N2-23, known also as Agent Commander Psi, known more commonly as Agent Psi is the commander of the Psi Program of the Kicathian Agents. Psi is one of the most well known of the Agent Commanders, having participated in multiple galactic wars nearing the end of the 28th Century. He is well known among the Kicathian Agency itself for his massively destructive battle plans, as well as staving off a grizzled, sombre demeanour with fervent alcoholism.

History Edit

Little is known of Psi, aside from his birth date and his prominence in recent years. Being born somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy in 2666, and enrolled into the Agent Program in 2684, Psi has seen multiple centuries of experience as an Agent - rather often, such lengths of service as an Agent Commander grants one a great deal of respect in the Agency itself. Psi was selected to become an Agent as his skill set capitalised on raw endurance and willpower, which now mirrors well on his performance in the battlefield. Like all other Agents, he was sent to Occasus and was later selected to become the commander of the Psi Program.

Him and other Agent IIs; notably Agent Eta and Agent Upsilon were of great importance in culling political uprisings in the following centuries. Much of these political uprisings were stopped by mass killings and suppression of the population - which, though under Imperial decree, was met negatively by the Agency, and Psi had fallen into depression over the incidents. though Psi rose to prominence as he was drafted into the Second War of Black Fog to quash the presence of The Corruptus among many other fledgling insurrectionists to maintain peace in the Milky Way. He was later a part of the Third Xhodocto War, where he survived the conflict and later returned to maintain peace in the Kicathian Republic following the events of the Kicathian Dissension.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Psi has undergone multiple variations of his armour, the most recent of which he acquired in 2809. Psi tends to wear a suit of medium-heavy armour akin to Shocker units, which lay suppressive fire on the battlefield through the medium of heavy ordnance weaponry. Psi is rather of fond of the Kicathian red hue, and has had the colour scheme on all variations of his armour through the decades. He is on average much taller than a common Kicath, standing close to four metres in height, and such his build is more muscular than most. Though the technology implemented into is body has halted him from aging, Psi appears to be middle-aged aesthetically.

Personality Edit

Psi's light-hearted temperament through the means of severe alcoholism is an oddity among Kicath, whereas most Kicath are cold and analytical in comparison. Psi's alcoholism hides his stern and aggressive demeanour - brought on by decades of mass killings authorised to cull insurrections through the Kicath Empire. He has a great dislike for political corruption, and his life experiences has made him highly introverted when not inebriated.

Abilities Edit

As an Agent II, Psi possesses a degree of physical power and resilience that even the most advanced weaponry of the age would find difficult to cause Psi harm; Psi's willpower alone, even when intoxicated can easily outperform other Agents. Psi is among the most physically potent of the Agents altogether - only Agent Alpha is thought to outmatch him in brute force. Other than that, Psi's characteristics as an Agent rank him as among the Gigaquadrant's most dangerous individuals.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green face "Let's do this. But first...a drink."

Friends Edit

Blue face "We're lacking real firepower here. Any volunteers? No?"

  • Koluap - "You've lost your edge. You need to go back out there."
  • Hachiman - "I'll give it to the kid. He's got spirit."
  • Sarec - "You're a little...odd. Though we're all odd here."
  • Kalcedia Myran - "Doesn't do anything for me."

Neutral Edit

Blue face "Agent Psi. Probably nice to meet you. I would talk more, but...Agent laws."

  • Kezoreg - "Seems more fun than the human."
  • Lemmo - "Man up!"

Disliked Edit

Orange face - "Hmph."

  • N/A

Enemies Edit

Red face - "I'm going to bash your skull in."

Notes Edit

Quotes from others Edit

Fun most of the time. Probably as insane as Nu, come to think of it.

- Agent Zeta

Imagine him in a sugar rush. Dal'nuyr save us all.

- Agent Mu

I think I'm gonna like this guy!

- Koluap
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