Aedanius II is the drone of the Neraida. For the original individual, see Apollo. For the mirror universe version, see Apollo/Mirror.

Your cities will burn. Your planets will be sundered. Your civilisation will be terminated. We are the Neraida. We are coming.

- Aedanius II of Neraida, during his transmission to the New Cyrannian Republic

Two of Two, Aedanius II of Neraida, Primary Highdrone of Core Matrix Twelve was a Caprigrox, cloned from the genetic material of the famed former President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Apollo, to lead the Neraida invasion of the New Cyrannian Republic in 09 NE. Though not a direct copy of Apollo, Aedanius II of Neraida retained the former President's memories from his time when he was assimilated by the Neraida, utilising this knowledge to great effect during the Neraida War. Completely emotionless, Aedanius was driven solely by his desire to exterminate the Republic, thus serving the enigmatic will of the Triumvirate of One.

Upon the end of the Neraida War, Aedanius commanded the Neraida forces as their representative upon the destruction of Sakhmet by Ryen and Helo Roslia. During the final confrontation during the Battle of the Neraida Core, Aedanius served as the last line of defence against the allies, only to be destroyed by the last Nagith, Vanikaimar. His death would be followed swiftly by the destruction of the Gigamatrix when the Aevarin-engineered virus destroyed the Triumvirate of One.


Defence of Angrenos

The Allies defend Angrenos from the Neraida advance.

Unexpected enemy resistance detected in sector 149000. All units, converge. Suppress enemy units.

- Aedanius, during the Defence of Angrenos

Created soon after the Battle of Moreuse during the New Cyrandia Wars, Aedanius II of Neraida was designed utilising the genetic material of Apollo, who was previously assimilated into the Neraida Gigamatrix during the Dark Times. For four years, Aedanius II would study the New Cyrannian Republic from afar, studying the strengths and weaknesses of the Republic military in preparation for the great invasion to come. When the Neraida War began in 09 NE, Aedanius II commanded much of the Neraida fleet during the opening campaigns, demolishing Republic defences on Ithirebor, Barocamar and the Concordian Nebula, with the latter resulting in the annihilation of a large portion of the Allied starfleet.


Vanikaimar battles Aedanius of Neraida.

Commanding the massive Neraida Supercube, Aedanius was undefeated in battle until the Defence of Angrenos, when his plans to obliterate the planet were halted by an experimental Republic weapon developed by the former drone Selanius. Though much of his fleet was destroyed, Aedanius led the remainder of his forces during the Battle of Coruanthor, and despite causing intense damage to the ecumenopolis, was forced to flee yet again.

Leading the remainder of the Neraida forces upon the destruction of Sakhmet, Aedanius was the last line of defence during the Battle of the Neraida Core, personally fighting against an allied ground team deployed to deploy the Aevarin virus. Nevertheless, he was outmatched by Vanikaimar, the last Nagith, who destroyed Aedanius moments before the virus was deployed, which ultimately killed the Triumvirate and heralded the final demise of the Neraida Gigamatrix.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Utterly emotionless and devoted to the singular desire to carry out the will of the Triumvirate of One, the ruling body of the Neraida Gigamatrix, Aedanius II was an exact copy of Apollo based on genetic material gathered during his assimilation during the Dark Times in 02 NE. As such, he appeared more Libertus-like than his fellow Caprigrox and is therefore smaller and less well suited to combat. Nevertheless, his six mechanical legs allowed him to scurry about the Neraida Supercube with efficiency and could also be used to crush any enemies foolish enough to approach. Compared to his predecessor, Khuenaten, Aedanius II had much less autonomy, though harboured a desire to personally re-assimilate Senator Apollo—at odds with the Triumvirate's directive to utterly annihilate the Republic.



Purified faceState your directive.


Purified faceYou will be annihilated.

  • Apollo: You will be assimilated.
  • Selanius: Broken. You will be repaired.


You will not take me. Not again. Your multitude of limbs will not prevent radical dislocation.

- Selanius

We are one.

- Sakhmet

It must be destroyed. The Neraida are a menace which has for too long threatened the people of the galaxy.

- Apollo

He is like... distant hillbilly uncle Apollo?

- Gorf



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