The Collective cannot fail like my people did.

- Advisor Anaxarchus

Anaxarchus Flervio is a Fernei-Tuu escapee, the advisor to the Imperatrix and the second-in-command of the Askelian Collective.


Anaxarchus was born on a currently undisclosed Fernei-Tuu world, which unlike most, was self-sustained and independent. Unlike his peers, he aspired to become a politician, and he became the political leader of his homeworld.

Unfortunately, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus formed, his homeworld was absorbed into the growing hyperpower. Not wanting to become an Imperial, he escaped on an escape pod, which traveled to the Odysseia Region, where he was found by the Collective and taken in.

Word of his political success and skills reached the Imperatrix, and she decided to make him her advisor and second in command, but most of her remaining power was given to Anaxarchus, leaving the Imperatrix as nothing more than a figurehead.

During the Secrets of the Collective event, Imperatric Erzenii was murdered by Éaltar Gauisa. As the Imperatrix had no children, Anaxarchus and the senate had a discussion, leading to Anaxarchus ascending to the throne despite not being a Canebant. However, he keeps the Advisor title in respect for the late Imperatrix.


Anaxarchus is a charismatic, quick-thinking politician. He dislikes the idea of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus taking over his people, but he feels that the Fernei-Tuu people have failed themselves, and so holds no loyalty to them anymore, pledging his life to the Askelian Collective.

Strangely, Anaxarchus has a tendency to gauge people based on whether he thinks he is able to work with them or not.


Anaxarchus appears as a normal Fernei-Tuu, with a somewhat darker coloration than normal, and his head feathers are, strangely, yellow. He wears a specially tailored uniform to fit his tastes, which includes a small yet ornate hat that he wears at all times.



Green face "I can work with you."


Blue face "I can still work with you."


Yellow face "I might be able to work with you."


Red face "I will not, under any circumstances, work with you."


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The Empire is the future, a blind man can see that.

- Guolivian


  • Anaxarchus was created to open up the Collective to be more interspecies.
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