I will have revenge.

- Adelheidis

Adelheidis was a female Chinawkya who served as the leader of the self-proclaimed True Republic, and as the Praesator of Republica Elen'Nanethia—the colonies of the New Cyrannian Republic in the Quadrant Galaxies. Adelheidis ruled through misinformation and demagoguery, rallying enough support to launch an open rebellion against the government of President Apollo, imperilling Republic stability during the Second Great Cyrannus War. Previously, she had gained notoriety as the leader of the Republic in Exile during the Dark Times, only to be ousted on charges of corruption by Count Apaltar, the future President of the New Republic.

Beginning her political career soon after she moved from her home planet of Ivalaë to the newly formed Republic colonies in Quadrant 82, Adelheidis was regarded as an ambitious and talented young woman, sure to go far in the halls of Republic power. Working her way up the political ladder, she was eventually elected to represent the Pheobao Sector in the Republic Senate. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Adelheidis proclaimed that she would have nothing to do with it, and was soon appointed to lead the Exiled Republic on Apatalore, considering herself to be the lawful successor to President Apollo. A keen historian, she chose the ancient title of Praesator and served in the office for over two years before her fall from power. After her fall from grace, she became affiliated with the Cyrannian Syndicate before rejoining the political arena as the Senator representing the Pheobao once again, though in the newly established Senate of the New Republic. Seeking ever higher levels of power, she was elected Praesator of Elen'Nanethia in 13 NE, riding a wave of anti-Imperial hysteria and distrust of extragalactics into a successful campaign.

In the aftermath of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, Adelheidis refused to accept the legitimacy of President Apollo's fledgling government on Capricaerón, and over the course of the opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War, she gathered allies in a bid for revolution and independence from Cyrannus. In 16 NE, she finally struck, attacking Loyalist fleets and inaugurating the New Republic Civil War. She met her end at the conclusion of the conflict, when High King Rambert Ramveral betrayed her to the Empire, resulting in her death at the hands of Tyrómairon himself.


Early LifeEdit


Adelheidis is made Praesator.

Adelheidis was born into a well-off family on the Chinawkya homeworld of Ivalaë and was the heir to a grand fortune that her family had gained through business dealings with the Rambo Serindia. As a young child, she was very ambitious and was enthralled by the tales of the Cyrannus Galaxy and began to study its history and customs, eventually becoming fluent in several major Cyrannian languages without the use of a translator. When the Cyrannian Republic established colonies in the Quadrant Galaxies, Adelheidis emigrated there against her parent's wishes. She immediately sought to gain citizenry in the Republic and after achieving it began a career in politics in the hopes of sating her hunger for power. Eventually, in the third year of the Great Cyrannus War, she became the senator representing the Quadrantia colonies of the URC but refused to accept the legitimacy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus when it was established.


Zare'Anne: "Alas, I am the legitimate leader of the Republic and justice must be served. With that boy-scout dead, my democratically elected rule can continue."
Adelheidis: "Don't flatter yourself Wings, how many people were actually in your little remnant? What, like thirty or something? I on the other hand led an entire sector until the hat fetishist usurped me. And now he leads a superpower."
―Zare'Anne and Adelheidis express their differences

Soon after the establishment of the Empire, Adelheidis was approached by Admiral Shavalera, one of the last remaining officers loyal to the old Republic. To her delight, she was declared President, but chose the ancient Cyrannian title of Praesator instead. With her new Republic in Exile, she amassed a great deal of power, but was caught off guard when Rambo Nation threatened to close the wormhole to the Cyrannus Galaxy. Adelheidis was outraged and launched an attack on the wormhole, which eventually failed. Nevertheless, the wormhole remained open and the Empire eventually conquered the noble Rambo.


Apaltar confronts Adelheidis.

As time went on, Adelheidis began to seek ways of increasing the Exiled Republic's legitimacy and her own power. To do this, she researched a faction in the Andromeda Galaxy known as Crispy's Insurrection, whose goals appeared to be similar to hers. Adelheidis travelled to the Andromeda Galaxy in order to form an alliance with the Insurrection. Luckily, Crispy agreed to a meeting and formed an alliance with the Republic. When she visited Crispy a second time, she managed to seduce him, seeing him as a perfect way to achieve great power and the universal republic she craved. Months later Adelheidis met with Crispy yet again and discussed their plans for a universal Republic. However, Apaltar recorded their conversation and used the evidence to arrest Adelheidis, thus ousting her from power. The next day, Apaltar gathered the media and recounted the series of events that led to her downfall and was soon named President in her stead. Only a few months later, Apaltar had a hand in the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic, infuriating Adelheidis further.

Road to PowerEdit

I'm amazed how quickly people forget. This is the woman who subverted our democracy during the Dark Times and now she's back. People really are stupid. This is precisely why I prefer Dvotties.

- Eliar Rowna, in a comment which went viral after Adelheidis' election in 13 NE

A month after her arrest, Adelheidis was held on the newly commissioned prison ship, CRS Ramaprica of the New Cyrannian Republic. However, she managed to send a signal to an old ally, Flovos Pretio of the Cyrannian Syndicate, who in turn managed to contact Morglûkia, the most famed criminal in Rambo Nation. Pretio managed to convince Morglûkia to send one of his lheidis' corruptive tendencies.


Adelheidis celebrates her victory on Pheobao.

She later managed to worm her way into a committee founded by President Nexarón Valkistair, to formulate plans to counter a potential Imperial invasion of New Republic space. However, the wily Chinawyka had her sights set on a higher position, and in 13 NE, she ran for Praesator of Republica Elen'Nanethia. Her subsequent election was marked by protests across Elen'Nanethia, and even into the other regions of the Republic. Nevertheless, Adelheidis spent the subsequent two years dodging impeachment attempts and building her popular support among far-right members of her base.

Second Great WarEdit

Opening Stages

When she heard word of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, Adelheidis locked down the borders of Republica Elen'Nanethia, refusing to allow any ships leave or enter, with the notable exception of Fleet Admiral Anuatolian, who defied her orders to aid the Republic's struggle against the Empire in Cyrannus. Putting her grand plan into motion, she smuggled her way onto the Rambo Capital, which had been blockaded by the Empire, and attempted to seduce High King Rambert Ramveral, hoping to have his support against the government being established by Apollo on Capricaerón. She later garnered the support of the Praesators of the Republic's Mirusi and Andromedan territories, and continued to refuse all Presidential orders from Apollo to aid the New Republic in the war effort. In Novemex 15 NE, she finally declared herself independent from Apollo's government, and in 16 NE, officially declared the formation of the True Republic—a movement to overthrow the Capricaerón government.


The New Republic fights against Adelheidis' "True Republic" at Saxhleel station.

Republic Civil War

Immediately after the Liberation of Coru Secundus, Adelheidis invaded New Republic territory through the Saxhleel Wormhole, refusing President Apollo's peace envoy and firing upon the fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera—who once appointed her to the presidency of the Republic in Exile during the Dark Times. Commanding her personal Venator-class Star Destroyer Talon of Veloci, Adelheidis managed to capture many worlds close to the wormhole, including Mos'Notho, ultimately driving Shavalera's fleet away.

Precient to Apollo's advantage in the number of ships, worlds and allies, Adelheidis made contact with the Rihanaen Star Empire and the Jenassian Regency, both of whom sought revenge for their humiliation at the end of the New Cyrandia Wars. With the Rihanaens and the Jenassians on her side, Adelheidis attacked Lloannen and managed to claim the system for the New Republic. However, the disastrous Battle of Iveriú forced her fleets back to Saxhleel, where a combined fleet of New Republic, Cognatus, Mendel and Persan vessels ousted her from Cyrannus, and ended her brief alliance with the Jenassians and the Rihanaens.

Now trapped in the Quadrants, Adelheidis awaited the New Republic's response, which came streaming through the wormhole to Lianna with a massive armada. However, Adelheidis had a trick up her sleeve, in the form of a Rambo fleet under Commodore Malegras. Though they came close to ousting the New Republic from the Quadrants, reinforcements led by Kara Inviá and former President Apaltar arrived, and defeated Adelheidis' fleet. However, she managed to flee to the Rambo Capital, where she began plotting with High King Rambert on the next course of action, now that the Rambo and the Republic were at open war.


However, when Rambert suffered a great embarrassment when the New Republic won a decisive victory at the Battle of Pauvenris, he abruptly turned on Adelheidis, betraying her location above New Capricaerón to the Empire. In what became known as the Last Stand of the Viper, the last of Adelheidis' forces were destroyed by Grand Admiral Tector Decimius, who captured her and brought her to Orbispira. Though a small part of her knew that she was finished, she immediately began plotting her escape from the Empire, seeking to partner with the Regellis Star Empire. When she was brought before Emperor Tyrómairon, she attempted to seduce him, unaware of his true power as an Oikoumene.

Finding that she would not suit his purposes, Tyrómairon began to slowly kill her, using the Darkness to end her life.

Physical Appearance Edit

Adelheidis was universally considered a great beauty, though some reptilian and avian species were known to consider her quite bland and featureless, similar to other humanoids. She was known for her striking green eyes and her long red hair, which was considered quite rare among her fellow Chinawyka. Before becoming Praesator, Adelheidis wore her hair short and was often seen in an informal, but stylish dress. Upon her ascension to the position, however, she grew her hair and began dressing in more regal attire.

Personality and TraitsEdit

While Adelheidis often tried to effect a facade as a well-meaning and sultry beauty who sought self-determination and freedom for all, in actuality, she was cold and utterly ruthless, possessed of a low-cunning which served her well in the murky waters of politics. Consumed by her pursuit of greater power, Adelheidis was willing to cooperate with unsavoury groups such as the Cyrannian Syndicate, and in so doing, displayed a certain shortsightedness, unwilling to accept the fact that her dealings with such a group left her forever indebted to them. Often regarded as a seductress, Adelheidis was not afraid to use sex as a weapon, seducing both female and male rivals to gain power over them.

Though she believed herself to be a subtle master of political manipulation, her history in public life was marred by very low public approval ratings, and a myriad of scandals, including her involvement with Crispy, which led to her dismissal as Praesator of the Republic in Exile in 03 NE. Indeed, while she amassed popular support among less informed members of Republic society, Adelheidis was prone to making rash decisions, impatiently rushing to face her foes, with no thought to the consequences. Such a trait became less noticeable as she aged, however, with Adelheidis displaying a certain ingenuity during the Second Great Cyrannus War, particularly in the months leading to the formation of the True Republic. However, her old faults and shortsightedness ultimately led to her downfall soon after the beginning of the Civil War.



LoveRelationYou are useful.


Blue faceNot the worst.

  • Zevracence - Such a powerful man...
  • Zare'Anne - So long as our interests align, we'll get along fine.


Yellow faceI'm not quite sure what to think.


Red faceI'll crush you if you stand in my way.


A power-hungry, terrible excuse for a leader.

- Apaltar

Definitely a beauty and smart as well, a rare breed.

- Crispy

An ape who fancies itself a queen. She know not what awaits her.

- Mar-Júun

Do hope it's the Republic that gets to you first traitor, the worst they'll do is kill you. There are for more PERMANENT and ENTERTAINING ways to deal with lying snakes like you.

- Sherali

I don't like monkey people. I especially don't like that talky blueberry with feet. If the Emperor wants us to work with them, I will, but I will despise every moment I stay close to that ape.

- Occir'oh Pcisor'ka




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