Aenoch Colos is the casimin Head of Union of the Aekite Union. His original goal as its leader was to create unity and slowly grow, but after discovering the rest of the First Gigaquadrant, he aspires to lead his people during this Golden Age and integrate them into the intergalactic community.


Aenoch Colos was born in 1424 in the city of Prestol, Exapos. Born during the Era of Independent States, his father, Caen Colos, was a member of the Exapos Governnment, while his mother, Raedath Ursis, was a bank manager. His parents were wealthy, and as such, he grew up very privileged. Aenoch attended private schools and received high grades his entire school career. His leadership abilities were frequently commented upon by his various teachers. He attained a full scholarship to Typir University on Diasto. He graduated with degrees in Government Structure and Group Leadership.

On Diasto, Aenoch quickly begin to rise in local politics. At the age of 27, he became the mayor of the most populated city on Diasto, New Stravos. For the next 5 years, he helped the economy of New Stravos grow and unemployment went down. At the age of 33, he ran for the position of Diasto Planetary Governor and was elected. During his governance, the Diasto River Flood of 1459 took place. His response created aid for those who lost their homes, and created jobs for the now-unemployed citizens. These jobs included making sure a river flood to that extent would not happen on Diasto again.

In 1463, at the age of 39, he ran for Diasto Councillor but was defeated by Aedro Voris and Tyan Nhik. After this loss, he began an interplanetary public speaking career and wrote a book, Building a Bridge. In the election of 1468, he reran for Diasto Councillor and was successfully elected, along with Tyan Nhik. When the Council of the Union met in 1468 to vote for the Head of Union, Aenoch Colos was chosen. At the age of 44 years, he is the youngest Head of Union so far.


"The ash of our past has become the fire of our future."

"Our union should be based on faith, tolerance, and justice."

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