Chi is a rogue member of the Kicathian Republic Agency. His nature as a Kicath Agent makes him a one-man army by Borealis standards. Possibility of involvement of a higher power serving as his master exists, and as such, Chi is preferable to be captured alive and sent to be questioned by Agent Commander Alpha. If not possible, termination is ordered.

- Official report on the PCA's Most Wanted list, c. 2795

Chi, known also as Project Incognito and N4-22 was a former Agent Commander of the Chi Program of the Kicathian Agents. He became an galactically-renowned criminal during the Ice Age after he turned rogue and later served Angazhar, becoming a Class A threat under the Polar Crystal Alliance.

History Edit

Chi was considered a unique case in the history of the Kicathian Agency, as he was not recruited into the Agency at an early age. Chi was the brainchild of a private-sector, classified Agency experiment that was overseen by a now disbanded think tank. He was in fact created in vitro and thus never received a normal childhood like most Agents had. Chi was in fact originally named Project Incognito due to his lack of traceable biological relatives and was experimented upon even at a comparatively young age. Project Incognito was created with an adult build in mind and was the prototype ideal for what would later become the Agent IV program, and received psychological conditioning treatment since his conception in a stasis tank 2760 up until 2779, when the Agent IV program was now in its proper stages. He was never sent to Occasus for the intense survival scenario, as those overseeing the Agent's creation thought it was not necessary.

Project Incognito was revealed to the other Agent IV commanders; Agent Nu and Agent Tau the most significant. Agent Chi, as he was then known displayed a disappointing interaction with Nu and Tau and thus remained apart. Chi's own program, consisting of almost five thousand Agents was in fact, during Chi's command of it, overseen by the Agency due to the fact that Chi's psychological conditioning had rendered him unable to cope with others. This was initially the case, though Chi had soon adapted to other Agents and eventually gathered a small squad in which he was set out across the Borealis Galaxy to learn patterns of pirate activity for the Agents. Chi soon became involved in disrupting their operations; mainly killing key figures in mid-transit. This earned him a reputation among pirates and Agents, of whom Nu and Tau treated him as too machine-like to be a Kicath, though Tau regarded him as the 'ideal Agent'.

In 2794, during the Ice Age period, Chi became involved with the Penumbran Vekaron, each taking a dislike to each other as their paths crossed twice. Chi hindered the Penumbran's mission, and later became enemies after it was thought that Chi had entered a partnership with the enigmatic entity known as The Benefactor. Whilst this was somewhat true, he, Agent Xi and Agent Omega were manipulated by the Xhodocto known as Angazhar, and whilst Xi and Omega remained oblivious to it, Chi grew increasingly aware of Angazhar's presence. Chi was responsible for the assassination of Vindevus Ultanos, heading the Draconid Imperium colonies in Borealis, which eventually led to the withdrawal of their presence in the galaxy. It was evident that before the assassination, Chi gained a second body of a nanotechnological nature.

The last that was seen of Chi was on the Borealis capital of Hyperborea, following an assault of both a pirate raid and Angazhar's own forces. Chi, in his second body assumed the form of the Benefactor (Vekaron having killed the real Benefactor beforehand) and was slain by Vekaron and his team. Despite his death, Agents have come to believe that in one way or another, Chi escaped death, and may still be roaming the Borealis Galaxy, though there has been no mention of him since.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Yellow face "Acknowledged."

Friends Edit

Yellow face "Get to the point."

  • N/A

Neutral Edit

Orange face "Don't piss me off."

  • N/A

Disliked Edit

Orange face "Shut your mouth. Before I rip it off."

  • N/A

Enemies Edit

Red face "Death, and a violent one is your only choice."

  • Pirate Factions "Criminality is synonymous to suicide."
  • Vekaron - "Idiotic. Your authority means nothing."
  • Wragrot - "Let's see how your pathetic peashooter fares against my fist, khámasamnakitrantánma. [old man.]"
  • Kilchárunya - "Árazazhamalí'mítara, kilsántau. [We'll see, 'little girl'.]"
  • Gardin - "Kilsántauaí [Stupid little girl]."
  • Vansenk - "Chuchúnamnakasaraí. [Weakling.]"
  • Kamaris Vorava - "Your silence is virtuous. Remain like that, Mahanayan."
  • Kithworto - "A...councillor!?"
  • Polar Crystal Alliance Council - "If you don't like blood being spilt, perhaps you should be governing children, not a galaxy."
  • Penumbra Unit - "Effective. If you like being controlled by senseless idiots."
  • Agent Alpha - "Die."
  • Agent Nu - "You psychopath."
  • Agent Tau - "Hm. You were alright."
  • Agent Zeta - "Peace is not the answer for barbaric criminals."
  • Agent Upsilon - "Perhaps more control should be set on crime."
  • Agent Eta - "I find your cynicism irritating."
  • Agent Mu - "Die, you arrogant excuse for a Kicath."

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

Watch your tongue, if you enjoy having one.

- Arkarixus

Oh great, now we got an excuse to rip him a new one.

- Agent Mu

More Kicath trying to make things difficult. No matter. You'll be another one for me to add to my trophy hall.

- Torrent

He's the most credible Agent within the Agent IV program...but his personality makes you want to whack him over the head with something heavy. It's the ideal mindset for a machine, but nothing more.

- Tau
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