If you need something done; I'm your guy.

- Temer

Aeralon Temer was a male Libertus that served as a captain in the Starfleet of the New Cyrannian Republic, commanding the Phoebus-class Star Destroyer Phoebus. A native of the Mid Rim world of Corenor, Temer became a lawless scoundrel after the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus though his loyalty to the democratic tradition in Cyrannus ultimately convinced him to join the New Republic's ranks once it was formed. Turning his back on the life of crime, Temer became a respected officer, though was considered to be a maverick by many of his peers. Despite these criticisms, even his rivals conceded that Temer was a being who gets things done and both him and his crew were often called upon for the most difficult missions facing the Republic. He was killed during the Battle of Thaehos during the opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War.


Early Life[]

Born on the prosperous Mid-Rim world of Corenor in 27 BNE, Temer spent his early days reading about the adventures of those who dare to travel in the great black void beyond their celestial spheres and longed to be one of them. From the time he was a young man, all of his life was prepared in anticipation for the day when he himself would command a ship. As such, he enlisted in the Navy of the United Republic of Cyrannus during the opening stages of the Great Cyrannus War. Though in the first few months of his service he cared little for the politics of the war, over time he developed a deep admiration for the democratic tenets that the Republic was built upon, becoming a staunch patriot.

Temer was a tactical officer on a Republic Star Destroyer for only a few weeks when the war came to an end with the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Distraught that the Republic he loved was cast down in favour of an imperialistic regime, Temer was faced with a decision. Would he remain on the now Imperial-aligned destroyer destined for a life of empty servitude or would he go on the run, seeking those who could help in the restoration of a free and true Cyrannus.

Dark Times[]

He chose the latter. Escaping the destroyer as it returned to the Core Worlds, Temer embarked on a life of lawlessness, making life difficult for the Empire in whatever way he could. In order to make ends meet, he lowered himself to smuggling and often worked alongside the famed duo Tironus Manition and Corva, who operated from the underworld of Orbispira. During his travels during this time period, Temer sought any information he could about the Republic Remnant and often tried to set out into unknown space to find their flotilla. Ultimately though, it was the Republic Remnant that came to him.

Ships, including the Phoebus, gather near Lianna for an important conference.

While on a mission in the Vurdon system, Temer heard of a monumental Conference on Concordia, which would discuss the restoration of the Republic. Overjoyed with the news, he travelled to the Concordia system where he witnessed Apollo forming the New Cyrannian Republic.

Captain of the Phoebus[]

As soon as the New Republic established itself on Apatalore, Temer travelled there and enlisted to join the fleet. His prior service in the Republic Navy during the Great War fast-tracked his rise through the ranks and by the end of the first month of the new year, he was a captain. His skill and bravery ultimately resulted in Republic Command offering him command of the newly launched CRS Phoebus, the first of its class to be launched by Coruaan Shipyards. Quickly proving popular with his crew and unpopular with command, Temer was sent on a mission of utmost importance to the Republic when he escorted Proconsul Apollo to Lianna Station for an important diplomatic mission.

Temer was killed during the Battle of Thaehos in 15 NE.

In 15 NE, Temer was dispatched from Fleet Admiral Gialu Kaedar's battlefleet to participate in the Battle of Thaehos against an invading Imperial armada. Though he fought bravely, the betrayal of Thaehos' government to the Empire caught him unaware and he was unable to escape the destruction of the Phoebus when it faced intense bombardment from the Imperial Star Destroyers Inexorable and Chimaera.

Physical Appearance[]

A typical Libertus male, Temer possessed dark green colouration to his protofeathers, typical of natives to Corenor. Sleek and lithe, Temer kept in shape and was a common site at the gym found on board the CRS Phoebus, to the amusement of some who view him as being overly concerned with how possible admirers see him. Unlike other officers in the Republic Starfleet, Temer decided against wearing the standardised uniform and instead wore a variation that highlights his individuality and his reputation as a maverick.

Personality and Traits[]

Good-natured, intelligent and brave are words often used in praise of Temer. However, vain, cocky and perhaps too informal when it comes to dealing with superior officers are also ascribed to him. In short, Temer was a complex figure who despite his flaws, was fiercely loyal to his crew and the Republic they serve. Due to his service in the Republic Navy during the Great War, Temer was distrustful of the Confederacy of Free Planets, though this minor dislike was completely overshadowed by his hatred and contempt for the Galactic Empire. In private to his senior officers, Temer was known to speak of the future in which the Republic will topple the Imperial regime and restore a galactic republic upon the Cyrannus Galaxy.



Green face.pngThose closest to me.


Blue face.pngNot bad. Not bad.

  • Apollo: An inspiration. Proof that not all politicians have their heads stuffed up their own bottoms.


Orange face.pngYou're getting on my nerves...

  • Taros Cassynder: A terrorist, yes. But I suppose I can agree with some of his goals.


Red face.pngI hope you rot in the mines of Vurdon.


It's almost funny how he can find new ways to annoy those in Republic Command! ... Not that I condone such behaviour.

- Willelmus Cretacea

A nice guy with a mighty ship.

- Helo Roslia

If you ask me, the military needs more free-thinkers.

- Apollo

I don't seek approval from those who seek a return to the old regime.

- Taros Cassynder



  • As the first commander of the starship Phoebus, Temer is looked back on fondly as a historical figure by Aquillius Cretacea, who commands a ship named after it in a future timeline.


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