Source user of whose soul was claimed by the powers of the void - hinting at some degree of compatibility between the two magics. Ahdramilús' presence within the world had darkened the environment around him to the point of life dying, freezing or deforming to some degree - the Lightless Plains are what remains of his influence.


No historical record tends to allude to Ahdramilús' personality, though many would insinuate that Ahdramilús was a wholeheartedly malevolent being. Having been influenced by the legends of Ka-is, the first human to attain immortality, much of the necromancer's ethos (and many modern necromancers) were adapted from that of Ka-is. Ahdramilús would have been no exception, even through to his servitude to Caligaduro Provectus, of which some believe that Ahdramilús intended to supplant Caligaduro's influence on the world as a god of destruction by destroying the rest of his servants.


Aside from the Chalice of Havoc, Ahdramilús' signature weapon was a longsword named Nether - the sword's properties to freeze whoever was struck by it with a deathly chill and its ability to cause paralysis is now a legendary weapon among both warriors and dark sorcerers alike. The sword was of incredible sharpness and blackness that was only second to Darkstone - and often radiated with a black aura of death around it.



Yellow face.png "Perhaps; you should die later."

  • Caligaduro Provectus - "With the chalice, I shall replace you and ascend to godhood on this god-forsaken realm."


Yellow face.png "Dare stand in my way; and my sword shall find its way through your heart."

  • N/A


Red face.png "Ašavaqinttursha'i!"

  • Imperator Kalarah - "Die, Imperator!"
  • Lord Akharav - "I heard of the stories of the demon of the elves. I am not impressed."



Nús damǽnuríyt ahhēnṓludravamut aés. [And thus; your reign was ended.]

- Imperator Kalarah

A battle of servants. Only the strongest remains. You failed and your life is now our toy.

- Vargash