She shows incredible affinity with her Agent IV cybernetics. Unique kind of synergy with Thirteen; it should be explored more so we could use his abilities more. Though she is, as Zonmnakhéron said, and I quote, every bit as dangerous as him though with a level head. We may have found our new Commander Nineteen before we even finished building her.

- Kicathian logs on Tau's evaulation, c. 2767

N4-19, otherwise known as Agent Commander Tau, is the commander of the Tau Program of the Agents. Along with a small outfit of Agent Commanders, Tau is an intergalactic figure noted for being involved in wars that have affected the history of the Gigaquadrant. She is thus a celebrated figure among the Kicathian race.

History Edit

There is no recorded history of Tau before her creation as an Agent IV, though implications are that she was born in a similar time to the other initial Agent IV candidates. Tau volunteered into the Kicathian militia in 2758, under the role of an engineer (this might give light on her history, likely attending and receiving an education in engineering in the Kicath Empire). Her otherwise outstanding knowledge in engineering, among increasing capabilities in technological mediums, and later a remarkable athletic prowess made her a candidate for the Agent IV program once it was viable. She was later inducted in 2759 and began the transformation into an Agent IV, though at the time, scientists wished for observations and thus the initial stages were not complete until 2766. During this time, not only did Tau's cerebral function increase, but her athletic abilities were invested in particularly. By acrobatic definition, Tau was quickly known as the fastest living Agent, and when deployed to Occasus thirteen years before completion. It was there that she met Agent Nu on a presumed insalubrious encounter, though eventually became partners before the end of the year-long session.

Tau and Nu were placed together in missions, along with other initial Agent IV prototypes in 2767. The pair displayed somewhat strange synergy in multiple reconnaissance missions, some labelling them to the point where they were 'two sides of the same coin'. By 2779, in her eventual completion into an Agent IV, she was given her own large task force of Agents to command following the disbanding of the previous Tau Program. Both Tau and Nu were still placed together in full outfit after 2780, though split not long after as the Agency wished for Nu to perform 'classified tasks' of which remain classified to the present day. Tau was later called in by Agent Nu to serve in the Second Borealis Galactic War alongside Sarec, Hachiman, Venoriel, Vekaron, and Agent Zeta, Agent Upsilon and Agent Eta, eventually participating in the salvation of the galaxy. Not long after, she and the Agents on the same campaign fought in the Third Xhodocto War, which resulted in a strategic stalemate although they considerably slowed down the Dominion of the Xhodocto's progress in advancement.

Tau was later instrumental in the Kicathian Dissension, partnering with other Agents again to reclaim the territories of the Milky Way Galaxy for the Kicathian Republic. She has since remained in the Milky Way territories with Agent Psi, ousting any signs of resistance.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Tau resembles every other biologically female Agent in the Kicathian Agency, thus bearing no significant traits. However, she is taller than average for a Kicathian female, standing taller than the average male at over three and a half metres in height. Tau's current set of armour, her third since the Borealis War, is a fifth-generation suit of armour that was released in the late 2790s. Though her previous suits were of darker colouration, Tau shows no real disdain for the silver sheen.

Personality Edit

Retaining an idiosyncratic personality for an Agent, Tau shows a strange sort of enthusiasm for her missions whereas most Agents are stoic on the entire matter. This enthusiasm translates well into coping in otherwise catastrophic situations, and most importantly to the Agency, her ability to create an effective partnership with Agent Nu. Her dominating personality allows her to gain some sort of control over Nu, frequently to comedic effect to others. Many are intrigued as to how Tau managed to keep Nu in line before he effectively abandoned the Agents.

Abilities Edit

Tau's most valuable ability is her analytical nature which provides her with masterful capabilities of engineering and mechanics. During the Third Xhodocto War, Tau redesigned a Dominion shuttle with the assistance of the Hyperborea Caretakers and a small outfit of Kicathian mechanics, though the schematics were entirely of her design once she interpreted the Dominion's workings. Her chosen enhancements which interface through her armour suggests that Tau is capable of hacking almost any known mechanism within given reason. Tau's additional physical prowess, disregarding her incredible physical feats as an Agent by default, renders her as the fastest known Agent, able to sprint at over two hundred miles an hour without any hindrances.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green face "Let's go."

  • Kithworto - "My leader and mentor, and a very wise Kicath."
  • Agent Alpha - "Sir."
  • Agent Nu - "My pair. A nut, but the good kind of nut."
  • Agent Upsilon - "You are certainly a grizzled war veteran."
  • Agent Psi - "Since I'm no longer with Nu, I have to keep someone in line."
  • Agent Zeta - "Hm. I've always considered getting the refocus module for long distance."
  • Agent Eta - "I wonder what happened in your life to make you so bitter."
  • Arkarixus - "Your technology...I wonder how much of it I could figure out."

Liked Edit

Blue face "I'm not usually accommodating for people, though you're not just anyone."

  • Vekaron - '"So he's a galactic figure of politics now? Interesting."
  • Kitanúniama - "I suppose I have to thank him for my existence."
  • Hachiman - "Kicathian women aren't...well. Their biochemistry would kill you."
  • Sarec - "I suppose you and Kithworto are more alike then you'd like to admit."

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "I don't have all day."

  • Fre'kloar - "Man up. Even I'm more masculine than you."
  • Tuolog - "Is the battlefield suitable for a being of your trade?"

Disliked Edit

Orange face "Get away from me, pest."

  • Kalcedia Myran - "Keep your hands to yourself, before I shoot them off."

Enemies Edit

Red face "Let me get this clear. There's no way you're winning."

  • Agent Xi - "A disgrace. I may not have met him, but his reputation lives."
  • Arsac - "You're not an Inquisitor. You're nothing much more than a pawn now."

Quotes from others Edit

I definetely need to get in contact with whoever had this Agency idea...

- Chief Major Xerkea

I guess even complete sociopaths can find a pair!

- Koluap

She's so beautiful...I wouldn't mind being torn open by her.

- Hachiman

Is she Nu's sister or something? Because she does act like a big sister for him.

- Baptarion Light
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