I serve Rambo Nation. Not the New Republic and not the Empire!

- Adar

Marcus Adar is a male Libertus who currently serves as the Senator Lord of Boreas in the Senate of Rambo Nation. Though loved by his people, Adar is seen as being mysterious by many of his colleagues in the Rambo Senate and dislikes the governments that call his native Cyrannus home, such as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic. Despite this, he is a supporter of the re-establishment of the Cyrandia Alliance and his a great admirer of Ramashe.


Early Life[]

Marcus Adar was born into an aristocratic family on Aquaria, a cold and frigid world in the Twelve Colonies. When the Trucinex War began, the Trucinex invaded and devastated the colony, killing men, women and children without pity. Adar was furious to learn that the Capricorn Sector Alliance neglected Aquaria and instead focused on recapturing Capricaerón. However, several weeks later, the newly discovered Rambo Nation arrived and liberated Aquaria from the Trucinex menace. Having lost his faith in the Alliance, Adar left Cyrannus and settled on Boreas in the Quadrant Galaxies, eventually becoming the planet's governor. To the surprise of Rambo Nation, he requested that the colony join the Nation. Adar and the other citizens of Boreas became official citizens of Rambo Nation during the Second Galactic War, with Adar becoming the planet's Senator. At 04 AQF, when the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War was erupted. Adar wanted to immediately declare war on the Confederacy, but the Senate did not agree to this. Later, after Lizaconda attacked the USS Dallas and Captain Ramcard, Adar used it to his advantage and the Senate later agreed to attack Yadumarth and declare war on the Confederacy. During the remainder of the war he spend his time on Boreas in peace.

Dark Times[]

Proconsul Apollo speaking before the Rambo Senate.

However in 05 AQF's the sixth month the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an emergency session was held to inform the entire senate. Adar was furious, and raised his voice to remain neutral with this new Empire, as it seemed to unify all Capricyránae species. However some senators began to doubt Adar's allegiance to the Nation, which made him furious as he claimed to be a Rambo citizen, and not one of the URC or the Empire.

Upon the signing of the Concordat in 01 NE, in which the Nation became a protectorate of the Empire, Adar feared for his life as he was a Libertus that was loyal to the Rambo Empress and not the Cyrannian Emperor. For the remainder of 01 NE, Adar ruled over Boreas with a kind and gentle hand, and was allowed to live in peace with the Empire without risking the anger of the Rambo citizens.

In 02 NE a vote was required to produce Rambo vessels again, something that was forbidden earlier by the Grand Mandator- Adar voted in favor of producing ships again.

Or-Ana, Chuinaylia and Adar in discussion

In the fourth month of 06 AQF/03 NE, Adar was present when proconsul Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic made a pledge for an alliance of old between the Rambo and the New Republic. He was eventually sceptical, proclaiming they had to earn the Rambo's trust again but eventually agreed to accept Chuinaylia's offer to consider the URC-Rambo "sister-state" still intact, as the URC officially never declared the Rambo as traitors. Adar left the Senate halls in anger for Boreas, still not trusting the New Cyrannian Republic and became one of the public figures to openly criticise the New Republic. A while later, Adar was asked by Or-Ana to meet with him at Chuinaylia her office. Or-Ana explained that he learned of vital information that over 48% of their space ships were unmanned and in drydocks. Or-Ana questioned Ramashe her decision of the so called "Draconid Act", a fact she didn't discuss with the senate nor officially informed them off. He also questioned the placement of Lianna station near a wormhole close to New Cyrannian Republic space and it's new commander, Rambas, a former renegade.

The diplomats argue at Lianna station.

When Chuinaylia asked what he was suggesting, Or-Ana expressed his hopes to summon Ramashe in front of the senate so she could answer for her decisions. Both Chuinaylia and Adar were shocked when Or-Ana said it, with Adar refusing to hear no more. Before storming out of the chamber, he told Or-Ana that questioning the Empress might be bad for his health. After storming out the chamber, Adar began wondering what to do with this information. Summoning an Empress might mean the end of his carreer and perhaps even the dissolution of the senate's civilian authority, not to mention it would probably be recieved bad as well with the people. As such Adar came to the conclusion that Or-Ana had to be stopped and wrote a letter in secret to the Empress, wich gained him a lot of favour from the Empress.

In the sixth month of 03NE/06 AQF, Adar travelled at behalf of the Rambo Goverment to Starbase 08, Lianna station to meet with dignitaries of the New Cyrannian Republic to settle the dispute over the attack at Saxhveel station. Both sides accused eachother untile Willelmus Cretacea discovered that in fact the Icolian Assemblage was behind the attack, framing Rambo Nation. Realising his mistake, Adar made an official apology towards the New Republic and offered Rambo Command's aid if the New Republic requiered it.

Tertius Bellum[]

Main article: Tertius Bellum

Meeting in secret to deal with Stekius!

Adar was greatly saddened by the loss of Empress Ramashe in 08 AQF and Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo in 12 AQF. With Rambert Ramveral proclaiming himself High King, Adar was present at the coronation and continued his service as senator of Boreas. In november 20 AQF, Adar was present in a secret meeting with Fleur Inviere, Judge Ramhis and rear-admiral James Rambo to discuss how to deal with the appearance of Stekius Gaivel on the planet Gaskhan. Judge Ramhis proposed to bomb the planet with long range quantem torpedoes, though Adar refused to make a decision and left it in hands of the Chancellor of the Royal Crown, Fleur. She eventually decided to call off the plan, something Adar appreciated as he found the costs of Gaskhan lives too high as well.

Physical Appearance[]

Adar is a middle aged male Libertus who is differentiated from the majority of his kind by his almost white protofeathers that cover his body. These feathers are an adaptation that have developed on many Libertus who inhabit cold planets such as Aquaria and Boreas. Adar's favourite outfit is a faint red suit with light blue details on the shoulder pads and matching hat, which convey his ancestry on Aquaria and the majesty of his lofty position as a Senator Lord of Rambo Nation.

Personality and Traits[]

Adar is a proud and old fashioned man who enjoys nothing more then sitting on his favourite office chair and listening to classical music. Since becoming a Rambo senator, he has embraced Rambo customs and now speaks many native Quadrantia languages, making him well versed in the way of life of Rambo citizens. Due to the Capricorn Sector Alliance's actions at the start of the Trucinex War, he has a great distrust for Cyrannian governments and is one of the most outspoken critics of both the Empire and the New Republic in the Rambo Senate.

In his early years as a Rambo citizen, he was a great admirer of Empress Ramashe to the point where he developed a crush on her. However, in later years, he grew irritated with Ramashe's willingness to consort with Cyrannian powers and thus his view of her cooled.

Though seen as mysterious by many in the Rambo Senate, Adar is close friends with the young Senator Chuinaylia and the honourable Senator Or-Ana.


Senatorial Relations

Blue face.pngWe can work together within the Senate

  • Senator Creckbo - The senator of the Mid-Colonial Sector, he knows what is important
  • Senator Or-Ana - A kind and noble senator, one of the wisest in my opinion and least corruptable

Yellow face.pngWe agree and disagree with eachother

  • Aleathra - The Chancellor of the Royal Crown, not sure what to think of her
  • Senator Aviaratyal - Senator of Rowar and the rich Shipyards, he has to much influance
  • Fleur Inviere - A wise woman, the second Chancellor I serve'.
  • Senator Chuinaylia - A naive and young senator
  • Senator Lord Ram'Arathon - Not much interaction with him
  • Senator Ram'Eriathine - A passionate senator
  • Senator Ram'Thrandeal - A noble and proud Senator Lord
  • Senator Ram'Vindalë - A more silent senator
  • Senator Tukio Nutria - A trader within the Senate? Let's hope he will keep money outside the senate halls.
  • Senator Yunur'Tugal - She has no opinion of her own and in my eyes not fit for the duty of senator
Political Enemies

Red face.pngHmpf

Other Relations

Green face.pngI can trust them


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them


Red face.pngEnemies of the state!

  • Tyrómairon - The Emperor of Cyrannus, ah, what a joke
  • Apaltar - A great politician, though I am affraid he can never step out the shadow of Apollo
  • Apollo - He is responsible for the fall of the Republic and the "protectrate" of my Nation!
  • Garlboz - Grand Mandator of the Quadrants who would want to bring ruin to us all!


I wonder what happened in the past that makes him distrust us so.

- Apollo

A brave and loyal Senator, who would do anything in service for the Nation!

- Ramashe

A noble senator, with a great distrust of Cyrannus-natives

- Chuinaylia

So many Libertus...and this one is with the Nation. That'll make killing it harder.

- Tyrant

I find it funny how this guy was born in Cyrannus yet seems like the kind of guy who would wipe it off the map given the chance.

- Captain Lorrelas


  • Adar is among a large population of Libertus who take up residence in Rambo Nation.


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