I have come into direct communication with Agent Alpha on one or two occasions in the past. Three things you should know about him. One, he heads the command of over one hundred thousand Agents. Two, psychological conditioning for Agent IIs suggest they are short tempered. Three, Agent Alpha has a shorter fuse than most Agents. Not even with the state of the art weaponry would I dare push my luck with him.

- Kamaris Vorava

Supreme Warlord Kitzíntauchon Rāmalánaon, known among others as Supreme Commander Agent Alpha is the leading figure of the Kicathian Republic's Gigaquadrantic Kicathian Naval Forces and Kicathian Agency. A war hero from both the War of Ages and the Kicathian fronts of the Second Borealis Galactic War and many Kicathian wars between, Agent Alpha is the most celebrated military commander of the Kicathian race in centuries. Alpha is also one of numerous commanders of the Pax Infinitus Armada, contributing to an effort for Gigaquadrantic protection.

History Edit

Kitzíntauchon Rāmalánaon was born into the affluent Rāmalánaon household in late 2641 on the Kicathian homeworld of Paclernos. An ancient name of which in the modern times has sizeable and successful investments in private and public sector technology, Kitzíntauchon was from a young age influenced in the military branch of Kicathian society. Having joined the Kicathian Naval Forces in 2659, his initiative and knowledge of the battlefield had granted him a quick success in gaining prerequisites to be promoted to a first-rank naval commander, being given his own Chimera-class Destroyer at a remarkably young age. Perhaps against the wishes of what his superiors wished at the time, Kitanúniama Zonmnakhéron, the overseer of the private sector Agent II program had suggested that Kitzíntauchon's military prowess would better serve him in private matters.

This eventually led to him undergoing the Agent II transformation in 2710, and was trained to become the Agent Commander of the Alpha Program by 2717. Empress Kilishau, the head of state of the Kicath Empire at the time suggested to Zonmnakhéron that, with Kitzíntauchon's background as part of the Rāmalánaon household and with his success as a commander of the naval forces that he would, by 2750 become the next Supreme Commander of the Agents. This was seen to as Alpha was deployed on many missions across the Kicathian territories to quell resistance and invasions by dissidents of the Kicath Empire, and by 2754, was deployed across many battlefields in different fronts in the War of Ages, later being recognised as a heroic figure in Kicathian culture.

The Borealis Consortium Network declared war on the Kicath Empire in 2788 as the Zí-Jittorám commander Skhánaróton -01 invaded a mining colony that Alpha was present on. Following a short yet arduous fight between the two commanders, Alpha sought to wreak revenge on the Consortium by sending Agent Nu to a strike team that would later become directly involved in saving the Borealis Galaxy. Immediately after the war however, Alpha was involved with Kithworto and Nu to liberate the Kicathian colonies of Borealis following a coup on Paclernos that later caused a schism and a short war between the Kicath Empire and the newly established Kicathian Republic. Alpha was pivotal in establishing the Agents' presence in Borealis in the late 2780's.

Alpha was shortly part of a plot to oust the presence of The Benefactor, an enigmatic presence in Borealis that threatened the galaxy. Asking assistance of Vekaron and his associates of the Penumbra Unit, Vekaron brought the Benefactor to justice, though only partially as the Xhodocto were manipulating the role of the Benefactor to their benefit. Alpha led a large force of Agents to protect Hyperborea as the Xhodocto and other forces centred in on it. Not long afterwards, Alpha was recruited by Kithworto to aid in the concurrent Third Xhodocto War, in which he succeeded in slowing down the Dominion of the Xhodocto.

The most recent events involving Alpha was the Kicathian Dissension, where he again aided Kithworto and other Agent Programs in invading the Kicath Empire's Milky Way Galaxy colonies and re-establishing democratic presence in the Kicathian territories.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

As an Agent II, Alpha was spared from the anonymity procedure that the later Agent IVs underwent to protect their identities. Thus, Alpha shows the appearance of a middle aged and battle worn Kicath, his exoskeletal shell became permanently scarred and scuffed in the wars he has fought. Alpha's left eye has been additionally permanently damaged from his fight with Skhánaróton, and though possessing the technology to repair it, prefers not to. Alpha's height of over three and a half metres makes him taller than the average Kicath, thus placing him in the stereotypical characteristics that Agents are taller than the average Kicath. His current suit of armour is a fifth-generation prototype that he acquired in 2796, and has remained his favoured armour since then.

Personality Edit

The psychological conditioning of Agent IIs, by effect makes Alpha significantly short tempered. He rarely dedicates time to others and he finds himself most comfortable in the situations of battle and warfare. His notoriously short temper has made him a figure of questionable repute among foreign commanders, notably Draconid Imperium commanders of which Kicath have frequent contact with. However, Alpha's training in both the military and the Agency has given him a penchant for perfection and detail, and coordinative skills beyond that of most commanders.

Abilities Edit

Alpha's induction into the Agent II program heightened his physical abilities beyond that of what normal Kicath are capable of. Though decades behind the Agent IV, Alpha still proves to be of a certain lethality that still competes against Agent IV capabilities. Though he lacks the interfaces that the Agent IVs have, much of the technology of his fifth generation armour grants him similar technological liberties and thus does not have any disadvantages that might falter him in 29th Century combat situations.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Blue face "You don't appear to be annoying. Don't change my mind on the matter."

  • Kithworto - You remind me of your predecessor. Although slightly more...evil.
  • Gavakar - I believe she could stand her ground against the Kicath if she so wished.
  • Tvrae Saeihr - I expect that I will be impressed once I see what you can do.
  • Helo Roslia - I have heard things of this Libertus.
  • Hadruz Kullearm - Zazane and Kicath sometimes grate on one another, though not always.
  • Agent Tau - She may be the head of intelligence, or even the Agency itself one day.
  • Agent Nu - It is frustrating to clean up after you.
  • Agent Upsilon - It has been a while since we last set out on a mission.
  • Agent Zeta - I hope that mentality of yours hasn't softened you.
  • Agent Eta - I needn't worry about you.
  • Agent Psi - ...I'll just leave you to it.
  • Kitanúniama - Will you slow down for once?

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "Hmph. Stay out of my way."

  • Koluap - Kithworto has said good things about you. I am yet to see it for myself.
  • Hachiman - Cheerful little thing. Though I see why the others keep their distance.

Enemies Edit

Red face "You are going to look good splattered all over the floor."

  • N/A

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

The skills of the Kicath, and particularly of Agent Alpha, is well known to the crew of the Aeolus. I definitely look forward to the day when I see him in action against those who threaten the security of the Gigaquadrant.

- Helo Roslia
The Kicath
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