I get the feeling all the people who aren't completely scared of me end up dead. Oh well. I honour them by killing demons for all of them.

- Agent Mu

N3-12, otherwise known as Agent Commander Mu (Kicathian - Núnān Tagárai) is the leader of the Mu program of the Agency of the Kicathian Republic.


Attack on the Kicath Empire

Mu encountering Arrtkar Crowart

Other than the fact he was born in 2681, very little is known about Mu's past. As an Agent, Mu was very successful, gaining fame for nearly breaking Agent Epsilon's record of greatest jumping distance in the Agency.

Mu was, notably, involved in the Second War of Black Fog, where he was attacked by Arrtkar Crowart when the planet he was stationed in was attacked by Laidar. Mu had the idea of using several anti-aircraft cannons and fired them directly at Laidar's mouths, causing considerable damage to the demon. Mu defeated Arrtkar in combat and Laidar retreated, and while the colony's infrastructure was heavily damaged, great part of it survived. Following this incident, Mu dedicated himself to help defeat the Corruptus from the Milky Way Galaxy, joining forces with the Dracogonarious Empire in their effort to bring them down. Mu participated through most of the war, including the final battles against Errr and Shu'rimrodir.

In the following years, Mu was one of the Agents given the opportunity to be dark-ascended by Kithworto, alongside Agent Tau. While Tau refused, Mu accepted and was given Death Energy, much to Agent Nu's annoyance. He later fought in the Third Xhodocto War, going through many planes of Chaos and facing all kinds of demonic threats while watching his fellow Agents die in battle. Once the team succeeded their mission, Mu was the only one to return to the Kicathian Republic to resume his Agent activities.



Mu has a rather usual Kicathian personality, shown sights of aggressive xenophobia much like other members of his species. However, he is somewhat more passive and can learn to respect outsiders if they prove themselves worthy on his eyes. Mu has a sense of justice when it comes to the supernatural and shows immense loathing toward demons, especially the Corruptus. He has specifically studied the Corruptus in order to fight them the most efficient way possible. Due to their similar names, Mu and Nu often get confused with each other, much to their annoyance. Mu is somewhat intimidated and at the same time annoyed by Nu's apparent jealously over his dark ascension.

Mu has notably shown disregard for authorities, going as far as being completely informal in front of his superiors. Because of this, he has been punished several times and carries scars over his body inflicted by Kithworto. Despite being punished by things such as Dark Energy shocks, Mu has never done any effort to change his style. If anything, his dark-ascension had made him even more informal due to how it powered him. Despite all this, Mu has shown clear sights of loneliness, due to his frightening and demonic appearance. He has little company and even his subordinates refrain from staying too close to him. Because of this, Mu enjoys participating in missions alongside the other Agent Commanders, who don't display the same fear as all other Kicath do.


Due to Mu's integration with Death Energy, the left side of his body has been distorted by the essence. He has organic qualities and near-demonic horns sprouting from his left shoulder, as well as a demonic left hand. He wears black and red Agent armor resembling that of a Shocker-class warrior.


Other than the usual physical prowess shared by all Agents, Mu possesses small quantities of Death Energy. This allows him to perform things such as telekinesis, and while he is nowhere near as adept as Kithworto, he possesses the ability of negating Essence powers and draining energy from things, allowing him to fight other Essence-powered users with an advantage. Mu has been trained to specifically fight Essence beings and as such uses anti-essence weaponry and armor. Being dark ascended, Mu is extremely powerful, but his training and specified equipment has given him disadvantage when fighting conventional weaponry, making him a "glass cannon" by Agent standards.



Blue face "Let's get it done, shall we?"

  • Kithworto - Sir. I still got that scar from when I called you "shiny".
  • Agent Alpha - Sir. I don't see you in action very offense.
  • Agent Nu - Yeah, yeah, he's powerful. Screw him, though.
  • Agent Tau - She knows her stuff.
  • Agent Psi - Come on, you're embarrassing us.
  • Arkarixus - You actually look like you know what you're doing.
  • Tharaqím - Nicer than I imagined.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "And you are?"

Enemies Edit

Red face "If you want to die, you don't have to ask twice."

  • Agent Xi - I don't care if you were right about the Empire. You're still a Kiltaránkisiatékagazátazhatmanaí.
  • Agent Omega - Reprogram him to serve us. There, two birds with one stone.
  • Arrtkar Crowart - I swear, if I see you again...
  • High Inquisitor Arsac - I knew you were no good.
  • Agent Chi - A bastard turned demon bootlick. It fits you, really.
  • Santorakh - Seriously, stop stalking us!



Kiltaránkisiatékagazátazhatman, give me those powers!

- Agent Nu

So I could have looked like that. Hmmm.

- Agent Tau

Teehee, Agent Moo.

- Hachiman


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