We know it was you, Nu.

- Classified authorities on a recent metropolitan disaster

N4-13, known otherwise as Agent Commander Nu is the head of the Nu Program of the Kicathian Agents. Nu is an intergalactic hero, having been involved in multiple galactic wars, though his notorious record for reckless and insane behaviour overcasts him as an individual of ill repute. Nu is known across the Gigaquadrant as an intergalactic hellraiser, having vast criminal records in each galaxy.

History Edit

Nu's extensive knowledge of the Borealis Galaxy leads many to believe that he was born in the now-known Kicathian Republic in 2741, though no-one except the authorities of the Kicathian Agency know for certain. Much of Nu's life is classified before his assumption of the role of an Agent - he was recruited by the Kicathian military in 2759, and, realising his potential, filed him into becoming one of the first Agent IVs. Nu's process into becoming an Agent IV was highly criticised at the time - even before the procedures began, Nu's psychological profile branded him as too much of a hazard to undergo the transformation. This was overruled by Kitanúniama Zonmnakhéron, the head trainer of the Agents, who wished to weaponise Nu's 'difficult' personality. Within the same year, Nu was operated on to have his body enhanced into the Agent IV program, though in its larval stages, Nu's transfer to the initial stages of the Agent IV was not completed until 2766. Much of Nu's reputation as an Agent came from his earliest years; combat training proved trivial to him - a known story between Agent culture is that Nu had killed fifty-nine training subjects in under a minute with his bare hands.

Though by their standards not ready to be deployed, Nu was sent to Occasus thirteen years behind schedule. Even at this stage, Nu showed promising yet odd affinity to the Agent IV synthetics, and that later the authorities of the Agency kept a close eye on his abilities. Though the terms of Occasus' training program - that was, survival of the fittest of many Agents against themselves, and that many Agents teamed up, Nu showed bizarre initiative to go alone. Surrounding stories of Nu's year on Occasus became legendary among Agents - that by himself, Nu was said to have terminated five thousand other candidates. Another premature Agent IV that was sent was Agent Tau, and whilst most details of their first encounter is unknown, it is believed that Nu and Tau became close friends on Occasus.

Between 2766 and 2779, it is thought that Nu and Kilchárunya encountered each other. Both individuals tend to remain quiet on the subject, though it is known that Kilchárunya is frightful of Nu. After 2779, Nu underwent the last procedures that completed his integration into the role of an Agent IV. By 2779, the Kicathian Agency had accelerated the process of the Agent IV procedure, and had began to mass produce Agent IVs, of which Nu was selected to become Agent Commander of. The previous Nu program had disbanded following the death of the Agent III commander, and thus Nu was given his commonly known name at that time, his original name and history stricken off the records.

Despite Nu's psychotic and ruthless method, he at times displayed almost supernatural cognitive prowess in battle, which in special task forces allowed him to lead strike teams of him and other selected Agents. Following many reconnaissance missions between 2780 and 2788, Nu was called in to assist a team consisting of Sarec, Hachiman, Venoriel, Vekaron, and later his own team of Tau, Agent Zeta, Agent Upsilon and Agent Eta, assisting in defeating many threats against the Borealis Galaxy. He and later the Agent team were pivotal in the Third Xhodocto War, and in the process of the war reunited with his sister Kilrasinnyá, though sacrificed his own life and killing her in order to save the team. Inadvertently, the team traversed the plane of existence known as Insomnia, learning that his earlier possession by Santorakh, temporarily granting him the ability to manipulate Chaos Energy, had allowed him to survive the blast that was thought to have killed him.

Retrieving him from Insomnia, albeit through many trials, they escaped the realm with Nu returning. This however, broke Nu mentally beyond his already fractured psyche, additionally rendering him immortal from taking his body from Insomnia. Nu's madness eventually caused him to part ways with the Agency after the war ended in 2798, effectively going rogue. In his life after the war, Nu began taking holidays and frequently causing trouble, with little to no success of apprehension from any authority.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Nu's identity as an Agent IV has rendered him virtually identical in appearance to every other Agent to create a sense of anonymity between them. He is, however much taller than most Kicath, standing at four metres tall, even without the alterations with his armour. Though identical to every Agent, there is an inexplicable sense of terror that clouds Nu's visage, often picked up upon by foreign beings. Nu has also gone through multiple suits of armour, requisitioned by the Agency. His current set of armour, his eighth since the Borealis War, implements highly advanced technology that aids his perception as an Agent.

Personality Edit

Nu embodies the incorrect stereotype of the Agent; his exploits and behaviour on the battlefield has caused the Agents to suffer a bad reputation. Nu however is in the exceptional minority that his psychological profile made many reconsider him becoming an Agent in the first place, though his deviation from the rules has reaped success in the past. Nu's personality shifts erratically, usually between an almost hedonistic prospect to a downright violent and dangerous individual. Despite such, Nu has been briefly noted on infrequent periods of considerable sanity, though these are rare. Nu's most dangerous prospect is a 'berserk trigger', which when exploited throws his personality beyond reason and into feral nature. Nu has recognised this as highly useful in some situations.

Abilities Edit

Because of Nu's psychological profile, almost every state-of-the-art technology has been restricted for Nu's use on somewhat obvious risks, and further every individual Agent that comes into contact with him. Regardless, Nu is often considered the most able and lethal of the Agents, even before he was rendered immortal. His records in observation by the Kicathian Agency and on Occasus has made Nu legendary despite frequent scrutiny by older Agent Commanders, though even beyond otherwise critical damage to Agent IVs, Nu has been shown to be almost capable of cheating death. One instance shows him to survive a direct Borealis Grox drone blast, and when berserk, his physical capabilities seem to increase tenfold. After his experiences on Insomnia, Nu's immortality has granted him complete physical invulnerability, though at a cost of removing his essence capabilities entirely.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green face "Alright. If I steal your stereo system, you'll know who it is."

  • Agent Tau - "Okay I won't steal your stereo."
  • Agent Alpha - "Haven't seen much of you around."
  • Kithworto - "Uh. Okay."'
  • Agent Zeta - "I don't see a point in peace when there's quintillions of idiots who don't get the word."
  • Hachiman - "Well. I know now not to underestimate humans with hormone issues."
  • Arkarixus - "Walking ice-lollies with psionic powers. Ladies and gentelmen, Borealis Galaxy."'
  • Agent Eta - "Quit your complaining."
  • Agent Mu - "Bah, screw your essence, I have this now."
  • Koluap - "I wonder whether Kithworto knows of another axe."

Neutral Edit

Green face "Bah."

  • Lemmo - "Don't steal my stereo."
  • Uriel Ultanos - "Okay, right. I won't break your plant pots if I ever get into your palace."
  • Santorakh - "I hate you. And don't hate you at the same time."
  • Sarec - "Stop sapping me into unconsciousness! Wait, that sounds wrong."
  • Tuolog - "Erm."
  • Apollo - "Don't you Libertus sip tea from cups?"
  • Kilchárunya - "..."

Disliked Edit

Green face "I might rip you to bits. I might not. Don't get your hopes up."

  • Kalcedia Myran - "Okay, you might have a curvy figure but that doesn't go down with the fact I'm a Kicath."
  • Venoriel - "I DON'T GET WHAT YOU'RE SAYING."
  • Stigmathea - "YOU NEITHER."

Afraid Of Edit

Face threatened " Nope."

Enemies Edit

Green face "I'm going to turn you inside out. Kaþáratzí first."

  • Agent Xi - "Deserting the Empire. Treacherous bastard."
  • Arsac - "I'm going to enjoy shooting you, that's for sure."
  • Kilrasinnyá - "You are not my sister any more."
  • Xaltsa - "What are you, like, Santorakh in a stupid outfit?"

Quotes Edit

You remind me of me...except you're bigger.

- Koluap

Get your own ship, please.

- Vekaron

Insane supersoldiers sound inefficient in my standards...but this one is not actually that bad.

- Arkarixus

I seriously need to get myself some soldiers like this.

- Xerkea

losa man dis guys propa arrogant i swer

- Fre'kloar

He a good soldier. He also rather reckless at times! I have to like him though. He funny.

- Tuolog

Incredibly strong and tough. A brilliant soldier he is, but with blatant ego issues.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

Very effective and a deadly soldier to have by your side... were it not for the fact he should have been section eighted a long time ago.

- Operative Corteus

You would be a much better soldier if you weren't so...Nu.

- Baptarion Light

People need to stop confusing me with you, seriously.

- Agent Mu

You would make a fine clown!

- Xaltsa

The more I witness your shenanigans, the merrier my life will become.

- Nar'karaex

We believe a great deal with the Kicathian Republic's technological expertise is crafted into Nu's armour. If only we could successfully retrieve it without carnage.

- Delpha Coalition of Planets secret service

Trivia Edit

  • Nu is frequently regarded as one of Xho's best characters.
  • Nu also tends to break the fourth wall. He often comments on the plot, the setting and other elements of a story that usually mocks the user.
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