Once, darkness had not always translated to evil. Of the gods of dark that have come and gone, the Night-Father was by far the most merciful to those who acknowledged him; the one whose wings enveloped the world and lulled it into sleep to rest. As mysterious as he was significant, the night will always bear the name of Aethereus.

- Ancient saying

Kaúvra, also known as Kaurarān and more commonly Aethereus is the supreme god of the night sky and the moons, and the primordial deity of sanctity and universal motion.

History Edit

Along with Aúr and Tlahlávra, Kaúvra was born of the darkness of the void concurrent with the separation of the worlds above and below, caused by Caligaduro Provectus. Kaúvra was the last of the three primordial deities to be formed, and along with his sister-counterpart Aúr took domain of the realms of Zenith and Midnight, whilst Tlahlávra inhabited the darkness of the world before Koldenwelt, something which caused him to disregard his two kin. Kaúvra is the least known of the three primordial deities, no physical trace of his existence is known during the times of the Orichalcum Elf Imperium nor beforehand. The destruction of the Echdrarothrayu is often simultaneously described as either the destruction and death of Kaúvra, or his disappearance.

The history of Kaúvra diverges at this point in time; the Orichalcum Elves continued to revere Kaúvra under the name of the deity Kaurarān, whilst others believe that the Simulacrum Nalashtannylor is either Kaúvra/Kaurarān himself (something at the time the Orichalcum Elves vehemently denied), or a reincarnation, and others believe that the identity of the phoenix Kinmorunddraver is involved in the identity of Kaúvra; whether Kinmorunddraver is Nalashtannylor, Kaúvra, or a reincarnation of either is unknown, or whether all three are one of the same deity is unknown either. Through contact with the Néva race, the only surviving race to have been influenced by the phoenixes, many have come to conclude that the modern translation for the name Kaúvra is Aethereus.

During the times of the Orichalcum Elf Imperium, Kaurarān was a deity worshipped only in minor circumstances compared to Aurārel, though worshipped much greater in comparison to the deity Tlahlarān. During the waning days of the empire nearing 5,000 BNA, worship in Kaurarān was supplanted with the worship of Caligaduro Provectus which was later perpetuated with the formation of the Legion of Shiarchon.

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The true appearance of Aethereus during his time on Koldenwelt or within Midnight is unknown, though many believe him to be a phoenix shrouded in darkness and night, to the opposite of Soldalatel who takes the form of a phoenix that emanates the heat and light of the sun. The Orichalcum Elves believed Kaurarān was a deity of similar yet masculine appearance to Aurārel; a deity of multiple arms and a vaguely humanoid and avian appearance, though his face is often concealed completely to mark his identity as the 'hidden' or 'silent' god.

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Whilst Aethereus's personality is unknown, much of his personality in the times of worship in the Orichalcum Elf Imperium was in fact adopted from Nalashtannylor's personality and Kinmorunddraver World-Walker's personality. Kaurarān was viewed similarly as Nalashtannylor as a righteous deity who was the protector of the Orichalcum Elves whilst Aurārel often represented their wrath and fury. Kaurarān was nonetheless a ruthless deity against his enemies.

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As primordial deity, Aethereus had the power to shape his realms as he saw fit, as well as the creation of immortals and the ability to destroy those that threatened his creation. Aethereus is often attributed as the creator of the two moons of Koldenwelt, as well as all of the stars of the night sky and the patron god of nocturnal creatures and life. Aethereus was also treated as a god of immortality within the Orichalcum Elf Imperium.

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The great entity of night; this being is the culmination of all culture and the reason for the Néva's way of life. We are still yet to answer the question of who he truly is, however.

- Riadmanath

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