Systems online...threats scanned. Destroy all targets.

- Omega

Agent Omega (Kicathian: Ω Tagarai, real name classified) is a rogue Meta-Kicath who is the bodyguard and main attacking force behind Agent Xi.

History Edit

Agent Omega was born around 1722 KED on planet Soralon-7, a militant outpost on the outer regions of the 25 central colonies of the empire. Because of the heavily classified information of the Kicath Empire, nothing else is known of his past before his career as an agent.

Time as Agent Omega Edit

During the Kicathian Agency, Omega befriended Agent Xi, who both shared a hatred for Agent Sigma. Xi's plots to kill Sigma often called upon Omega's strength and somewhat straightforward nature. One plot had turned bad and backfired almost fatally on Omega. Some details on the extent of Omega's injuries include fourth degree burns over his torso, broken limbs and torn muscles, as well as heavy inflammation in his eyes and skull. In 1781 KED, thirty minutes after the incident, Omega was rebuilt into a highly advanced Meta-Kicath.

Reconstruction Edit

An operation to revive Omega took over 17 days to fully rebuild him. The details of the operation was similar to that of an extensive augmentation, in which is now illegal in the empire, because of Xi reprogramming Omega to obey him.

Since then, Xi and Omega have coordinated numerous terrorist attacks across the Milky Way and once attempted to strike the Kraw Satellite. After an apparent crash landing on planet Terrida, Xi and Omega encountered the Hakonian 4TH01 and were paid 4.6 million Kladeis to mechanize Commander Zavrhos. Xi had done a fairly poor job in mechanizing Zavrhos to limit his abilities.

In the Kicath Empire, Omega is the #1 on the Empire's Most Wanted.

Personality Edit

Omega before and after his mechanization was a fairly obtuse Kicath, only able to receive orders and was a near silent Kicath for his lack of language. Omega was easily swayed to one's stronger opinion and by doing so was brainwashed by Xi into becoming his bodyguard. Omega, however managed to see insults and aggressively retorted, usually killing who insulted him.

Now, Omega's personality fits his body - a machine. Omega only attacks when needed or ordered to.

Abilities Edit

Omega, even before mechanized was a very strong Kicath, outmatching Kithworto in strength. Omega could lift over 14,000 lbs (6,250 kg) of weights and could hurl them with little effort. Due to this, it is believed that Omega was a rare subspecies of Kicath who were taller and far more able than the common race. However, because of the mechanization, it cannot be distinguished.

Now because of his mechanization, Omega is stronger than before (seen lifting over 40,000 lbs of vehicles) and has heightened perception. Xi's rouge satellites are able to operate on Omega in order to identify targets, flight patterns or threats. Omega also has various integrated weapons in his body, for instance, his tail shoots a red high-powered laser that has been seen to fell buildings.

Allies and Enemies Edit

Allies Edit

Yellow face "Serve."

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "..."

Enemies Edit

Yellow face "Crush."

Quotes from others Edit


- Zr'Ahgloth

Ah, so he is dangerous? I wonder if that can prove useful...

- Falrik Zaarkhun

Any enemy of ol' spiky man is an enemy of mine! Also I looked way better as a cyborg than this guy.

- Captain Koluap

I could reprogram him for a better purpose...mine!

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

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