Commander Silenus deserves the honour of the Penumbra Unit more than any other soldier I've ever seen. He has faced the Grox up-front and killed one of their Dronox Commanders with nothing but superior strategy. That robotic arm he uses? He could get a new organic one very easily, but it wouldn't be as much of a trophy by a long shot.

- Unknown

Aentaeus Silenus was a member of the Paladian race who served as the thirteenth member of the Polar Crystal Alliance's Penumbra Unit, being the oldest member of his species to become part of the organization and being the captain of the vessel known as the Umbral Cloak. Known across the Paladian people as a hero during the Second Borealis Galactic War, he was invited to be a Penumbran due to his great skill and experience, a title he had taken with much pleasure and had made a name for himself among the enemies of the Alliance as being one of the most merciless and dangerous members of the Penumbra Unit. However, due to exposure from a relic associated with the monstrous Regnatus, he lost his sanity and betrayed the Alliance he once served.


Early HistoryEdit

Born at 2,742, most of Aentaeus's early history is classified both in the Civitas and in the Penumbra Unit, making things such as his education and family unknown to all but his superiors. What is known is that he has served as a commander for the military of the Civitas empire for many decades, being famed for his victories at their home sector, especially against insurrections caused by Garukut crimelords.

Aentaeus's most known affair in the military, however, was during the final push of the Polar Crystal Alliance into the heart of the Borealis Grox Empire, where he served under the fleet commanded by Legate Olcinius and organized an offensive which was opposed by a Dronox Commander, the Grox's most powerful warriors and among the most deadly forces of the Borealis Galaxy. Through superior strategy and exploiting his enemy's weakspots, combined by rushing and swarming it, Aentaeus and his men successfully slayed the Dronox Commander and opened the way for the rest of the Legate's fleet to progress, but not before losing his left arm to the Commander's vibroblade. Hailed as a hero for the victory, Aentaeus later ordered a prosthetic arm to replace his lost one, dismissing the idea of growing a fully organic limb for finding the robotic one a much more fitting trophy and memento of his victory.

With the beginning of the Ice Age and the formation of the Penumbra Unit, Aentaeus was chosen to be its first Paladian member, eventually making a name for himself for his ruthless efficiency and lack of mercy for space pirates. Through the years, he has banded up his own team of Penumbran Associates and also adopted the orphaned Essence-using Varkorus Trehikh Loneclaw, wishing to grant him the opportunity of living in a civilized society. Aentaeus was one of the many Penumbrans present during the fall of the New Wranploer Legion, though he focused on space combat and was not part of the ground army who assaulted the pirate empire's headquarters.

The Hollow IncidentEdit

After being assigned to recover a Borealis Grox relic alongside Vekaron, Aentaeus would be indoctrinated by the artificial intelligence within it, leading to the Hollow Incident. Becoming a servant of the awakened intelligence, known as the Hollow King, Aentaeus would use Lanatharch and Vaedoruk forces in an attempt to surrender the Polar Crystal Alliance and bringing an end to modern civilization, as he came to believe Regnatus was a truly divine being who could not be defeated, only pushed back; Borealis' fate was to fall to Regnatus' will, and Aentaeus sought to hasten this so that their suffering would be short and done with.

Despite his efforts, however, he would eventually be confronted by Vekaron ad his group, who engaged him in combat. While the Zoles Penumbran attempted to break Aentaeus free of the Hollow King's control, the evil intelligence took full control of the Paladian, forcing him to fight. With no other choice, Vekaron killed Aentaeus by thrusting his energy blade through his head, putting an end to his misery once and for all.



Aentaeus took the appearance of a tall Paladian with blackened skin, unlike most members of his race. His left arm, severed by a Dronox Commander, was replaced by a robotic prosthetic, and he wore heavy armor of similar material and colouration. His shoulderpads took the form of blades which could retract to hide themselves at Aentaeus's command.


Most prefer to remember Aentaeus for who he was before his fall from grace. He was well known for his ruthless efficiency, something present since his early days in the military, which had made many question whether his tactics were too brutal, though his results could not be argued with. This 'ends justify the means' attitude led him to have very little mercy on those who threatened the Paladian people or the Polar Crystal Alliance, and he would do all in his power to bring them to justice. That was not to say Aentaeus was heartless, however, and he was known to share a very deep bond with his Associates and was noted by his former colleagues at the Paladian military for having a heart of gold, putting the needs of the whole before his own.


Aentaeus had decades of military experience which served as his greatest weapon. His robotic limb granted him impressive physical strength, which came in handy during ground-based missions, though he had always noted spaceship combat would forever be his favored means of dealing with problems. As a Penumbran, he had access to the most restricted armory of the Alliance, granting him access to powerful weaponry such as Alvino particle beams and Seagon-made assault rifles, among the deadliest infantry weapons in the galaxy.



Green faceWe are like brothers on the battlefield.


Yellow faceIs something the matter?

  • N/A


Red faceThe worst mistake of your life.

  • Vekaron - If only you could see what I have seen...
  • Kirlisir - You fight a lost war. Understand that.
  • Gardin - My goal is for children like you to not have to suffer.
  • Kalcedia Myran - Lay down your arms and accept your fate.






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