- Agnassana

Agnassana Neroth'aina is the former Mandator of Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the leader of Cyrannian Radeons, now one of the important officials of the Imperial Intelligence. She is a ruthless, power-hungry woman who is ready to commit horrible atrocities to further her goals.


Early life[]

Agnassana was born in the average family on the planet Sanctuarium in the Milky Way, and she was noted by her teachers to have great talents in sciences. Despite her good life, she despised the theocratic regime of the Radeon society, seeing it as outdated and rotting. Instead, she wanted a world of freedom where those who were truly worthy became rulers - like heself. When she was 20, she was sent to the humanity as a student together with her younger brother Zionar. There became fascinated with the human history, admiring the glory of many warlords and dictators of human history and how humanity was constantly warring with itself, purging it from the weak and improving itself.

After finishing her studies, Agnassana has become a scientist and was living a relatively peaceful life - a life of a lowly worker she hated. After the March of the Apocalypse, when the Masaari Crusade has been destroyed, Agnassana's homeworld was attacked by Xhodocto. She has decided not to follow Tadjamad in Dei'Ar and instead managed to flee and find refuge in United Republic of Cyrannus, where her new life has begun...

As a senator[]

In the URC, Agnassana has beсome a politician. After the fall of Dei'Ar Theocracy, many Radeons have fled to URC, and Agnassana has used her charisma to form a political movement from these refugees to restore the glory of their species and create the new empire. Eventually, she has managed to persuade the Republic Senate to start the colonisation of a new sector in Cyrannian Mid Rim, and her followers has begun to settle there. Agnassana was elected as a ruler of this sector and has created a new state - the Republic of Miragna, a member of the URC.

During the Great Cyrannus War, Agnassana has started the systematic genocide of the inhabitants of the Anastasis sector (as the territory of the Miragnan Republic was named), who were members of the CAS. Her cruel campaigns of conquest and terror have led to near complete extinction of the primary species that ruled the Anastasiss sector before, Wexord. There were rumours she even used Purity Virus to destroy Wexord colonies.

As a Mandator[]

After the United Republic of Cyrannus has reformed into the new goverment, Cyrannian Empire, Agnassana was promoted by Tyrómairon to become the Mandator, a governor of the Anastasis Sector. In the first year of the Emperor's rule, Agnassana spent her time planning and scheming, seeking to increase her power even more.

Her first move was to suppress the anti-Imperial movements among the Wexords, who now were under her control. Initiating a series of ethnical purges, she has succeeded to leave Wexords terrified and aware of the power of the Empire, while those few who have continued to resist joined the Confederate holdouts. Despite this, her plan was successful and she increased her authority greatly.

As she continued to plot for power, however, she faced a crisis as the Emperor became aware of her plans to assassinate other Outer Rim Mandators. Soon, a large Imperial fleet has invaded her domain, Anastasis sector, and took her to Orbispira to be punished. Surprisingly though, Tyrómairon has spared her, giving her a new position where she would be more useful. Now a commander in the Imperial Intelligence, she, reluctantly serving the Emperor, is working to enforce Imperial rule in Cyrannus - and beyond. Rumours are, the Emperor sent her on a mission to Quadrant 21.

Personality and Traits[]

Agnassana's personality is twisted and dual, a fact that scares both her subordinate and superiors. Generally, she is polite, intelligent and cunning; but she can quickly burst into impulsive rage when someona has displeased her or when her plan is failing, ready to exterminate billions to further her goals. This combination of cold scheming and fiery anger has made her a powerful politic and an excellent servant of the Empire - if not for her lust of power that dominated her mind. Agnassana is willing to murder anyone who stands in her way, which has led to her forceful removal from the post of Mandator to her new position in Imperial Intelligence.

Agnassana is not a warrior, her main weapons being her charisma and iron will. A powerful speaker, Agnassana can easily sway others to her side. While she may claim that she serves some goal - be it the glory of the Empire or the restoration of the might of Radeon species, in reality her ultimate loyalty is only to herself. The only person she is truly loyal to is the Emperor Tyrómairon himself, created by a mix of fear, respect for his power and their shared goals of enslaving everything under the Imperial rule.



Face threatened.png...


Yellow face.pngWe can work together...

  • Imperator Tyranus - One day, your mantle will be mine, and people will glorify the Grand... Mandator... Agnassana.
  • Zillum - ...
  • Tyrant - We are on the same side, but that's all.


Orange face.png...

  • Iovera IX - Still clinging to the old ways? Hah! Pathetic!


Red face.pngTo you, death would be... a gift.

  • Zionar - Brother, I believed we could get over this... but you have chosen the path of most resistance. So be it.
  • Xor Nazar - Pathetic Wexord...
  • Apollo - You were weak and you have got what you deserved.


From Herself[]

God... is... power. Consider me a priestess of power.

So bold and foolish.

Power is not a means to an end - it is an end. The object of power is power.

There can be no loyalty without pain and terror.

I'll ensure that the last moments of your life - no, they will not be the moments of torment and horror, no. They would be the moments of servitude and obedience. You will serve me, whelp.

From Others[]

Power corrupts...

- Senator Zionar of the Rambo Nation

Bah, you're nothing but a raptor slave.

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

Gee. Crazy woman.

- Baptarion Light

Uggh. These Imperials make me sick.

- General Nakatar of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance

A power hungry rat? How pathetic.

- Morgandaûr

A cunning and cute Radeon, none cannot claim she is succesful in her plans to gain power.

- Empress Ramashe

Hehehe... She will help us crumble those pathetic remnants!

- Lore Enema, Leader of the Zranazm Ipico

Another corrupted by the lure of power in the Galactic Empire. How many more of these guys do I have to go through before I can give that Emperor Tyrómairon a well-deserved sock to the face?

- Captain Lorrelas

Ah the cute and cunning Agnassana, though higher in rank her holo-images make me drool! I wonder how good she would be in dancing?

- Mortikran

I will have no qualms to end your... career if you even begin to show disloyality. Remember that.

- Tyranus

Consider yourself extremely lucky I wasn't present in your capture. Extremely. Lucky.

- Tyrant

A dagger in my back? My dear, I doubt you could reach.

- Savra Mathen

Watch your attitude, little girl.

- Moch-Na

You know the illusions of Chaos, mortal. Come. Serve me.

- Khazurhal Angazhar

An arrogant mortal. One who thinks their political power is greater than most of the Gigaquadrants individuals. It matters not. No matter what you think you are, you are still weak. Maybe not politically, but one can topple you like a house of cards if they tried.

- ???

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