Oh! Hello!

- The Adjunct

The Adjunct is an Oikoumene artificial intelligence that held custodianship over the ancient and secretive world of Amemoriam for millions of years, before eventually joining with what "he" saw as his "Creators" during the Dark Times. Before that, he was an AI in the service of the all-powerful leader of the Warriors of Revelation, Tyrómaironás.



Millions upon millions of years ago, the Adjunct was mysteriously created by the omnipotent warrior Tyrómaironás in order to act as a custodian to the new Oikoumene factory world known as Amemoriam. The Adjunct was created holding many vast, unimaginable powers deemed suitable for the protector of the power over universes that Amemoriam kept locked away. During his stewardship, he grew to respect and admire the entity known as "Libraé", his master's beloved wife. During Amemoriam's construction, he informed Tyrómaironás of his wife's imminent arrival, however unfortunately for the AI, he didn't meet her.


The Adjunct observes the battle of Amemoriam.

The Adjunct continued to serve the Oikoumene, even after they mysteriously ascended. It is possible that he was not aware that his masters had gone anywhere at all, though he zealously defended Amemoriam from outsiders all the same. In the intervening years, a massive ship graveyard began to form around Amemoriam, due to the Adjunct activating his defences whenever a ship got too close to his prized world.

Advisor to the RemnantEdit


The Adjunct would remain hidden for millions of years. However, this all changed when a small Delpha Coalition of Planets science fleet under the command of Dr.Kenders arrived in the Amemoriam system. Initially, the Adjunct wreaked havoc on Kender's ship, but ceased all hostilities once the Republic Remnant arrived in the system. Hailing the Remnant as his "creators" and "masters", the Adjunct permitted Willelmus Cretacea, Kenders and their team to land on Amemoriam.


The Adjunct and his teammates approach Apollo.

The Adjunct preceded to show Cretacea the many factory universes that Amemoriam constructed and was surprised to see that Cretacea had no prior knowledge of Amemoriam's existence. Nevertheless, he continued to reveal his secrets to the new arrivals. However, when they returned the Adjunct discovered that the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Neraida Gigamatrix had both entered the system and were in the midst of a terrible battle. Seeing this as an unacceptable breach of Amemoriam, the Adjunct activated his defences, destroying all but one Neraida Cube.

When he regrouped with his "Creators", he learned that Apollo was a Neraida survivor on this Cube. As such, he was happy to lend a hand to his new allies and managed to translocate them to within the confines of the Cube. The Adjunct's help proved to be most useful in Cretacea's plan to free his son from the Neraida, even saving Apollo himself using a high intensity laser beam, that dissolved Apollo's mechanical implants. The Adjunct managed to translocate the team safely aboard the Remnant's new flagship, the Spirit of Freedom. While aboard, he accepted Apollo's offer of remaining with the Remnant and as such, he managed to seal Amemoriam away within an alternate dimension until the time when it is needed.

Companion of the Cretacea'sEdit

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus found and absorbed the Republic Remnant into it's imperialistic fold, the Adjunct knew all too well of the dangers his capture could mean for his new found allies. As such, he formed a hyperspacial cloaking field around him, rendering him invisible to all, unless of course he decided to reappear. When the Empire granted Apollo's family free travel back to Capricaerón, the Adjunct accompanied them and now takes up residence in Apollo's luxury apartment in Libertopolos. Following the death of Gianne Inviá he was relocated to the Rambo Capital where he re-united with both Laoi and Kara.


Apollo and Gaius Prentus converse with the Adjunct, while Cassynder insults Apoyran.

Several weeks later, the Adjunct was happy to see Apollo, whom he considered one of his original creators. The Adjunct later travelled with Apollo to Mou'Cyran, during which he was perplexed by the fact that his creators had no influence on it. Along with Gorf, he theorised that another precursor civilisation lived on the planet in the ancient past.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

And what is this? A Republic spy droid?"
"I beg your pardon, follower of the Creator. But I am not a droid. I am an Oikoumene construct and one that you need quite, quite badly."

- Gaius Prentus and the Adjunct during the crisis on the Sword of Peace

During the New Cyrandia Wars, the Adjunct first appeared during the crisis on the Sword of Peace, where he was instrumental in preventing the Cyrannian Syndicate from sabotaging the peace talks between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Free Planets, despite being initially distrusted by the resident Imperial Gaius Prentus. After the events on the Sword of Peace, the Adjunct translocated to the personal vessel of Apollo which was on its way to Mou'Cyran carrying Laoi Cretacea, Kara Inviá and Gorf. When he arrived, he interacted with Thaur Vicliquam, the Cogsangui shiplord disgraced after the Amphryssos Campaign.

The Adjunct was ultimately instrumental in converting Thaur to the side of reason, indirectly playing a key part in the ultimate rise of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, a rebel Cognatus faction fighting against the Cognatus Empire.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Adjunct has a simplified appearance, being made up of only a rounded cube with blue flashing lights. His chassis is a sleek, reflective silver colour made up of a highly resilient unknown material. It is speculated by many Republic Remnant scientists that the Adjunct's chassis is however, made up of solidified hypermatter, but these claims are still under study. It is believed however that the physical Adjunct is only an avatar, and that the real Adjunct exists in ways beyond conventional science.

Personality and TraitsEdit

I am a genius! Hehehehe!

- The Adjunct

The Adjunct is a highly eccentric artificial intelligence and is considered by many, including Koluap to be completely mad. This may have quite a bit to do with the Adjunct's isolation from the rest of the galaxy for millions upon millions of years, which left him quirky and unstable. Nevertheless, the Adjunct takes his duties to Amemoriam and his "Creators" very seriously indeed and is quite willing to completely destroy entire fleets that breach protocol.

The Adjunct is completely omniscient in regard to Amemoriam and in addition has a great deal of knowledge about other Oikoumene artifacts scattered across the Cyrannus Galaxy. However, the Adjunct appears to be incapable of differentiating between his old masters in the Thirteenth Tribe and his new companions in the Republic Remnant. The reasons for this have yet to be revealed.



Green faceI would be happy to assist!

  • Tyrómairon - Your trademark lethality bestowed within me has led to the survival of Amemoriam!
  • Willelmus Cretacea - It is an honour to serve you, Creator!
  • Apollo - The greatest of my Creators!


Yellow faceOh! Hello!


Red faceAbsolutely unacceptable!

  • None yet


What a curious construct you are...

- Apollo

You serve your purpose well, 435.

- Tyrómairon

Cool kid, though he acts like he's on serious caffeine.

- Koluap

You look funny!...And familiar.

- Gorf




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