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Admiral Horlin today.

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Admiral Horlin as a young recruit on Vat Teego spaceport. Created by Sporesauce 95!

Admiral Horlin is a fleet admiral, diplomat and crew member aboard the Star Sailor, Kilnok's ship. Horlin, is an example of a non-Grimbolsaurian captain, he is of the Jarzo species, one of the largest empires in the DCP (you didn't think all the captains of the DCP were Grimbolsaurian did you)?

He of course works for the Delpha Coalition of Planets, and is a better diplomat than Kilnok, who prefers more aggressive tactics. He is also very fast, and has a cloaking device, and so is an expert sniper.

Early career Edit

Horlin met Kilnok on Vat Teego spaceport.

Missions Edit

  • Admiral Horlin discovered the lost Chibby colonies.
  • Admiral Horlin has teemed up with Kilnok on many missions.

The Post-Scourge War Edit

Admiral Kilnok decided Horlin should stay in Milky Way Galaxy, to aid the DCP Remnant after the Scourge, Horlin did not agree at first, stating "You will not survive without my help" sarcastically. He now leads the DCP in Milky Way Galaxy, in hopes to defend the DCP and SSA from the invading Xhodocto, it is hoped that eventually, Kilnok and the DCP in the new reality will return.

  • Admiral Horlin however travelled back to Milky Way galaxy. The DCP had been contacted by the Capricornian Sector Alliance by President Wilsa. The two empires knew of each other, but this was the first diplomatic alliance. The Capricorn were being attacked by the Trucinex Imperium, who had nuked their homeworld. However, the DCP dispatched four dreadnoughts, twenty Ion battleships and many more attack cruisers to join with the CSA and Rambo forces who attacked a major stronghold. This was the start of the Trucinex war.
  • Admiral Horlin is now searching for the Murphy Survivor - General Huli, to tell him his people have been brought back after the Post-Scourge War.

DCP Civil War Edit

  • Admiral Horlin was in the first battle, when Eclipsos and the other Warlords went into turmoil.
  • Admiral Horlin was present in the final great battle between the Emperor and Eclipsos.

Intergalactic War Edit

Titanozor and Admiral Horlin were travelling to Moystior, but as they past Oploy Major, Titanozor could sense danger was near, so, trusting Titanozor's instincts, they decided to check out the system and make sure everything was running smoothly. Horlin entered, the reseach base, and the head of operations, a Flixxel said everything was working normally. Horlin was about to leave, when the colony got a holomessage from a Prophet of the Cognati. After a quick angry discussion, the base was attacked, and over 100 Cognatus battlecruisers invaded the system and overwhelmed its defeneses (although the system wasn't heavily defended).

However, the chief scientist revealed that there was a hidden weapon, that was secretly being created for the Council of War, it generated a time dilation field on enemies, slowing down the passage of time, while killing the enemy, it allowed time for reinforcements to surround the enemy. Admiral Horlin had to sneak and battle past Cognatus troops, but boarded a boat and had a sea chase! Horlin won, got to the device amd activated it, when he retuned, Titanozor was fighting but was seriously outnumbered, but then, time slowed down for the enemies, who appeared frozen in space. A while later, DCP reinforcements arrived and blasted the Cognatus out of the system. The cheif wanted give Horlin a gift, but Horlin replied that he was not a hero, but just, a humbled warrior who new that this colony needed help.

War of Ages/Descension Edit

Horlin joined the Emperor, Warlord Tricarrion and other DCP heroes to help Admiral Kilnok breach the walls of Sub-Necropolis, where the sword that would ressurect Kilnok was being kept. The Emperor brought reinforcements, but they were crushed by Kamik'Shi himself. However, the DCP gathered its last remaining forces inside Inferno Realm, and actually invaded the city, all the DCP heroes and captains fighting side by side, including Horlin.

When they reached the building where the sword was housed, there was a security feature only allowing one in, any more would be killed. Admiral Horlin wanted to do it for Kilnok, but declined, saying it was his destiny.

Trivia Edit

  • Horlin wears optical visors, in fact, he is short-sighted without them (although Jarzo vision is so acute, his vision is still better than any human).

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