Before my... ascension... I was only a user of the technology... Now... I can hear the machines and I can understand them... Now I am one with the machines!

Afnai is the most important leader of the United Federation of Species' armed forces, bearing the title of Great General since the Senate transferred Vankalian to another office. He is also a techno-ascended being whose mind was fused with a planet size AI whith the aim to have the absolute control over the Federation military.


Early HistoryEdit

Little to none is known about Afnai's childhood, specially after his technoascension, when the Federation's agents of the Shadow Regiment destroyed almost all the information about his past. It is known that Afnai had losed his father and mother in his first years of life, before met Vankalian, who fastly became his best friend and the most the closest thing that Afnai had to a family.


During the Great War, Afnai acted as Vankalian's right hand and an eminent military leader and strategist, being was of the key men in the Federation's victory. During the final battle he participated behind the lines, directing the troops. After the Scape, Afnai was selected by Vankalian as his second-in-command and Supreme Commander of the 1st Army Theatry, being the most important military leader in the Milky Way.

Hyperspace WarEdit

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Attero DominatusEdit

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Before his techno-ascension, Afnai was a very tall and muscular Kalixtus, with an unusual blue-colored skin and bigger eyes than the common between his species. After he suffered the ascension, every cell of his body was replaced by a nanobot that exercised the same functions as the cell, although more efficiently. This allows Afnai becoming a "utility fog", a cloud of nanobots that can take any form, but when he meets old friends, tends to adopt a figure similar to his old body.

The above mencionated figure, anyway, has some differences with his original body. His new form has shining eyes and his skin became silver. He also can adopt the form of the whole Network, a planet size AI.


Afnai, before his technoascension, was characterized by his sense of humour and sense of duty, he usually was the most nice and friendly member of the high command of the ISS and wasn't above disobey orders if he believed was right. Afnai was very loyal too, he always felt indebted to Vankalian for saving his life when he was a child, so he spent most of his life as his most loyal soldier and eventually became his best friend and like a brother to him.

After his technoascension Afnai couldn't save his whole personality and suffered a lot of changes in his behavior. He became more powerful, but also more cold and reserved, being a lot more intelligent and less comunicative. Anyway, he continues being loyal and very friendly with his friends. Sometimes he felt a second personality growing in himself, due the presence of the AI in his mind.


Once Afnai was technoascended, his body became a "utility fog", in other words, a cloud of nanorobots able to take almost any form or create almost anything from the enviroment. That's make him one of the most versatile beings in the universe, and also a terrible foe in the batlle.

Being conected with a network that distributes all the information in the Federation, Afnai is literally omnipresent in the federal territory, being able to see any point and listen to any conversation, also he can take remote control of any weapon or machine that he is conected. His vision of any battlefield and almost all the territory of the Federation is described as the image of a third person strategy videogame.


As said above, Afnai can take control over any weapon, ship or machine conected to The Network, so anything in the Federation can count as him equipment. Also he has his own defense system, an experimental hyperluminal missiles launcher.


Blue face FriendsEdit

The information is clear... You are cool!

  • Vankalian - We are one!
  • Edelmut - Yes, I am also ascended, but in a different way.
  • Aranelia - Come on! I am the same...

Yellow face AlliesEdit

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  • Anaxu - You are interesting, but dangerous.

Yellow face NeutralEdit

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  • None yet

Orange face EnemiesEdit

Computer, prepare the hyperluminal missiles!

  • None yet


From HimselfEdit

Listen the call of the machines, they are here and there, they are between us... They are a part of us

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